Why Is It So Hard To Listen To Our Heart? - Carla Coulson
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Why Is It So Hard To Listen To Our Heart?

Listen To Your Heart

Dear Folks,

I wanted to share this story with you for many reasons. I practice daily listening to my heart in life and business and I still manage to get it wrong.

Listening to our heart or intuition is one thing but following through on it is another.

This was one of the first photos I took whilst shooting these heavenly white peonies and this beautiful gal in St Germain des Prés. It made me take a little gasp.

You see photography for me has always been about a feeling not just seeing. As one friend/coach kindly pointed out to me ‘I see through feeling’.

Whooh, know that is probably sounding really weird but once I took some time to understand the words it makes perfect sense.

I have always and will be connected to photography because of the emotions. In this case, they are subtle, it’s in the body language, the wind in the peonies and the girl on her tippy toes, it’s in the skirt, the slightest movement that is ever so feminine and soft. But it’s the feeling of quietness that touched me, the subtle questioning of her body and the beautiful disarray of the flowers as though the world has stopped and she is listening to something we can’t hear, possibly her heart.

I loved her at first sight and then…. I overlooked her as the voices around me gathered and polled. It was my fault, I asked anyone that walked into my office ‘what do you think’. They all voted for something else, got bogged down in other details, in the perfect and I left my heart behind.

As a photographer and human, we can love so deeply and widely and it so easy to love many things, people, beings and images and this was one of those cases for me that tore at my heart and I didn’t have the courage (till today to listen to it).

So I have named her Listen To Your Heart as a reminder that our heart knows the way and if we have the courage to listen to it we will always have the answer that is right for us.

She walked into the shop today and will proudly stand beside her sisters of Young Girl In Bloom as reminders to us girls (and boys) that we always have the answers. I am extra proud and excited to have her with us as now my body feels right as well as my heart. Check them out HERE.

Sending love,


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