My Favourite Parisian Florists

flowers in paris, parisian florists

If you are coming to Paris you won’t want to miss her flower shops. Amongst the flowers and the perfume you will discover the true style of the Parisians.

Those sweet little local shops with their fine selection of peonies and sweet peas, lillies and roses and their devoted staff creating bouquets with love. All the flowers are sorted into colour and there is hardly a mixed bunch to be found.

Here are some of my favourites:

L’Artisan Fleuriste

95 Rue Vieille Du Temples

75003 Paris

This florist is in my hood and they always have an exquisite selection of seasonal flowers. I had my wedding bouquet made here and let them decide on the flowers and colour as  I trusted their good taste.

flowers in paris, parisian florists


11 Rue De Sevigne

Paris 75004

Vertige is located in the heart of the Marais just two steps from St Paul Metro. They have a beautiful display of flowers outside that has caused me the odd trip every now and then.

Parisian florists

Marche Place Baudoyer

Place Baudoyer

Paris 75004

Each Saturday I take my place at my local flower stall in Marche Place Baudoyer in the 4th to select my weekly flowers from Carole’s seasonal array. All colour coded on hue and type! This is a small market and most Saturdays amongst the market stalls you can catch the weddings happening in our local town hall that spills into the same Place.

dani roses, paris florist, carla coulson, fleuriste paris, hotel costes

 Me a tiny little bit excited to be at Dani Roses

Dani Roses

239-241 Rue Saint Honore

Paris 75001

Ok gals if you love roses this place is going to spin your head. It’s heaven.. Roses and glitz all together. The clever folks next door at the Hotel Costes opened this boutique designed by reigning French king of sumptuous design, Jacques Garcia. The roses here are like the ones you used to find in your grandma’s garden, heavenly perfumed in pastel colours and it’s a life changing experience to receive a bouquet of these I know, (thank-you Claire).


flowers in paris, parisian florists

Nouvelle Eve

7 Rue du Jourdain

Paris 75020

If you want to go see an upcoming neighbourhood you could head to the 20th. Fleuristes like Nouvelle Eve are quietly going about their business of beauty thrilling the locals and visitors like me with mini purple arum lillies and peonies in every colour imaginable.


flowers in paris, parisian florists

Even Montmatre

53 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette

Paris 7500

Sopi (South of Pigalle) is the hot new area to visit in Paris for so many reasons. Every time I go to my hairdresser up here I marvel at the new and groovy restaurants, bars and shops. A little New York vibe happening for sure. You will find beautiful florist Even in this area and if you are poking around looking for beauty do drop by.

Where to see beautiful flowers

Go treat yourself to a champagne at the bar of the George V Hotel just so you can walk through the foyer and feast your eyes upon the flowers of superstar florist Jeff Leatham.

parisian florists

Jardin du Luxembourg

The Jardin du Luxembourg in any season will stop you in your tracks. This garden never disappoints thanks to 80 gardeners keeping her flowers perfect.

Paris, parisian florists

I hope you enjoyed my little floral tour of Paris!! Wherever you go in Paris it is a visual feast and even the trees leave us lovely little messages of love.

“All I wanted was to connect my moods with those of Paris. Beauty paints and when it painted most, I shot”

Ernest Haas


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Katina Janakis
Katina Janakis
9 years ago

Such a visual feast, thank you Carla. My absolute favourite is Peonies!
Your images are just stunning and look forward to wandering the streets of Paris admiring all the flower stalls while there in January.

Grazie x x

Melissa Gaggiano
9 years ago

Not enough florist in the world, I say.
Actually we just had a bunch of carnations come into bloom in the garden. I love the spicy aroma the red ones give off. I think I will plant more carnations. I want them all around the house.

Carolyn Menadue
Carolyn Menadue
9 years ago

Just lovely! C x

Heather in Arles
9 years ago

Crazy for the mini-lillies and all of the rich color but also for another killer quote! I’ll be passing it on to my honey as Ernst Haas is his mentor…Merci!

Anita Rivera
Anita Rivera
9 years ago

I really do not know of any other city that celebrates the beauty of flowers JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE LOVELY. I ran into a woman the other day that could NOT UNDERSTAND the value of a certain trend of art in blogland. I tried to explain that it is JUST ART but she could not see the point. The French celebrate things that would otherwise be taken for granted. BRAVO CARLA! Anita

9 years ago

Gorgeous, Carla!!! Outside of tulips, peonies are my all-time favorites. I wonder why Sicily has so few flower shops??? Maybe because the walls are crawling with jasmine? Fresh-cut flowers are hard to find here.

9 years ago

Parfait my dear ! I’m madly jotting names in my tiny red Paris notebook!

La Contessa
9 years ago

Those pink peonies stacked one upon another!WHAT A Sight!Absolutely gorgeous!
Thank You for your lovely comment on his eyelashes too!!

Paris Rendez-vous
9 years ago

Superb…my kind of heaven Carla. By the way, Even is my adorable local florist…did a post on his Summer dahlias a while back that you might enjoy. His flowers are divine. A bientot.

This is Belgium
9 years ago

Gorgeous, Carla!

Peggy Braswell
9 years ago

these photos are stunning, Carla

9 years ago

hi Carla! I’ve never been to Paris and love seeing glimpse of it through your blog esp this post! The peonies are just lovely! In Seattle we typically have peonies during the spring. Is that the same case for Paris? Sorry for my naive question, I am visiting AU in Dec and know their summer is our winter so lately I’ve been intersted in the four seasons and when elsewhere in the world.

9 years ago

Une belle émotion florale…



9 years ago

Paris is such a flower city.
Can another compare?
I think not…
Love your pics of these special shops.
I know Vertige and l’Artisan
Exquisite post

Francesca Muir
9 years ago

Glorious – especially the peonies. Thank you – I can smell them all from here! Fx

A Gift Wrapped Life
9 years ago

Such a beutiful and gorgeous post on this gray autumn day Carla. I have my pic of Dani Roses in a post waiting but when I see those roses photographed by you clever girls I just keep it sitting there, I wish I had spent more time (and focus) the day I was there but Madame Dani was in the window and was a bit annoyed at my camera. Though they must be used to it, it seems to be the Paris photo hotspot right now……….and rightfully so! Hugs & Kisses.

9 years ago

Gorgeous flowers….what a beautiful way to spend a few hours a week with fresh flowers!

9 years ago


9 years ago

What stunning photos, Carla! I am a wedding florist, I work from a studio at home. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it in the beautiful city of Melbourne at the “Paris” end of Collins Street. A tiny little florist shop had the most amazing Peonies in a deep Burgundy colour, just incredible! I have seen some of the little florist shops in the centre of Paris and their displays are to die for, I just wanted to buy everything! Thanks for sharing your images.

Kim Grey
9 years ago

What a gorgeous flower tour! The pink peonies are my favourite. (swoon!)

Heather Woods
9 years ago

Oh so beautiful Carla! I can only imagine how alluring the sent of these gorgeous florals would be. Regards Heather x

9 years ago

Brilliant, Carla! You had to know I would be like a kid in a candy shop with this post. Love, love, love knowing more about your favorite flower shops. That peony photo! Sigh!


9 years ago

I have just discovered you, and what an absolute joy! I couldn’t pick a favorite photo–loved them all!

9 years ago

Beautiful, beautiful…just beautiful – I adore flowers – thank you Carla for the photos.