How Mothers Embody the Divine Feminine

the divine feminine

Mums today have an impossible task! 

When a woman decides to become a Mother, she signs up to the oldest and most precious club on the planet, she goes where many women (or cat Mothers) can never imagine. 

Today mothers are expected to be so much to so many people, not only do they have the role of embracing the divine feminine, loving, giving, nurturing, watching and waiting, caring, and bringing up their children but our society expects them to be superwoman and have an amazing career at the same time. 

Somehow Mums got lumbered with twice the amount of work of women a couple of generations ago. This catapults them into perpetual motion and overgiving and into an imbalance of their inner masculine energy where they find themselves ‘doing’ in the form of an endless laundry list of tasks to tick off, meals to cook, clothes to wash, people to look after, and a career that needs their devoted attention, this has them teetering on the edge of burnout.

Mothers and women of today who spend more time in their masculine energy, their doing, logical, structured, linear, controlling, and planning energy feel like their lives are held together like a balancing act, and at any moment if they aren’t double-checking something the whole thing will fall apart. This feeling is exhausting and that is one of the primary reasons why we need to celebrate Mothers not only on Mother’s Day but every day.

We need to give back to our Mums. In the past two years, the Mother’s workload was impacted again, quadrupled in lockdowns with Zoom lessons for their children with her brood at home instead of school or work, more cooking, shopping, cleaning, and tasks with very little space, time, and peace for herself. 

Mums are the Queens of our lives, sometimes we may not see the crown but our Mums I can assure you stepped into Queenhood the day they decided to bring children into the world. 

When we give to our Mums, whether it be making them a cup of tea, helping them hang out the washing, or surprising them, they have a chance to step out of their inner masculine energy and receive. You give them the gift of being present, of resting and going back to a place of embracing their divine feminine, a place of balance and harmony where they feel calm, nurtured, supported, more creative, and loved. 

When women have their divine masculine and feminine energies in balance, their worlds and ‘our world’ are more harmonious.

We hope you celebrate your Mother or the women who have mothered you this coming Mother’s Day. 


Sending Love,


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