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I visited my dear friends on the island of Lesvos a couple of summers ago and fell in love with the people and place.

The people of Lesvos now need our help, they are doing the best they can with the current crisis of refugees and they are out of clothes, shoes, socks, medicines and we can make a difference.

You may have read my friend Claire Lloyd’s post ( on what’s happening on the island and she kindly sent me an update from one of the locals.


Here is what they need direct from Lesvos:

“I was in Skamnia yesterday and they told me they need comfortable shoes of all ages, sports soft clothes, jeans, jackets, blanket, underwear and socks.

 It would be very practical to create an outfit in plastic bags with indication sex and size (ex. trousers + top+ underwear +socks Man size M).

Otherwise make a general selection in boxes.

For example, a box with underwear another with socks, or a box with trousers and a box with tops, sweaters etc

This Greek great team doing a hell of a job here, but they are running out of supplies. Please can you collect medical supplies and send them here.”


Address for clothes

Angalia NGO (Giorgos Tyrikos Ergas)

Kalloni 81107

Lesvos island



Here is are a couple of links for donations

This is another donation link xx


I have packed up a chunk of mine and my husband’s wardrobe, including jumpers and jackets, bought new socks and t-shirts and sent a little care package to from Paris.

It would be fabulous if you too could do the same.

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and help others” Albert Schweitzer

Light and love

Carla x

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