Get Published Workshop – A Day I Will Never Forget

A little booklet for everyone written by moi!

On Saturday in the ever so cool complex of Mike’s Kitchen and stylist Megan Morton’s The School I held my first ever workshop on how to get your photos published in magazines and books.

The calm before the joy

In a large photographic studio (where else?) 28 photographers travelled from all around Australia to join Creative Director of Inside Out Sharon Misko and Deputy Editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly Bryce Corbett and myself to learn how to shortcut the road to getting published.

Sharon and Bryce provided invaluable information as insiders with extensive experience in the magazine industry, we were all so fortunate to hear their advice.

Magazines awaiting to be analyzed

I couldn’t wait to share all the the things I have learnt along the way, the good stuff as well as my mistakes. The do’s and don’t direct from the ‘coal face’.

A little gift for everyone!

And then 30 divine Aussie’s arrived and filled the room, with joy and happiness, curiosity and wonder and love. It was such a joy to meet all these fabulous people who I felt I knew through my blog and Facebook in person.

Sharon Misko talking the photographers through how a magazine story works

Sharon Misko has worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Delicious, Vogue Entertaining and Travel and is currently making Inside Out beautiful.

Having a creative director talk through the do’s and don’t on how to present your work to a magazine was fascinating stuff and to hear feedback on the participants work wonderful! What an eye she has!

Some of my published work on the pin boards


And some more

Bryce Corbett

And Bryce Corbett taught us not to be prima donna’s, how to pitch your story and how to take advantage of where you live..

The gorgeous guys and gals who now know how to Get Published with moi!! (photo by Athalee Brown)

I adored sharing the experience that comes with having worked for 12 years in the magazine industry and publishing industry, the life experience that comes with hundreds of published articles and photographing 7 books, those thousands of kilometres on the road and millions of pics.

 Though I started off shaking seeing all your lovely faces in the audience gave me the courage to carry on and not to keel over!

A day I will never forget…

Grazie mille, merci, thank-you, efkaristo poli. Endless hugs

“I’ve never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don’t understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now”. Sophia Loren


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Debra Kolkka
10 years ago

Thank you Carla for a wonderful day. I learned so much and had a great time as well. It was fabulous to meet you and I am going to reread all your books when I get back to my collection in Italy. I hope we meet again one day.

Carolyn Menadue
Carolyn Menadue
10 years ago

A joyous story, gorgeous. C xx

10 years ago

I know I have already been all rave-y on Facebook but I just wanted to say again that it was such a wonderful day and I was so happy to finally meet you. I was talking about you and the workshop in the office today and one of my colleagues said that I am “completely starstruck” which, I guess, is true! Thank you, thank you, thank you again! I am off to work my way through your fabulous booklet now 🙂 xox

10 years ago

Thanks for sharing,it must have been truly a great day!

10 years ago

Carla, many thanks again for such an amazing day (in Sydney). You not only shared a huge amount of information, but you also shared yourself and that made it so very special.
I’ve been following your Joys & Tangos, as well as your 3 illustrated books but after your Get Published day, I know I can Chase my own Dream with a lot more confidence and knowledge.
Thank you, and I’ll take you up on your offer of buying my first published book!

10 years ago

Hooray! We all knew you’d be awesome. And thanks for the Sophia Loren quote. So relevant to me right now, I’ve just added to my quote collection x

10 years ago

A brill day…thanks x

10 years ago

Looks absolutely FAB!!

10 years ago

Color me vert with envy. What a fabulous day and opportunity!! And love the group photo. I think I recognize my blog friend Francesca there!!!
Thank you for sharing with those of us that are looking from afar!

A Gift Wrapped Life
10 years ago

How wonderful for you Carla, look at all those women you inpired! So happy to hear your first teaching class went so well. Now, enjoy those holidays with your family. xx

French Girl in Seattle
10 years ago

Bonjour from Seattle, Carla. As an adult educator, I totally “get” your excitement. How wonderful to share your knowledge with a group of enthusiastic students; and how gratifying that they took all that time away from their busy schedules to listen to YOU share tips and experiences with them. The France travel workshops I teach quarterly in the Seattle area are a a favorite time for me. Glad your trip “home” is going so well. Have fun, Carla. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Christopher Frost
10 years ago

Will you be sharing ony of the findings with us Carla, as I am sure there are lots of your followers (me included) that fancy trying to get something published?

peggy braswell
10 years ago

Congratulations, Carla + how marvelous for everyone of them to receive your valuable knowledge.

Francesca Muir
10 years ago

Dear Carla that was such an exciting Workshop to be part of – thank you, and as far as workshops go – WOW – you have raised the bar a thousand fold. You have a rare gift for communication – you should be bottled and sold for squillions! F xx

10 years ago

Wow, I do not think I have taken in so much worthwhile and practical information and knowledge to help me move forward in my photographic journey as I did in the ‘Get Published workshop’.

I just want to keep saying ‘thank you Carla’….. thank you….

Thank you also to Sharon and Bryce and Athalee for their amazing contribution also.

Now I’m moving forward, more excited, inspired and motivated than ever. xx

Corrina Tough
10 years ago

Dear Carla, its hard to find the words to express my gratitude for your generosity and candid approach to sharing your knowledge and life experience. I got so much out of the day on so many levels. The other participants also gave so much to me too so thanks to you all out there! I ultimately felt so encouraged at what I have felt is a dream that it is possible, I am capable and you have put the right tools in our hands to move forward into the arena of publishing our work. A huge thanks also to the beautiful spirit Sharon from Inside Out Magazine and to Bryce from Womens Weekly for their extensive knowledge and inside information. I am so glad I didn’t rush out to get published before this as I feel I hopefully won’t make too many mistakes. I only hope I can – in time be as generous as all of you in sharing my experience and knowledge. The bible talks of the circle of giving- we don’t give to get back, but when you do give in whatever way the blessing of giving comes back to you, often not how you expect. This principle always works, I have seen and experienced it time and again- so Carla expect to be filled to overflowing as the immense blessing you have bestowed on us returns to you some how! I look forward to this amazing journey and where it takes me. Love and Hugs Corrina.

Mary Jo
10 years ago

Congratulations Carla, it looks like it was just beautiful and I’m sure a wonderful teacher!

xo Mary Jo

Olivia Mair
10 years ago

That sounds like it would have been an amazing workshop! Debra Kolka has introduced me to your website and I’m a little disappointed I have found it sooner!

This is Belgium
10 years ago

can just imagine how what a fantastic day this was

veronique marot
10 years ago

So happy for you Carla! I’m sure everyone loved the day! You are so much fun to be with! I miss your good company! bises!

10 years ago

oh so wonderful! it looks like a fabulous worshop! i’m a tad envious xx

10 years ago

you are so cool, carla. a huge inspiration to me!! 🙂

10 years ago

Congratulations, Carla! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and I bet they all learnt so much from your words of wisdom!

~ Clare x

10 years ago

To you Carla and Ath a job well done . It must be great to have given so much talent and happiness to your friends. Love You Mumxxoo