women, change your life, heal your autoimmune naturally, lose weight, you're never too late, 50 and fabulous

Introducing my Yes, Yes, Yes – The Year You Say Yes To Yourself Scholarship Program

women, change your life, heal your autoimmune naturally, lose weight, you're never too late, 50 and fabulous

Dear Ladies,

I believe in the power of women and community and it has always been my wish and desire to give back where I can and I am so excited to launch my SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM to the YES, YES, YES group – there are 4 places available.

I have seen the power of what a group of women can achieve moving forward together to bring what is important into their lives and I want to help women who are powerful and have big dreams but are currently not in the position to pay for this program. 

It has been my greatest joy seeing women achieve some of the following in the past 5 months:

  • Heal their chronic illness
  • Write a book
  • Start painting and working towards a solo exhibition
  • Improve their relationships
  • Launch a creative business
  • Move to Italy
  • Kick their ‘worn out stories’ to the kerb and start a fresh
  • Raise their rates and transform their money story
  • Embrace their worth and beauty
  • Enter a photographic competition for the first time and end up a finalist
  • Get their love for life back after a divorce
  •  And so much more…


What the scholarship includes:

  1. 4 places with Lifetime access to the Yes Yes Yes – The The Year You Say Yes To Yourself program where you hone into what you want to bring into your life and go after it in a supportive like-minded community.
  2. 10 transformational modules including videos, audios, and worksheets to help you move through each phase of the program.
  3. Access to all live group calls and the Private Members only Facebook Group.
  4. A one-hour one-on-one private call with me.
  5. To see full details of what Yes, Yes, Yes is about, click HERE.


If you know of a mother, sister, friend, daughter, niece or colleague that this program could benefit and transform her current situation, please share this LINK or post it on your social media.


Here’s how to apply:

  • READ what Yes, Yes, Yes – The Year You Say Yes To Yourself is about and if it is something you need in your life at the moment.
  • Fill out our SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION form (You’ll find the link to it halfway down the program page). 
  • Optional – Create a video (maximum of 5 minutes) introducing yourself and where you are at in life and why you would like to win the scholarship, what is holding you back or had held you back from achieving this in the past. Feel free to share with us any part of your story, creativity or otherwise. 
  • A requirement is to be open-minded, coachable and committed to doing the work.


To understand what Yes, Yes, Yes is about, click HERE and share this page with your friends.

The scholarship winners will be announced on Monday, 22nd July 2019 on my blog.

Light and Love,

Carla x

PS; If you would like to bring to life a project, start over or learn how to say YES to yourself you can DOWNLOAD my New Beginnings Workbook HERE


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