My Latest Flower Girl — And A Gift!

Dear Lovelies,

It’s always an exciting moment to welcome a new friend into the Young Girl in Bloom fold (or as Kara at Forman calls them, ‘Carla’s Army’) and this one may just rock your world. She is very dear to my heart and I believe has a message for all women; her name is See Me.

When I was thinking about creating her, I wanted to feel the joy of colour, kind of like painting the town red except it is orange! I wanted her to jump or dance off your wall with that exquisite feeling of aliveness that floods your body when you live life authentically and dare to be seen or voice your message.

This is her story:

For centuries, it has been unsafe for women to be seen or heard. This message has been passed down from generation to generation, so for many of us, it’s a natural place to be invisible, to stay quiet, and blend in. Being invisible means you don’t go out into the world with the joyous expression of who you are; instead, you squash your emotions, voice, fear judgment, and don’t share your true gifts with the world. 

SEE ME was created with girls and women in mind whose message, creativity, talents, love, and skills are needed now. It is only when you have the courage to connect to the expression of your true nature that you reconnect to the women that came before you, and you will inspire others to find their courage, bring their message, inner beauty, and knowledge to the world. 

When you dare to embrace your true nature, be seen and heard as your real self, reconnect to your intuition and gifts, then the magic and healing of our inner and outer world truly begins. Be seen and heard!

Kara Forsythe at Forman Art & Framing in Australia and Tara Gavin of On The Wall Framing in Canada want to spread the joy as we head towards the close of 2021. We want you to surround yourself with ‘the colour of joy’, maybe a bright Italian beach or one of the Young Girl in Bloom series that will transport you and inspire you each time you glance at the walls. These little visual mantras will have you whistling and humming as you pass by and help the feel-good flow in your veins.

In the words of Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of ‘Joyful’: “From the moment I first started studying joy, it was clear that the liveliest places and objects all have one thing in common: bright, vivid color. Whether it’s a row of houses painted in bold swaths of candy hues or a display of colored markers in a stationery shop, vibrant color invariably sparks a feeling of delight.” 

We are offering a free 12 x 18 inch Young Girl In Bloom print with purchase of ANY print of 20 x 30 inch and over so no matter what is going on outside your walls, inside your home you will feel joy and you will have a gift for a friend, partner, daughter, niece, or for another place in your house that needs a little joy.

You can get your 20 x 30 inch (or larger) Limited Edition Fine Art Print and your 12 x 18 inch flower girl freebie from my online shop. See the details here.



Forman Art & Framing in Australia and On The Wall Framing in Canada are doing a similar promotion for my prints, please check out their sites for how to order.

For orders in Australia and New Zealand, get them from Forman Art & Framing

For orders in Canada, get them from On The Wall Framing

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Paula Robinson
9 months ago

Carla, SEE ME’s story made me cry! Brava, bellissima! You nailed it in one – plus the photograph is simply stunning. Brimming with joy. xx

N kenny
N kenny
9 months ago

Just beautiful Carla. I love see me xxx