Make-Up Tips From Make-Up Artist Wayne Chick


Wayne Chick Copyright Carla Coulson

This is my gorgeous friend Wayne, super make-up artist and generous soul. Waynie is a Renaissance women in every sense, she can turn her hand to anything with great style and you may recall she whipped up this newspaper ball gown when last in Paris.

When she’s not making newspaper dresses she is doing make-up for Drew Barrymore, Elle Macpherson, Hugh Jackman, Liam Neeson and a slew of gorgeous models. She is the queen of ‘glam natural’, you know, ‘the make-up you’re having when you are not having make-up’.

I am always bugging her for natural make-up tips so she has kindly offered to share some of her secrets with us today!! Whoop, whoop Waynie..

Wayne Chick

Wayne Chick Copyright Carla Coulson

So over to Waynie..

Hello Ladies! I want to to offer you some insider tips on natural makeup. Especially as there seems to be a lot of trickery going on with celebs claiming to be wearing none!

I would like to explain to you what ‘NONE’ actually means to celebrities, it means that they have not sat in a hair and makeup chair for 2 hours which is what they are used to…..

Makeup can be a great antidote to feeling that you look tired, or to help you feel like the best version of yourself.

My philosophy has always been that it’s best not to look too make-uppy in real life (ie unless you are on stage, runway or in a publication) its best to keep it nice and subtle!

Skin should look like beautiful fresh skin, not a makeup product, even if you do have problems to cover, which is the norm.

Carla Coulson Wayne Chick

 Wayne Chick Copyright Carla Coulson (yep we are taking things really seriously here)

Let me give you a few insider tips:

1)An under-eye wand such as YSL Touche Eclat..has a light reflective quality to bring forward any hollow, and most importantly it doesn’t crease! You need to get the color right..If you are olive skinned I would use number 3, as the peachy tone is what is required to counteract greyness and brighten the eye. If you are paler I would mix number 2 into it..Look for brands that make a peachy tone like the YSL #3..You don’t want it too light or you’ll look white under there! No good! Obvious! It should be completely undetectable! I also use the YSL number 3 if i encounter pigmentation spots, the peachyness also neutralises the brown.

2) Sneaky blush..a powder version will have lasting power for the day ..a pinky peach looks natural. Cream blush is lovely only if you don’t need foundation cover, as creams can eat through or accentuate what you are trying to conceal. They also tend to require re application.

3) Subtle mascara application is easily achievable by combing through immediately after application with an old mascara brush you have washed and dried..or you can use a disposable mascara wand. This will reduce any clumping and distribute evenly. And go waterproof if doing sneaky beach makeup! Otherwise I like regular formula as it’s easy to remove. Using dark brown is an option to  black if you want subtlety. Use of a curler before applying your mascara will definately make them look more luscious.

4) Tinted moisturiser can do wonders to even out’ll be surprised. Go for a yellow toned one even if u are pinkish’ll help neutralise any redness. There are many SPF you can use as you would use a moisturiser. I’m personally very fond of Laurer Mercier tinted moisturiser or the Dermalogica one, nice and dewy. Clinique make some lovely ones as do many other brands..choose one that has no shimmer quality in it. If you really want to add a sheen or luminiser  product, read below.

5) Conceal any further red or problem areas with a thicker liquid foundation in your exact skin tone, or a concealer like MAC select cover. I have never put foundation all over my face! It looks make-uppy in real life. No No No! And I have areas that need cover! Pop it where you need it and avoid any wrinkles! A small brush may help if you like. Look for beigey yellow tones rather than pinkish or orangey tones. If unsure, a good idea is to put a dab of the tester on your jaw and some at your cheek, let it dry and check it in a mirror preferably out in the daylight before you make the investment, as it will dry darker than when its still wet.


 Wayne Chick Copyright Carla Coulson

6) This is not necessary but if you wanted to use  a luminiser, choose a fine textured don’t want one with fine chunks of sparkle! You can apply to cheekbones, eyelids  and jawline..even a little to the nose if you like, but otherwise avoid the middle of face as this would give a sweaty or greasy look … especially in a snapshot!

7)For the lips, I love vitamin E oil in a liitle squeeze bottle (eg. In Australia Invite E) Keeps lips youthful I do believe! And what you ingest is nutritious! I get it straight onto every models lips first thing,especially if they are cracked. Its brilliant! A little lip pencil smudged over the top with your finger if u want a natural lip color that doesn’t look obviously lipsticky.

