Don’t Put Your Dreams Off Till Someday

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Photo Copyright Carla Coulson

Hello Lovelies,

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed and seen inspirational words, beautifully designed in a fabulous font about living your dreams or changing your life and thought ‘what a crock of s..t”? “As if”? “Maybe for someone else but I am so stuck?”

In light of what happened in Paris this weekend for the first time in a long-time I am experiencing the power of negativity, of powerful external forces affecting my mood, my outlook and the way I want to live my life. Fear has crept into my mind and I have spent 4 days trying to dispel it. When my husband is an hour late or doesn’t answer the phone, I start wondering has something happened and a horrible little film is played out in my mind till I hear from him. And of course I ask myself the big question we are all asking ourselves right now – what is the future?

You may have noticed on this blog if you have been following along for a while that there is hardly a negative word, there are no ‘hump days’ in my life, no “TGIF’s” (Thank god it’s Fridays) and no funny little photos of mugs on my desk saying “I don’t like Mondays”.

There is a very good reason for all of this. Because I don’t want negativity in my life. I love life and in particular the life I accidentally created for myself. And please don’t take this the wrong way, I am not boasting, I like to think I am humble, thankful, grateful for this fabulous life I have had the chance to live.

How can I have a hump day when I love the adventure of each day? And instead of TGIF I have OWABIF (oh what a bummer it’s Friday). And the truth about Mondays is that I have always loved Mondays cause I profoundly love what I do and I can’t wait to get to Monday and delve back into this world of creativity.

I am not Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music skipping across the hills singing and my life isn’t perfect but in the last couple of days I feel like one of the most fortunate gals on the planet.

On Sunday I went with Francesco to pay tribute to the people who died in the terrorist attacks on Paris and afterwards we sat in the sun along the Canal St Martin. I was feeling very emotional about what happened and I wanted him to know that if anything ever happened to me that I would die happy. I felt I have had more fortune than one girl can hold in her heart. I am so very grateful I have  had this second chance and these past years have been more fulfilling than one could expect in 10 lifetimes.

Being pissed off enough in my old life and having a catalyst (winning the best client of the year award at my local Thai take-away) got me out of a stagnant life and it gave me the chance to find photography, to let me live in Italy and Paris and suck in big gulps of life and love everyday. It let me hang on tight to my honey on the back of a scooter on a dusty road on a remote Greek Island and wake at dawn on the Amalfi Coast.

Photography made me an observer of minute detail, of the beauty in a flower, a street corner, the way a dumpling is softly folded and the lady next door to me ties her hair. I got to go from living an “unconscious life”, feeling emotionally dead and operating on automatic, to finding me, the real Carla, same on the inside as the outside, in-person or on the internet. My great fortune was to have found me. Thank-you dear life for this gift.

The emotions I have been feeling over the past couple of days feel unnatural. I can stay contained for half-a-day or maybe a day but by the end of the day I am yearning to get outside, to be with others, to see what’s happening and to look, see and feel life.

I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to stay inside. I refuse to not feel love, to not show tolerance and to not help people in need. I refuse not to give. I refuse to be someone other than the person I am and I will work everyday as I have done in the past to live my dreams no matter how simple they are.

Seeing what happened to friends of friends in Paris this past weekend I encourage you to live for today, don’t put off your dreams till someday. Go take those dance lessons, change your hair-cut, move house, book a trip, get another cat (did I say that?), tell someone you have never dared to that you love them or whatever it is inside of you, you have always dreamed of doing.

In times like this our knee jerk reaction is to shutdown, to live in fear and put all our future plans on hold. But from out of this bad has come good, people around the world feel more united and connected than ever before.

You can surround yourself with beauty, with the life you aspire to, the people you care about, the places you want to visit by putting together a visual of your dream life, an inspiration board that you will see everyday.

My life and changing it has been made possible by two simple things, by believing in my dreams and taking a lot of action. I have held onto my dreams and morals through the good and the bad and I plan on doing the same thing whatever may come.

