Detox 2020 and 2021

Dear Glorious One,

I’ve had many people in my groups mention that they are finding it difficult to reconnect to their joy, creativity, and disconnect from their screens, and being confined to their homes and detox 2020 and 2021 from their energy field!!

So I thought I would share my thoughts on all the positive, wonderful things you can do to connect to the essence of being human, back to your creativity and joy.

Firstly, what we’ve collectively been through is big, so if you are feeling chaotic, out of sorts, can’t focus, or don’t know what to do next, you are not the only one. In 2020 and 2021, we saw that we had our lives tipped upside down, our freedom and choice in many circumstances taken away from us, and in many cases, life-altering situations such as job loss and division between family and friends. We have been separated from our mother, Mother Nature, and been fed a new diet of technology, isolation, and disconnection.

The first thing is to start to reconnect to nature, to get out of your house and away from your screens. Our bodies need to be in the natural world, we are part of nature, it calms our nervous systems, it distracts us and fills us with beauty. A day swimming at the beach, hiking, wandering under her skies, or gardening leaves us with a sense of wellbeing. Even if you don’t feel like it, you still feel disconnected from being outside, give yourself this gift.

Reconnect to your friends and family. This is a key, we need to share food, laugh, and reunite. We need to remember what it is to be human, to sit around a table, a picnic blanket, to share stories and experiences, and communicate face to face. Invite your friends over or simply find a way to get together more regularly. This gives us a sense of belonging, community, and support and this is a fundamental part of being human.

Joy is essential. It’s a natural state for a human being and when we are experiencing joy, we are fully present and aligned with who we are. It’s the most pleasurable state and you can build joy into your daily life. It could be sitting in the sun, sitting in your favourite cafe, taking your dog for a walk, painting, taking photos, diving under a wave, or whatever makes you feel good inside.

We all need to collectively get our sense of humour back! To laugh at ourselves again and to take life a little less seriously. Humour is a wonderful antidote to the heaviness of what we’ve been through and laughter is the greatest medicine. Your entire body feels lighter and freer when you laugh.

Creativity is a powerful force and we all need to reconnect to it. Creativity of any kind brings us into the present whether it’s choosing the right hue of your favourite colour to paint, taking photos and picking out the little vignettes of life that you love, baking a cake, drawing or creating ceramics is like being in a ‘creativity safety bubble’. When you are creating you may accidentally find yourself humming, singing, feeling safe and secure.

If you are trying to reconnect to your creativity, here is a little challenge from me. Pick one of the following and do it every day for a week:

    1. Photograph the same scene/object at different times of the day or as many times a day as you like for a week.
    2. Pick a colour and work with that colour for a week, try and find it in your world, or paint with it, knit with it, or create meals with it!
    3. Find something that you are curious about such as a fairytale, a scene from a movie or a book and visually create it. You could paint it, create a photograph or make it with clay.
    4. Take a photo of yourself every day for a week. Get creative, think about the background, your clothes, how you feel and portray what is going on for you in a photo. Remember this is for you, you don’t have to share it with the world so let it be imperfect.
    5. Join a local in-person art or creative class and go and meet your people.
    6. Try and see your local area as though you were a tourist and find all the fascinating things about it that you don’t take notice of every day. Draw, photograph or paint your neighbourhood.
    7. Detox 2020 and 2021 in your home or space. Revamp it, clear the energy with sage, move the furniture around, buy plants and new art. Bring joy into the space you spend the most time but transform it from your 2020 and 2021 version.

Remind yourself every day that the world is a beautiful place and leave your house and see it. Put down your phone as much as you can and reconnect to the people in your immediate world.

Make unity not divide your mantra and remember that the first strategic move in the art of war is to turn groups of people against each other. Don’t play the game, find your patience, kindness, generosity and let’s work together to build a better world.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, enjoy today, don’t postpone your projects or life till things are better. By feeling good, connecting to your joy and community now you will be spreading your light and detoxing 2020 and 2021 from your bodies, you will be filling the world with goodness and kindness and that is what we need right now.


Love to hear what you are doing to get your joy back.

Carla x

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Robyn Favelle
Robyn Favelle
10 months ago

What a beautiful post Carla xxx Thank you, The last two years have been tough for everyone haven’t they….. I am going to try some of your tips over the next week as well as spend some precious time with family; nothing like little grandkids to put the joy back into my world ❤️
Stay safe xxx

Veronique Marot
10 months ago

Thank you Carla!
What a good ideas! Which one shall I choose!?

Pamela MacEachern
Pamela MacEachern
10 months ago

Thank you Carla. I really needed to read this. I’ve been feeling so disconnected from everything and everyone. It’s been a most difficult past year my mom refuses to get the vaccine and I have to accept that I can’t visit her in person which breaks my heart. Our views have become so different. But I’m trying to creep out of the negativity and focus on the positive as I’ve realized the negative impact it’s had on my health and overall happiness. That’s the one thing I do have control over. Your article was a timely reminder. Thank you! ♥️

Vivienne Nye
Vivienne Nye
10 months ago

Dear Carla .. your writing is such a delicious gift to us all . Thank you beautiful lady.
Giving us all so much hope .. .. and much laughter , even though I’m on my own , while reading your story .. I’m going to share it with my five lovely children .. all placed in different countries
and today being the first of December in New Zealand .. I had the most scrummy gingerbread man from my organic shop in Dunedin , Taste Nature with a cup of Pukka three ginger tea .. on my arrival to my new home at Broad Bay. Lit the fire and popped on Christmas music as I began to unpack Christmas decorations .. a cooler day .. I was sunburnt yesterday while gardening.
I even collected eucalyptus branches on Sunday to make a Christmas wreath for the door , one for my friend too .
Thank you Carla .

My Warmest wishes and Love to everyone ,

Vivienne Nye

New Zealand

M arilyn Whittaker
M arilyn Whittaker
10 months ago
Reply to  Vivienne Nye


M arilyn Whittaker
M arilyn Whittaker
10 months ago

Simply wonderful ideas to contemplate. Thank you so much.