8)Eyebrow tricks..the easiest way to thicken subtley,or darken if required is with a very fine, firmish brush and good old eyeshadow.I have never bothered with special eyebrow kits.. unless you like the color it offers.A favourite is MAC eyeshadow in Brun. I use it on most people. If u are very dark, go for a coffee color. U want to avoid regular browns as they tend to look  gingery at the brow. Greyish taupe for blondes.

9) If the eye wants subtle enhancement, the tiniest touch of dark brown shadow smudged into the lashline with a little brush, and then perhaps a finger. I personally might dot a teeny smudge of dark brown pencil then smudge into the lashes with a (clean)finger.

10) Blot the shine from the middle of face if necessary..between the brow, at sides of nose and the chin. I like the MAC Blot powder compact in medium (dark if you are very dark skinned.) It’s not powdery looking, it just blots! This is essential if you want to look good in a photo! De-shine down the middle, but leave at the periphery.

Wayne Chick Carla Coulson

 Wayne Chick Copyright Carla Coulson

Wanna look fab when you are out and about??

Smile a lot where u can!..It defies the perils of gravity. And don’t stand under downlights when someone points a camera at you..If you see any, run!  (Downlights that is..they are not a good friend to the mature woman! (Note the lovely natural light Carla has shot me in!)

Final Note! This sounds a lot for a no-makeup look, but I’m covering off here for various general requirements across the board. The idea is that this should personally be no more than a 2 or 3 minute exercise once you have it down pat!

Wayne xx

“The only way I’d be caught without makeup is if my radio fell in the bathtub while I was taking a bath and electrocuted me and I was in between makeup at home. I hope my husband would slap a little lipstick on me before he took me to the morgue.” Dolly Parton

LOL (quote from Carla)

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Melissa Collison
9 years ago

Wayne. You are a natural. Talented, clever, beautiful inside and out.

Sophie Zografidou
9 years ago

Love this less-is-more approach to makeup. Thank you Wayne & Carla!

Robyn Hamblin
Robyn Hamblin
9 years ago

Really enjoyed this article . Had fun this morning trying to follow the steps with what was in the existing tool kit. Would be interested in Wayne’s thoughts if this routine being suitable for the over 50’s (almost 60!) I feel the need for a splash of lipstick . And wonder if tinted moisturiser is sufficient cover.

La Contessa
9 years ago

You look different in each and every photo!Loved your tips!LOVED YOU IN YOUR MADE UP GOWN TOO!
THANK you for indulging us………I know I will take note and pass on to a few others who believe A LA NATURAL is the way to go!
Love the vitaim E tip!

Janice Brown
Janice Brown
9 years ago

So good of Wayne to impart some of her fabulous tips, & lovely of you girls to share with us all. I’ve made my list of items to purchase, I think subtle make up is far more becoming as we age. I have also made mental note of the downlight avoidance! Thank-you both xx

9 years ago

I always thought that if I had dark hair, no makeup would be so much easier. Being blonde and fair skinned … no makeup means the White Rabbit look for me.
But I do go lightly with it … otherwise, I will be that overly made up old blonde over there.
I want Waynes haircut most of all 🙂
besitos, Candice … that pale blonde with no eyebrows in the corner.

9 years ago

Hi Ladies, glad you enjoyed, and thanks for the comments. In response to Robyn, yes most defineately it applies to this age group! In fact the older we get, the more it applies for a youthful and fresh appearance, as heavier makeup will only accentuate any wrinkling or crepyness in the skin. Im no spring chicken and personally the older I get, the more need I have to use makeup.. but a light touch is necessary. I’m definately dark under the eyes where i wasnt before, I really need an undereye wand now,for example. And I completely agree with you about color.. This is where u may want to choose a slightly darker tint to your moisturiser or foundation, that’s quite ok. I do! And blush makes a huge difference especially over 50.. It really gives a lift to the face. I place it a little higher on the cheek in this instance, heading up toward the under eye, it gives the illusion of a lift. And if you like to add color to the face with a lip color, by all means go ahead. These tips were written as how to have a natural and fresh look, ie not looking like a whole lot of product.. But i think lipstick is something that can be worn in a very obvious way if it suits you and you enjoy wearing it!! Wx


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Lisa Clifford
9 years ago

Oh, loved these tips. Got out my pen and scribbled all those tips away. So needed them! Feeling a wee bit blah and this encouraged me to spend some dough on looking good! Bravissime! xxx Lisa

9 years ago

This is perfect tip.


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3 years ago