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For those of you who haven’t been to Paris for a while something really exciting is happening here. There is a whole new indie scene of cute cafes popping up everywhere with loads of cute young baristas doing amazing things with coffee.

Although the Parisians can boast some of the most beautiful cafes in the world, with every detail looked after from the cane chairs to the marble table tops, mostly there is one important ingredient missing… good coffee.

But thanks to a battalion of Aussie’s and French coffee enthusiasts the face of coffee in Paris is changing for the better. Phew…

Since I have started my Paleo way of eating coffee has been off-limits, it’s the one thing I miss, dream about and so lately after 8 months of living without coffee I have started having one coffee a week.

So you can imagine how special it needs to be…

Here’s where I go:

19 rue du Pont aux Choux
Paris 75003
I love this place! It is a teensy weensy cafe in the third and it is gorgeous in every way. This cafe was the former home of a boot maker and the owner has kept the sign out the front and added even more atmosphere and beauty inside. Be warned it’s tiny, 2 tables but they do great coffee to take-away and I go for the music. The Australian barista sings along to the great tunes he plays.  This place makes me happy..

Fondation Cafe

16 Rue Dupetit Thours

Paris 75003

Fondation cafe is run by a team of cute boys and they do coffee as though we were sitting in a cafe in Bondi – good. Milk’s great too..The cafe is small and modern and you can choose from a range of cakes and cookies or sandwiches. They open early!
76 Rue des Tournelles
Tucked behind the busy Boulevard Beaumarchais Fragments is not a place you accidentally walk by. Look for the traditional Parisian shopfront painted black. These guys are serious about their coffee, the pace is slow and relaxed so don’t come screaming in for a quick take-away. The coffee is great and they serve a delicious range of cakes and salads. Hubby rates this as one of his best coffees yet!

Cafe Coutume

47 Rue Babylone

Paris 75007

A French/Aussie combo started this cafe and were at the forefront of Aussie’s doing great coffee in Paris. Not far from Le Bon Marche in the 7th these guys take their coffee very seriously. Bare-bones decor and yummy things for a light lunch. Coffee and milk 5 stars!

Coutume Instituutti

60 rue des Ecoles

Paris 75005

The fabulous boys at Coutume Cafe have opened an ever so cool space right next to the Sorbonne. You feel like you are in Finland or Australia. White trestle tables to share, big open space and lots of light and heavenly coffee. Tell your 20 year old friends…

KB Cafe

53 Ave Trudaine


The French guy that owns KB took a trip to Australia, walked into a Bondi cafe, couldn’t believe the coffee and remained for a couple of years. On his return to Paris he opened KB Cafe in gorgeous SOPI (south Pigalle) and has a stream of devoted customers each day. If you are in the area and hankering for a good coffee or a great green tea drop in and say hi.


19 Rue Lucien Sampaix


Ahh Holybelly, this is the ultimate “I’m missing my Aussie cafe breakfast’ place! I love Holybelly, eggs like you were in Sydney, coffee like you were in Melbourne, friendly staff and a cute space to boot….

Ten Belles

10 Rue de la Grange Aux Belles


Owned by a Frenchie who guess what?.. worked as a barista in Australia… Cute modern space in cool corner of Paris. These guys are serious about their coffee. Thomas worked at the Caféothèque (who roast their own beans and was a forerunner in the Paris coffee scene before the Aussie connection turned up). Light food and to die for coffee.


50 Rue de Belleville

75020 Belleville

Amongst the chinese takeaway shops in Belleville is this little gem and since I recently moved into the neighbourhood it has become a firm favourite. Delicious coffee from the Belleville Brulerie gang, a wonderful atmosphere with a small terrace to catch the sun in the morning.

So my dearest friends, if you are coming to Paris your coffee experience no longer needs to be dull.

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” Khalil Gibran



Please share if you mates are coming Paris and need a good coffee!

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8 years ago

Hi Carla! My name is Laura, I’m from Melbourne Australia 🙂 Thank you so much for this post, I can’t wait to visit them all next year in April 2015! I’m so excited because it’ll be my first time visiting Paris 🙂
I was wondering, do any of the coffee shops use soy milk in their coffees?
I’ve liked your FB page and all your posts are great!
Merci 🙂

Scott Gould
Scott Gould
8 years ago

Thanks Carla,

We are heading to Paris in May, so will follow up on your recommendations!



lisa | renovatingitaly
lisa | renovatingitaly
8 years ago

I would never have believed such bad coffee in Paris until my recent visit. I tried switching to tea and it was even worse.

Now I know where to visit on my next Paris adventure xx

PS did you see all the fuss over at chef Pete Evans fb page about his thoughts on the Paleo diet, just madness x

Debra Kolkka
8 years ago

I may be in Paris in a couple of weeks. I want to see the Dries van Noten exhibition. Thank goodness I will be able to get some good coffee.

8 years ago

I have to say the “bad” coffee in Paris is SO MUCH BETTER than most of the coffee here in the US! That said, I have never been to Australia, and I never thought that Australia was going to be such a great spot for coffee! Heck with Paris (which I love more than I can say) I’m heading to Australia for some good Joe! *winks* Thanks for all the great recommendations! Vanna

8 years ago

What a great post, on my last trip to Paris the coffee was the only downer, looking forward to my trip next year knowing a good coffee won’t to far away.

8 years ago

Hallelujah! can you ask them to pop down south to give a few needed lessons on how to do drinkable coffee!! thanks for the addresses xx

Maria Sorrell
Maria Sorrell
8 years ago

Carla you’re a sweetheart for sharing all those great coffee places in Paris. Having travelled there from Melbourne every year for many years, my husband & I are going to do a coffee ‘crawl’ next June. We so love our coffee, thank you for sharing. Adore your photography & hope one day to organise a Mother, daughter photo shoot, if at all possible. xx