Fine Art Flower Print – She’s Breathtaking

It’s always exciting when a new fine art flower print walks into our lives!!

This beautiful gal is part of the Young Girl in Bloom series and her name is simply Breathtaking.

When someone or something takes our breath away, often it’s because their beauty has moved us and something within us comes alive.

My wish is that women, young and old (boys and men too) realise that their beauty resides not only on the exterior but on the inside and they have the power to take someone’s breath away by simply being their spectacular selves going about their day.

Even if you don’t see it, the beauty, the wonder, the hope, and the gifts and skills you have, we see it. Let your beauty move you to be brave, be authentic and to follow your joy.

The Young Girl in Bloom Series was inspired by that delicate age when young girls are between teenagers but not yet women. This incredible moment in life when young women are on the verge of greatness but often don’t realise it.

These photos were created with the young girls around me in mind, who are so innately beautiful and powerful yet often don’t see it in themselves.

The fine art flower print images have names such as I Believe in Me, Great Future Ahead, On My Way and Listen to your Heart and my wish is that they inspire women to look within at their own beauty, find their uniqueness and tap into their power. And when a Young Girl Is In Bloom, when she knows her self-worth she is most powerful force on earth!

I have always loved taking photos of things that bring me joy and you can read a little more here in Marie Claire about my prints.

Available in Australia via the delightful folks at Format Art and Framing or for the rest of the world via my shop HERE.


Wishing you a breathtaking day.

Carla x

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Now you need to do this with MEN holding BOUQUETS!

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