Does this sound like you or a friend?

Hello Lovelies,

Do you wonder why you can’t get what you want? The secret, believe it or not, is generally you!

When we allow ‘life to happen to us,’ instead of consciously creating a life we love, we can feel like we are waking up ‘groundhog day after day,’ wondering how to get what we truly want.

It doesn’t matter whether you never seem to be able to call in the right romantic relationship, you are still at the job that makes you anxious when you wake up in the morning, or another day has passed when you are not moving towards the life you want, the key is very simple: to start making conscious choices of what you want in life and to learn new life skills that will support you to get there.

When we come into this world, no one gives us the handbook on how to be a ‘human being’; instead, we arrive here ready for life and slowly we learn ways of those around us, and without knowing or understanding, we have an unconscious program running that really isn’t truly ours. It’s this programming that keeps us stuck, making the same mistakes over and over again.

Over the past four years, it has been my greatest joy to coach women to reconnect to what brings more meaning to their life, to find their joy and passion, and give them the skills, structures, and systems that will ensure they get there. There is as much learning as there is unlearning but if you are the kind of gal that is fatigued with what’s happening in your life and you really want to do things differently, it is my greatest joy next week to be reopening the doors to Yes, Yes, Yes – Say Yes to Yourself.

If you feel stuck, trapped, tired, exhausted, disillusioned or know a friend who feels this way, please know there is something better out there for you and them and it is your divine right to have the life you want. Please stay tuned for further information.

Love and light,


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