My Dream Was Worth Fighting For

new adventure, my dream was worth fighting for

Dear Lovelies, my dream was worth fighting for. I just ripped off the bandaid on a cold Parisian winter’s day and took a huge step into a dream I have held close to my heart for years. 

The above inspiration board was shared at the Get Published workshop I did in 2017 in Sydney. I was illustrating to the participants how I continue to reconnect to things that are important to me that I want to realise sometime in the future and how I physically make a board with those images on it to help me bring it to life.

You will see on my inspiration board that there is a vegetable garden, creativity, friends, cats, creative workshops, my family, me wandering down a set of stairs in a Greek village, hubby and me, beaches, simplicity, beauty, and photography. 

There were days when I thought this vision would never happen. Sometimes life felt like it just kept throwing obstacles in my way and delays would crop up out of the blue. It is only with time and perspective when I look back that those obstacles were valuable healing pieces that needed attending to before I could get to the good stuff.

I never gave up, I knew this dream was worth fighting for, I held onto it in my heart and kept working towards it, one small step at a time. My husband and I wanted different things, he loves the big smoke and I am a country girl at heart who loves to get her hands dirty. We had so many discussions about where to move to that we even ended up on the therapist’s couch needing a third person to help us decide. We were sent off to do research, we had to do a creative project, and when I looked at mine (2019), it included Italy and many other things, a slight variation on the above. 

Then Covid stormed through our lives and made me ask deeper questions and gave me insights. One of those was that I was no longer willing to wait for us to come to a decision. If we couldn’t decide then I was willing to start taking steps on my own and we would find a way to make it work as we went. 

The imperfect plan. A chance arose to stay in my friend’s Greek village house last year for 3 months and I jumped at it. Nothing like a dose of reality to see if the dream stands up.

new adventure, my dream was worth fighting for

I found myself on my own in a Greek village and the women opened their doors and hearts to me and I was the happiest gal on the planet tending a swathe of cats who needed tender loving care. I rescued kittens and took them home, I swam, I created a photography project, I worked with my beautiful groups online and I adored hearing the goats’ bells tinkling as I puffed my way uphill to feed the cats in the morning, never tiring of the sight of the sea in the distance.  

I fell in love with life, I could participate in things that were real (sometimes too real), I could contribute with my hands and heart and I loved being in Mother Nature every day. Watching the sun rise and set, swimming in the sea, and picking flowers from the garden brought me great peace. 

When I left to go back to the city, I cried, sobbed like a child as I dragged my bags unceremoniously through the stone streets. Beautiful Bridget of @Venicebybridget once told me when she left Venice for New York a couple of years back that she vowed, ‘The next time I go to Venice, I’ll be moving there.’ I made the same promise to myself! 

I cried when the plane took off, I felt the strong presence of my father and I knew without proof that this dream was worth fighting for.

Today I write this with a scented jar of jonquils on the table, cats sleeping in front of the fire in my friend’s beautiful home with the sounds of wind chimes singing in the garden. My friends will be back to claim their home soon and we’ve started planning and renovating a house of our own.

new adventure, my dream was worth fighting for

Hubby’s coming too, at his pace and his way. Our plan isn’t perfect; in fact, we are calling it an adventure, not a plan. We trust it will work out and are willing to let it unfold as we go. 

Don’t let life pass you by. You’ve been through a lot in the last two years and creating a life you love is worth fighting for. It’s worth getting up every day and taking one small step in that direction, it’s worth believing you too can have change and are worthy of it. And I can promise you when you sit in that life one day it’s worth it.

The world needs more people like you to step into a life of joy, meaning, and creativity that makes your heart sing, and if your heart’s singing you can be guaranteed that the world around you will be affected in the most beautiful way. 

2022 is the year to pay close attention to your dreams and not let life just happen to you, instead, make sure YOU guide your life. What’s your heart’s desire?

Never give up on your dreams. 


Love and light,

Carla x

P.S. If you would like to envision a new life for yourself in 2022, you may enjoy my Reawaken Your Lust for Life Workbook that you can download here.

