International Women’s Day – Remember Who You Are

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Dear Ladies,

What a joy it is to write to you on this beautiful day to celebrate women. Women rock!!

We are part of an ancient order that sometimes we need to remember. An order that has the beat of life in her heart and dance and music in her soul.

Let’s face it, we rarely give ourselves a pat on the back, we often put everybody before ourselves and still do it with love. Mother’s juggle numerous personalities in a family often going without and balance the hundreds of tasks each day that it would take a team to do.

Today I wanted to encourage you to remember who you are, the feminine things that reside deep within us, that are often considered weak but are in fact our strengths. You are a marvellous, beautiful being that has the power to create whatever it is in your life you desire.

Let’s go:

Sisterhood – The bond between women is priceless. Between mothers and daughters, sisters and friends, aunts and nieces, old souls and strangers and women whose souls speak to ours. The ‘knitting circle’ or ‘fire-side’ chats of women, are the thing that preserve traditions, stories and ways of doing things. The stories and love we share as women are the things that gets us through the difficult moments, they mend broken hearts, are the starting point to healing deep tragedy and are a place of pure joy where we laugh till we cry. Sisterhood is the best medicine on the planet.

Emotions – Oh yeah those emotions are rudders, antennas and x-ray machines. Your emotions should be celebrated because it means you FEEL something. When you feel something you are connected to the most powerful force on earth, life. They are a way of showing on the outside what is going on in your heart. Hallelujah!

Intuition– Yes, girls if you use your emotions like a sat-nav they will guide you through life, telling you which road to take, which boyfriend to say YES to and when to run as fast as you can. It will give you access to your personal superhighway of information that you can’t get from a book, magazine or encyclopedia. Yabba dabba doo for our intuition!!

Compassion/Empathy– Now ladies, the fact you can put yourself in the emotional shoes of someone else is like having a handful of kryptonite in front of Superman. Having the capacity to FEEL how someone else feels give you so much more information about that person and their situation and you are no longer just making decisions using one power, logic. Opera bow!

Creativity – Women create the miracle of life, they give birth to new and beautiful beings every day and it still blows my mind every time I see a woman pregnant. I stop in awe at the enormity of what is happening right there in front of my eyes, that is life being made in real time. Women’s creativity is endless and I believe we are truly in ourselves when we are creating, whatever that may be. Taking a photo, dancing, drawing, painting, baking a cake, setting a table, embroidering, designing a house, carving a chair or singing a song. Go girls!

Ability to evolve– Maybe it is the fact that women are the gatekeepers of life that we have the ability to keep evolving, moving and changing with life. Women find it easier to accept change and it is a gift handed down over the centuries so that life keeps on keeping on. I’ll boogie to that!!


If you want to know how you can live more wholeheartedly, reconnect to your joy, creativity and purpose, download my Free Workbook above.

So my beautiful sisters, on this special day of the year, stop and pause and remember who you are.

Take some time out to light a candle for yourself, for the women in your lives that you love and cherish, for the women who we may not know yet or reside on the other side of the planet but we are connected through this beautiful shared gift of being a woman

Thank you for being part of my life.

Carla xx



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Deb sparks
Deb sparks
4 years ago

That is beautiful Carla! Thank you!! I am really enjoying your “I believe in me” print over my fireplace!!! Soo beautiful! Keep doing a WONDERFUL job! You’re very inspiring! Xx