How to have a multi-faceted creative biz you love and be successful?

Collage of photos of carla coulson and her multi-faceted creative business you love, with Italian joy, taking photos, holding flowers and her fine art photos

Hello Lovelies, This is a question people ask me all the time. How do I have a multi-faceted creative biz I love and move from one project to the next and know where I’m going?”

It’s true, when I look back at my life and the different projects and business ‘arms’ I’ve explored there’ve been many! 

    • I moved from Sydney to Florence in Italy
    • Started out as a travel photographer at age 35 working for magazines
    • I photographed and wrote 3 books and collaborated on a further 5, had a successful portrait business in Paris 
    • Gave workshops in Italy and Australia
    • Created the photographic work I love and opened a print shop
    • Trained to become a life coach and coach creatives to life their most fabulous life

The list goes on but that’s not what this is about.


Why can I do this?

It’s not about creativity or any of that or that I’m a whizz at business, my secret is that I have the foundational pieces of who I am as a human being and this allows me to do all of the above. 

    • I know my values and what I stand for and stand against
    • I trust my intuition and use it as a life and business tool
    • I’m heart connected to the projects, people and situations that resonate and excite me.
    • I trust myself
    • I have faith, persistence and patience
    • I’m confident (and I mean this in the most humble of ways)

I KNOW there will be mistakes, I KNOW it won’t be perfect and some things won’t work out, I’m OK with that. This ability to be OK with some ‘course correcting’ is part of a creative life and I’m all in when it comes to living wholeheartedly and creatively. 

Fear is my best friend, it keeps me alert and awake and listening but it doesn’t  crucify me. I’m scared just like you of new things but I’ve learnt that out of my comfort zone lies the magic and opportunities to grow.

What you want to achieve in life or a multi-faceted creative biz you love and is successful comes down to you being rock solid with who you are not actually doing the things. 

    • If you aren’t rock solid with who you are, you won’t have the courage to take the leap.
    • You will be worried about what others think about you instead of what you think about yourself.
    • Fear will freeze you instead of motivating you.

Let’s get one thing straight. It’s not about talent.


Talent is something you can learn with time and practice, everyone is talented, what it depends on is how connected you are to your thing. If you love it enough, YOU WILL WANT to do it over and over again and you will be successful. The trick is allowing yourself to do the thing you love. 

This is the basis of Yes, Yes, Yes – Say Yes to Yourself, the foundational pieces that every woman needs so she can go get the life that makes her want to get up in the morning feeling ALIVE, hug the cat, hug the neighbours, and skip down the stairs. 

Your magic lies within you, it’s about letting go of the stuff you carry around that’s not yours and getting to the real you. 

In creativity, love, and light,

Carla x

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Mary E Stahelin
Mary E Stahelin
2 years ago

Amazing! I was successful but in my time; I’m 71, we had a different life style and force! I made a living doing taxes and running the business! For 45yrs! I always loved art and struggled to do different things. Haven’t done anything in so long and am kinda scared to start again because I think I did it as therapy when I was younger and there was no other outlet! Your work is happy and light and I like that! Yes, I have been to Europe in the 80’s for a months. Venice, Paris, Germany, France, and Sweden! Just before the wall came down and we ventured over to East Berlin through Check Charlie. Wow what a trip Three Blondes and a Brunette had. 3 sisters and me the cousin.