How to Get Unstuck or Get Your Mojo Back

Hello beautiful ones, so often when you ask yourself ‘how to get unstuck’ or ‘how to get your energy or mojo back,’ it could be that you are looking outside of yourself for the answers instead of looking inside. 

If you feel stuck or trapped in a situation, it can literally suck the life out of you, your creativity just flies out the window like a flock of birds leaving home never to return again. We don’t know how to get out of the knee-deep mud that engulfs us and somehow we feel like a car whose battery is dead! 

Do you feel like your situation is out of your control and in the hands of someone else? Take heart if you are feeling like this you possibly have ‘given’ your power away to a situation, a person, or a belief? I’m going to invite you to look at it in another way.

One of the things that don’t get much attention in our lives because it can sound and feel a little dull instead of all sparkly with gold is responsibility. Yes, dear sweet old responsibility is one of the most empowering choices on the planet yet so often we give it away, we reject it and we let our power and energy drain out of our lives. Without energy, it is almost impossible to change anything. 

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When we feel stuck, often we have given the responsibility of our situation to someone else, we feel ‘blamey’: we blame our boss, coworkers, partners, financial situations, dog, cat, and the list goes on. We play games that if ___________ (fill in your excuse) wasn’t happening, then I would be able to ___________ (fill in your dream or goal).

We feel like we don’t have the power, that the power lies outside of ourselves, but if you take a fresh look around and see that possibly you aren’t taking responsibility for that particular area of your life. I like to think of responsibility as your inner superhero with a flying pink cape that will scoop you up and get you back on the right path. 

If you’re asking yourself, ‘how to get unstuck or get your mojo back?’ my question to you is ‘What would happen if you shifted from blame to responsibility?’ My best guess is you would get your power back!! It doesn’t mean that all of the challenges in life will magically disappear but what it does mean is that the energy flows back to you. Yup, you climb back in the driver’s seat of your life instead of being a passenger in the backseat and you can move out of being stuck and on the way to what you want. 

When my health was at rock bottom about 7 years ago, I blamed my job, where I lived, and my partner. When I pulled up my train wreck before it hit a wall, I got my power back by taking responsibility for the jobs I accepted, the way I was living, what I put before my health, what I was saying yes to instead of no, and gaining knowledge, I got my mojo back and everything grew from there. 

Here are some tips on how to get unstuck: 

  1. Who/what are you assigning blame for in your current situation? 
  2. How does it keep you stuck or impact your life? 
  3. What is the truth? What is your part in this?
  4. What can you take responsibility for today? 
  5. What decision do you need to make?
  6. What’s one step or action you can take in this new direction?  


I love responsibility, I love owning up to when I screw up and changing things when I have the power to change them.


Sending you light and love,


If you want to know how to get unstuck and get your mojo back so you can live more wholeheartedly, reconnect to your joy, creativity, and purpose, click here.

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