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Dear Friends,

I was so honoured and chuffed to be featured in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, one of my favourite magazines.

When the gorgeous gang at Harper’s sent me the layout for the article, it looked like a visionboard I made for my life  years ago, the only thing it isn’t a visionboard, they are real photos of me and ones I took and it is my life. Yippee..

I saw the most beautiful article recently written by Arnold Schwarzenegger on all the people who have helped him create the success in his life and I felt like he was reading my mind… so many people have helped me throughout the years including the marvellous folk at Harper’s Bazaar.

Arnie wrote:

 “Every time I give a speech at a business conference, or speak to college students, or do a Reddit AMA, someone says it.

“Governor/Governator/Arnold/Arnie/Schwarzie/Schnitzel (depending on where I am), as a self-made man, what’s your blueprint for success?” Arnie wrote “They’re always shocked when I thank them for the compliment but say, “I am not a self-made man. I got a lot of help.

It is true that I grew up in Austria without plumbing. It is true that I moved to America alone with just a gym bag. And it is true that I worked as a bricklayer and invested in real estate to become a millionaire before I ever swung the sword in Conan the Barbarian.

But it is not true that I am self-made. Like everyone, to get to where I am, I stood on the shoulders of giants. My life was built on a foundation of parents, coaches, and teachers; of kind souls who lent couches or gym back rooms where I could sleep; of mentors who shared wisdom and advice; of idols who motivated me from the pages of magazines (and, as my life grew, from personal interaction).”

I too stood on the shoulder’s of giants. In my case there have been so many sets of helping hands from art directors saying yes to a pitch or commissioning me to do a story, from publishers believing in a book idea or an assistant pointing out something I wasn’t seeing.

From a friend reading a first draft of my book and suggesting slight changes to all the wonderful people who bought it! And just like Arnie I too have mentors, people I look up to, ask for advice and help guide me through this magical thing called life and creativity.

There hasn’t been a day I haven’t thanked the people who have helped me and the people in my community, they are the people who made this happen for me.

So, THANK-YOU TO YOU for reading this, for opening this email and being part of my community and huge thanks to Harper’s Bazaar. Don’t forget to grab the latest issue.

I couldn’t do it without you.




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Congratulations Carla,
The article looks amazing!!!!

Corrina Tough

Just so happy for you Carla, you deserve all good things- I wouldn’t be who I am today in so many ways if it weren’t for you, your generosity in teaching, your love of humanity and for sharing your illness story which put me on a trajectory to my own health victory. My photography has improved so much and I have felt empowered to believe I can DO THIS! So a big thank you to you- I learn everyday to mirror this behaviour so one day I can be also helping others achieve their goals what ever they may be… Read more »

Sophia Terra-Ziva

Love you, Carla!
You deserve the best of life that money can’t buy!


The article looks amazing, Carla (as do you!). I have loved following you and your work (in a non stalkery way!!) since your Italian Joy days – I still remember the day I bought it! Sending you a big congratulations and lots of love. xox

Lynne Dominick

This is terrific, congratulations!


Well done Carla!

Cattie Coyle

Congratulations, the feature looks absolutely amazing! And this is so inspiring – I just recently started pitching my work to magazines and blogs and this definitely gives me hope! 🙂

lisa chiodo

I knew there was a reason I love Arnie! I remember back to dancing in my kitchen when you first commented on my blog, and how I soon came to find that we are all just people, ones who share our lives and hope to inspire. You do that and so much more, and I am super aware of all the mentors, coaches and friends in our life that have helped us along the way. Love that your vision board is now your reality and how glorious it is! Much love to you all and especially Avedon (who has a… Read more »

Kathleen Botsford

Congrats Carla! Love following you and love your Harpers Bazaar spread! You deserve it!


I am so glad for you! Best wishes for the next marvellous things which will happen to you. Rosanna


So happy for you beautiful lady!


This is fabulous!!!!! So thrilled and hugely deserved!! Sending huge hugs!!!

Rosanne dowland
Rosanne dowland

Love you Carla – and miss you terribly – but so happy for you that you have followed your heart and created your own destiny xxx

Sivan Askayo
Sivan Askayo

I love what you wrote and the quotes of Arnold Schwarzenegger. And you should know, that you are an inspiration for so many people. When I met you in Paris (few years back) I had to pinch myself that I’m actually meeting you in person. 😉
Keep being such an inspiration


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