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‘There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning”. Louis L’Amour (from Italian Joy)

It’s such a beautiful thing to have a book published, it’s the most extraordinary feeling to have your story wrapped between two covers. It’s even better when you slowly find out other people love it.

I have officially been part of 8 books (photographed and written 3 and photographed 5 others) and I have loved working beside such incredibly talented people.

But there is nothing like your first book, in my case it was my story about leaving my life, chasing a simpler life, finding Italy, photography and love. It was story it seemed that resonated with many people around the world who too were looking for a life with more meaning. And many slowly made their way into my life.

Italian Joy was first published in 2005 and this year it has been re-published in a smaller, soft cover version and it’s adorable. I want to tuck it into my handbag and carry it with me!

It’s a story many generations can relate to, a common story that in a funny way has no time or era, it’s just about living life the way you thought you wanted to live it and finding emotions and happiness you never thought possible.

If you have someone in your family who has itchy feet, not sure where they are going or loves Italy they may just love the “mini me’ version of Italian Joy. Oh and the great news it’s only $31.95!!

You can find it online here or in all good bookstores in Australia.

The lovely Jilly Bennett just sent me a note to say most of my books are available in the Uk via The Book Depository

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and holiday season.






PS> I would love you to tell your friends x

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7 years ago

My first exposure to the divine Carla Coulson. Loved your first book and everything you have written or photographed since – and love the fact that we have come to know you over the years. It’s very special! C xx

Scott Gould
Scott Gould
7 years ago

Hi Carla,

We saw the mini version of Italian Joy in our local Williamstown bookshop on Saturday, I hope it goes as well as the original (and was it really 2005)!



Judith A. Ross
7 years ago
Reply to  Scott Gould


Is that by chance Williamstown, Massachusetts? I’d love to find this book in the states.

lisa | renovatingitaly

Your beautiful Italian Joy was the inspiration behind our first move to Italy back in 2005. I remember picking it up in a book shop in Queensland and just falling in love!!

The rest is history, your story inspired so many changes in my life Carla, you gave me a wonderful gift. xx

Janine Vasta
7 years ago

I have your book on my ‘Italy’ shelf in pride of place Carla. Buon natale x

7 years ago

Hi Carla, I live in Perth, Western Australia and I’m so hoping when I hit the bookstore tomorrow morning that I’ll find your book.. here’s hoping 🙂

Peggy Braswell
7 years ago

congratulations + may 2015 be abundant.