When I feel uneasy, unsure or anxious I actively work at dispelling the fear by bringing the feeling of happiness into my mind and heart, good memories of the past and the ones I will create in the future. I plan my future in my mind and for 15 years my thoughts have become my reality.

So next time you see one of those ‘inspirational’ message (maybe I am the annoying person posting it) know that all is possible. Maybe if it talks to you, grab it, print it out and start to believe it.

Open your heart, look for the beauty, fill your mind with positive thoughts and beautiful memories and dare to dream your biggest dream.

Sending you’re the biggest hug ever.

“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” Pope Paul VI


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claire lloyd
5 years ago

Thanks for you positivity and love, my dear friend xxxxxx

Shanon Quinn
5 years ago

Carla – what deeply felt & beautifully expressed thoughts you have shared. Thank you.
I think you hit the nail on the head when you wrote of how important it is to celebrate the positive, be mindful & joyous & appreciative of the little things in life.
The ripple effect. x

Katie graham
Katie graham
5 years ago

Dear Carla
Your thought provoking words and generous open heart are a continuous source of inspiration to me.
Thank you with all my heart!

Jodie Wolfenden
Jodie Wolfenden
5 years ago

Sending you the biggest hug back Carla. Thank you for all your beautiful words, pictures, love & inspiration ❤️ xox

Hanne Trägårdh
5 years ago

Very beautiful written! I am the same as you and Even tho there always is some negetivity in My life (whether it’s from others or myself) I choose to focus on the good things in life. And I appreciate all the small things in My daily life cus life gets more beautiful that way. However I have this dream to live like you do (in different ways) but have been too afraid to live it fully so Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for ur inspirational words! They where just what I needed to hear. Im happy you get to live tour dream life and I Hope you Will get to continue living your dream life for as long as you live. Because people like you inspire me to live My life to the fullest. So Thank you Thank you Thank you once again for being you. Wish you a beautiful day ???? lots of love, Hanne Trägårdh

Scott Gould
5 years ago

Great thoughts Carla,
We are heading to Paris in a couple of weeks, it’s been amazing the number of people who are surprised we are still going. Life’s way too short to hide under a blanket in Melbourne!
XXX Scott

Sarah Hudson
5 years ago

Love Fridays, love Hump Days, love life …. and you are so right Carla; there are only so many tomorrows so figure out what will make you happy then find a way to do it x

Adrienne Matthews
5 years ago

Thanks for your heart message Carla. After an event like this we do go into strange and unfamiliar spaces as we experience the emotions of what has happened. It is good to roll with them because it makes our creative lives richer and also helps us to offer comfort and love where we can. Bless you. Adrienne, NZ.

Margaret Hogan | DestinationHere&Now

Australians are notorious for living life in their backyards. But about 12 months ago we opened opened up the front area of our cottage in Bathurst, extended the little front verandah and built a garden instead of a fence. My response to the current scene is to sit out the front each evening with a drink or a cup of tea. And meet my neighbours … last night … a young guy walking the street trying to calm his adorable but unwell 11 month old bub 🙂 We’ve lived five doors away from each other for five years and had never met. You’re not alone in your feelings Carla. I think amidst the recent tragedies there are a lot of people reassessing the way they live, particularly within their communities. I refuse to live in fear too. Hugs right back at you. Go forth!! x

Nic Wesley
Nic Wesley
5 years ago

I love this. It’s so easy to feel yourself closing up in the face of this terrifying reality but that’s no way to live. Thanks for the reminder – you continue to inspire me to try for more and for that I am so grateful.

Nikki @ Styling You
5 years ago

Oh you gorgeous, amazing, intelligent and insightful woman … very powerful words for all of us to treasure and absorb. Thanks for writing them x

5 years ago

I couldn’t have expressed myself any better than you did, Nikki. Carla is such an inspirational person. but I think this is possibly her most incredible message ever.