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Hp 14-bw082au
Hp 14-bw082au
3 months ago

Wow you are one inspiring woman and I love your imperfect plan
I always am drawn to vision boards, and you have given me more to work with. Always a fan of your books Carla
Many best wishes to you and your husband and those cats bring us more stories
Barb ( Australia)

Maggie Ensor
Maggie Ensor
3 months ago

It does my heart good to learn you are following your heart again Carla. I know how hard you work.
I attended your very ist workshop in Sydney and it was such a privilege to be there and to meet you.

My paramour and I have been caravanning (grey nomads!) for past 10 years around Australia and have made the decision to sell our property out of Noosa and we are moving up to the Whitsundays..
We love it up there snd it is an obvious choice to buy up there. On the beach with outer reef..
I have my gorgeous Labrador Gypsy Moth and my treasured Nikon. I’m always happy!
Some folk think we are very brave at our age, Brian is 83 and I am 71. But we see it as another adventure. We only get one shot at this life so we must make the most of it.
I cannot imagine going to my grave thinking “ if only” .

So I am thrilled you are following your dreams. Lots of love and biggest hugs Carla.
Maggie Ensor ❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾

Katina Janakis
Katina Janakis
3 months ago

So wonderful Carla, beyond excited reading about your next adventure. Your passion is so infectious, you inspire me constantly and remind me never to give up on my dreams.
Your imperfect plan sounds pretty perfect to me.
Time to revisit my inspiration board.
All the very best to you and your hubby! Sending love and hugs.
Katina, Sydney XX

3 months ago

Carla I just love your story. I just updated my vision board, but it’s not quite sitting right yet. I need to dig deeper and be even more honest with myself. Thanks!
PS sort of a modern Shirley Valentine moment. x

Last edited 3 months ago by Alison
Stephanie Clark
Stephanie Clark
3 months ago

Carla, is the house in Lesvos? if so, just one short ferry ride from my Greek Island dream house! We will be there this summer! There is nothing like a Greek island summer!

3 months ago

Dearest Carla as always with you and me synchronicity! I needed to hear those words more than you’ll ever know. One of my new adventures is arriving in two weeks youll see… xx bisous Corrina

Bridget Gleeson
Bridget Gleeson
3 months ago

Oh, Carla, I remember that day like it was yesterday! I too cried a torrent of tears. I’m so happy that you never gave up, and that you’re having this adventure.
One really has to listen to what makes their heart sing. And then follow your own North Star.
It reminds me of a quote I just love – “the things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling”.
Enjoy the next chapter, sun, cats and creativity, oh my.
Bridget xx

Francesca Muir
3 months ago

Darling Carla this is so joyous – I am beyond thrilled for you. Congratulations on taking these exciting steps. I can’t wait to read more about your new adventures in Greece.
Keep on dreaming.
Many kisses
Francesca 💙🇬🇷🧿

Carolyn Roney
Carolyn Roney
3 months ago

Wow Carla, you are so brave! I love that the life you saw for yourself and your lovely hubby is appearing before you as you work towards it. Can’t wait to see more of this new adventure! Much love, Carolyn

Paula Robinson
3 months ago

And the Greek cats are SO glad that you didn’t give up on your dream! All those lovely snuggles, good food and TLC! xx

3 months ago

I TOO CRIED AT THE TWA CHECK IN IN THE ROME AIRPORT WITH 18 pieces of luggage………..mind you all our possessions had left in a container three months prior!I didnot have the thoughts that I would be back but I knew what I wanted and have created that HERE in the USA.I still need the donkey and the sheep and a cow but I have-not given up on that as the youngest who is 32 now is building a BARN!And yes he still has that long JESUS HAIR!
Congratulations you are LIVING MY DREAM of doing up an OLDER HOME!
I have NEVER been to GREECE so don’t be surprised if I knock on your door!

3 months ago

You are one inspirational woman Carla. So love this and so excited for this Greek adventure. I also love that you didn’t wait for the perfect plan. There is one thing COVID has taught me – that’s not to put off your dreams – you never know what’s around the corner. Change is in the air and the time to live your dreams is now!

Paula Franco
3 months ago

Dear Carla, so nice to read your story. You’re always leading the road for the rest of us and what hope and inspiration you give us! Who knows, maybe one day I will leave Lisbon for Greece too!!