Introducing My Newest Flower Girl in my ‘Young Girl in Bloom’ Series

Dearest Lovelies,

Today is a special day for so many reasons. A new girl has skipped into our lives and hearts and her name is Follow Your Bliss. She is inspired by my father’s favourite flower, an old fashioned pink carnation so this one also is for my Dad.

She is young, sprightly, and full of life and she will help lead you where your heart wants to go.

This is her story:

Follow Your Bliss

The secret to getting what you want in life, finding your people, feeling motivated to get out of bed in the morning, to have a skip in your step, is to follow your bliss.

Following your bliss and what in your heart feels true is not whimsical or irresponsible, it’s deep communion with your higher self and creates profound personal fulfillment, joy, a sense of belonging to a community and to this beautiful world we live in.

You know when you are connected to something you really want because you feel excited, enthusiastic, and you radiate joy, your energy bubbles over and off you go without needing any prompting at all. A heart’s desire gives you a rudder that pulls you along, a clear path starts to form and you know what to do next, you have the courage to keep taking steps, one choice at a time.

I hope this girl inspires you to follow your bliss. She is available from the wonderful folks at Forman Art and Framing in Australia and she can skip into your home in Canada via the beautiful Tara Gavin at On The Wall Framing. You can also get her from my online shop here.

May we all have the courage to continue to follow our bliss and be led back onto the path that is true for us.


Love and light always,


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Melissa A Nercessian
Melissa A Nercessian
1 year ago

Carla dear, I received your email page today and I opened it, It was a blessing, just what i needed to read and you just wrote exactly what i am searching for, longing for, I was that Girl “Follow Your Bliss” but life came and took her away and made her insecure, and frighted and not having a reason to live. Believe me I was that girl. Tonight, October 9, 2022 as we welcome the Full Moon I am releasing my fears, my insecurities, I forgive myself and others and for my mistakes or for things done to my person. I want to have that joy to live and have a reason to live and make a difference in the world. I have not been living for the last 2 years. Between beating myself with guilt, and sorrow and mourning my parents and letting go of a live and starting in a new place from 0. I want to Follow My Bliss. The joy is coming back little by little and i am working on releasing my worries and letting go of my fears to be the new Melissa or that girl that use to Follow her Bliss. Love and Light to you today and always, Thank You.
You really touched my heart.