My First Portrait Shoot At Photography School In Florence

carla coulson, photography school, portraits, black and white, jill

Dear Creative Folk,

These photos are the first portrait pics I created when I was still at photography school in Florence. This beautiful gal is a dear friend Jill and she kindly offered to be my model at the time. We went wild, we shot on the streets of Florence at night, messed around in her friends funny apartment and laughed our heads off.

It’s funny, when I look back,  all of this was pure instinct, I was in my Florentine bubble and no wonder I ended up years later starting a fashion/portrait business because my love for photographing women was there from the start.

There were plenty of mistakes, some of the pics are out of focus but I always adored them and in particular this gal. It was a time in our lives when we were both single, on an adventure to find the people we would become and Italy had called us both.

But I always remember how good Jill was with herself! Good in the comfortable in her own skin way that most women aren’t.

carla coulson, photography school, portraits, black and white, jill

We stayed in touch over the years and I became a photographer and she took all her life experiences and became a successful ‘growth’ coach. If there was anyone that new about growth it was this gal, she lived and breathed growth.

Back then she was the wise one steering the lost ‘Italian sheep’ in the right direction and when she became a coach she did what she had already been doing for years, help people see the magic in themselves.

I have had the joy of working with Jill over the past months and she has something special for Valentine’s day that won’t happen again and has TWO PLACES ONLY AVAILABLE if you want to talk about love in any of it’s forms.


Do you feel loved? Do you feel it from your friends, your mate, your co-workers?

Do you feel love for yourself?

Do you feel free to express your love?

Do you love your life?  Do you love the path that you are on and creating?

If you answered NO to ANY of these, then Jill has something to offer you; a way that I can express my love to you and to our global tribe of women.

An ANYTHING TO DO WITH LOVE 2 hour session with me!

Our session is specific to your personal needs around the issue of love. Together we will address the love (or lack thereof) issue in your life, what’s holding you back from receiving it or expressing it, steps for clearing and creating a new path for experiencing MORE LOVE in your precious life.

Session includes:

  • 2 hours in person or skype call
  • Pre-call short questionnaire around your love issues.
  • Email support for the week following our call.
  • A small box of Italian BACI chocolates with the supportive love poems inside, just for fun!

Important details:

  •  Email Jill directly for scheduling- or check her out HERE
  • The offer is good for one week, ending on Wednesday, February 14.
  • She has discounted the session from $330 to $180 for this special LOVE holiday only.

I hope you enjoyed this little flashback and whoever takes up this offer will meet one of the special people on the planet.

Sending love

Carla x

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