5 years ago

Dear Carla,

I haven’t posted anything yet, because I am quite new here, but your words and pictures really inspire me. They show me and tell me the things that I want to hear, the things I dream of. They tell me what to do when I don’t know anymore, and always in such a beautiful, harmonious, shiny way! Thank you for all inspiration you bring me! x
Hug from Belgium 🙂

Robyn Favelle
Robyn Favelle
5 years ago

Beautifully written Carla….just love the quote at the end 🙂 As always your words inspire me….I am struggling today as I am currently writing a job application for a position which would pay me lots more $$ but one I am also sure will suck the happiness right out of me…..I am a real Pollyanna, always looking for something to be glad about ….and life is indeed too short to waste a minute…maybe the job application should go in the bin and instead I look at ways we can make the move to our beautiful old farmhouse, get another cat and some chickens….maybe a horse…grow roses and vegetables….ahhhhhhh I feel better already 🙂 Thank you for reminding us to hold on tight to our dreams xxxx
PS this Sunday at dusk, my little Aussie outback town is holding a candlelight vigil in our park to remember the victims , survivors and families of last weeks tragedy in Paris….I will be there, sending love and prayers across the seas xx

Jilly Bennett
5 years ago

Dearest Carla, You always manage to write exactly the right words at exactly the right moment. Thankyou!

It has been all too easy to allow the tragedies of Paris to bog us down. I had to go to Nice the following day – another city, a busy train to get there (vulnerability) and honestly I didn’t want to go. But I did and the streets were buzzing with life as always, albeit a little subdued. I sat in a bar with friends, a glass of wine, good conversation and realised life doesn’t and shouldn’t and can’t stop. Thankyou, dear Carla x

5 years ago

Yes x 1,000.I love every single word of this.

Kim Wells
Kim Wells
5 years ago


Just sent your tender, wise words to my precious daughters. Love you everyday–thank you for the gifts you continue to pour on us. So much remains with me from my month in France last year. Profound gift to have the courage live your dreams. big love,k

5 years ago

Hi Carla,
Sending you lots of love! You have been in my thoughts and I sent a message to Ath to ask after you last weekend, along with some other friends we have in Paris. Thank God you are all fine.
Such beautiful words Carla that I relate to in many ways about creating your destiny. My adventures that took me to the Middle East for 8 years to meet my lifelong partner Bansi were created a similar way. We’ve moved to Aus last year and whilst it’s been an adventure getting settled back in here I’ve joined the working treadmill and have been non stop since I started my job in Melbourne. Just going through a transition period now and working out how I want to live my life back here in Aus for the next couple of years until we jump out into the big wide world again.
Your post comes at such a poignant time as I’m deciding what is important in life and deciding how work fits into that, so I thank you for the insights.
In light of the recent events the most beautiful thing to see is how people have done the opposite thing to the intention of such attacks and it’s beautiful to see people of the world pull together and unite to conquer this all with love.
Nice to get time to read your blog again and reconnect as I’ve not been about for some time.
Lots of love, Brad X

Francesca Muir
5 years ago

Dear Carla – thank you for your infinite wisdom and love – huge hugs. F xx

5 years ago

Hi gorgeous, I think this is the most incredible piece you have ever written and I want to share it with everyone I care about. C xx

jeanette coulson
jeanette coulson
5 years ago

Dear Carla, Francesco, Avadon , the PEOPLE OF PARIS and THE WORLD.
Yes Carla your words are an inspiration to all including your family, You are so precious to all of us and this makes us feel the loss that other Mothers, Fathers and families must be feeling across the world.
I cannot put into words the love and feelings for all families suffering losses and fear. I only hope your words help them to bear the weight that was put on their shoulders by these unnecessary acts .
We are so proud of you Love always Your loving Mother , Father and family

Laura Cali
5 years ago

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. You are, as always, an inspiration to me and to continue to pursue my life as I would like it to be. Baci, Laura xx