Hey Gorgeous,  

Have you been told, “You’re too old to make your dreams happen?” This is the number one line that makes my hair stand on end because IT ISN’T TRUE!  

If you are 40, 50 or 60+ you are at the perfect age to bring what you want into your life. How do I know? Because I have done this very thing over and over again and I have helped hundreds of women do the very same thing.  

Here’s the news! You are NEVER starting from scratch, all the experience, skills, wisdom, trials and tribulations, heartbreaks and joys are all there inside of you just waiting to be accessed and directed in the direction you choose. Maybe you need to add a skill or let go of a belief, maybe you need clarity and to re-organise how you use your time, your energy and get your health back but all of that is possible.  

I have moved countries from Australia to Italy, then from Italy to Paris, let go of a successful business to follow my heart and become a photographer, published numerous books and worked with the world’s most fabulous magazines, healed 3 auto-immunes naturally and coached hundreds of women to do exactly what is in their hearts. 

In the past 5 months, my clients of the age 40, 50 and 60+ have made these things happen:

  • Moved to Venice, Italy 
  • Finished a 📖 book 
  • Lost 27 lbs and regained their energy and zest for life 
  • Overcome a chronic illness 
  • Launched a creative business 
  • Taken up photography 📷 
  • Started a daily painting practice for a solo exhibition 
  • Raised their rates for their creative work and embraced their true worth 
  • Changed their money story 
  • Brought balance back into their life after grief
  • Been chosen as a finalist in a photography competition  
  • And sooo much more! 

We are living in the most exciting time in history when we have so much choice and opportunity open to us and NO LONGER IS AGE AN EXCUSE.  

You can START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY by making choices that resonate with your core being instead of people pleasing and building other people’s lives.  

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