Inspiring people to find their passion through photography, creativity, and coaching is the reason I am on this planet. In my workshops and retreats, I combine coaching skills and the thought process behind my photography to help you access a deeper part of you, your confidence and creative vision. I pass on much of the knowledge I have learnt working with magazines, publishers and coaching some of the best creatives on the planet so your creative ride is smoother and deeper. Your joy brings me joy!


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In June 2015 I went on the road with a group of 12 photographers and staff to Puglia in Southern Italy. In this six-day course we covered all aspects of travel photography including landscapes, architecture, food, street photography and portraiture. We stayed in beautiful accommodation and discovered a corner of Italy that is still bound to ancient traditions, food preparation and artisanal products. Oh and we ate a lot!


I created the Picture This Workshop for photographers who are in love with fashion and portraiture and want to learn how to infuse this love of fashion into making their portrait photography more creative.

I show you the essential things I love and I have learnt working in fashion photography and how to incorporate them into your portraits to give you and your portrait photography business an edge.


Investing in myself, and my photography, by attending Carla’s ‘Heartland’ workshop was simply one of the best experiences I have had.  Carla is an amazing teacher and Loc and Athalee’s support during the week was exceptional.  The group that attended bonded instantly and we were able to open up and support each other through the week, developing deep and profoundly close friendships for life.  When discussing the week with another photographer and talking about the nuggets of gold Carla had shared, the standout for me is that I have often found lots of great things to photograph when I am in a new environment but struggled when I am in my usual surroundings… no more… Carla’s workshop, and this is really down to her own approach to photography and life, opened me up to the innocence and joy of connecting with people and spaces through my photography, to be open to seeing with fresh eyes every time I pick up the camera, and celebrating the most simple interactions.  Heartfelt thanks to Carla, Loc and Athalee for an incredible week.




The team – Carla, Athalee and Loc went above and beyond in this workshop.


I love people photography and I was interested to learn further about Interiors, so this workshop was amazing for me.


Everything was well taken care of.


The workshop was so helpful, it looked at theory and then practise. It went beyond the technical aspects and covered aspects such as the psychology and emotion behind the photographer and the subject, and what it takes to get to get the actual photo we want as a photographer. Carla also shared some of her techniques that she uses, really helpful.


The theoretical information was presented in a booklet. Each day was well organised and presented in a second booklet “Daily Itinerary”. We were gifted one of Carla’s published books lovingly wrapped in a tea towel with the Puglian map.


Staying at the Masseria Potenti for the six days together as a group for the tuition provided a supportive and encouraging environment. As a field trip, we visited two nearby towns, the beautiful white Ostuni and baroque Martina Franca to practise our photography skills with the locals.


We had such an amazing and heart-warming surprise on the final evening of our stay. Carla, Athalee and Loc organised a photography exhibition with three of our favourite images chosen from each lady in the workshop, and printed, and they also gifted a tambourine with our name (this instrument is used in the traditional Puglian dance, Pizzica).


There were also a performance from four Puglian dancers who showed us how to dance the pizzica and we danced along with them as a group. What an amazing fun night as a finale to the workshop!


It really was invaluable to have the time, guidance and support to focus only on photography over six days; it improved my photography skills, an added spring in my step for my continued photography journey, and I made new friendships.


Thank you again A-team!




Best bloody decision I have made in years.


For six days, I was completely immersed in photography, tutored often one on one by Carla or Loc, based at the sublime Masseria Potenti and was fortunate enough to share the experience with a wonderful group of students from around the world.  Grazie to the Dream Team of Carla, Loc & Athalee.  Where are we going next, Carla?  Sign me up!




I’ve been fortunate to attend several of Carla’s workshops and each time I learn more and more – develop my style further – gain more confidence.  ‘Heartland’ was a revelation – a stunning environment, perfect organization of the workshop, fabulous fellow creatives who will be friends forever.  The atmosphere was relaxed yet brimming with creative energy. Carla is an exceptional teacher with a gift for knowing what each of us needs to know at any one time. She is always there to answer a question.  I have a whole different approach now to environmental portraiture.  In the first place, I’m not scared any more! I had so many big breakthroughs both photographically but also personally, at this workshop.  Thank you to Carla and thank you to ‘Mr Patience’ himself, Loc Boyle who is Carla’s assistant. Always there, endlessly patient, teaching us how to use different types of natural light, slow shutter speed, help with editing in Lightroom, etc. Thank you Loc. And thank you to Athalee, who organized us and made sure we never missed anything. Carla, the workshop was brilliant and, as always, more than lived up to my expectations. Anyone who is fortunate enough to take a workshop with you is blessed.




Heartland Puglia – an opportunity to photograph southern Italian beauties, draped in vintage Italian clothing (sourced by an Italian lady with an inimitable eye for style), staged against the stunning beauty of the Masseria Potenti…this alone was worth crossing the world to be part of.  A day to be treasured. Thank you to Carla, Loc, Athalee and the Masseria Potenti team for organizing such a magic afternoon that will remain fondly in my heart and soul.


Heartland kept giving…connecting amazing people from around the world who all love photographic creativity…priceless.  Gorgeous interiors that make you want to photograph every inch. The people, the place and the food were all completely divine. Bravo.



Mary Willis – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria |  HEARTLAND – PEOPLE & SPACES PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP

For me, this Heartland workshop has been a life-changing experience. The knowledge gained, the very hands-on exercises and field trips, the beautiful and inspiring location, the exquisite food, the camaraderie and the group support, the laughter, the constructive feedback… it is all I had hoped for yet infinitely more. These women will always be part of my life and I cherish the close friendships that have formed during the week. Thank you so much, Carla, Athalee and Loc!


Jasmijn Van Ooy – The Hague, Netherlands |  HEARTLAND – PEOPLE & SPACES PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP


I just want to thank you for a wonderful trip to Naples.  It is an astounding place and even though I knew I would love going there with you and would be counting on your fluent Italian and beautiful gregariousness, I didn’t know quite how much I’d love it there.  You’re amazing and I love how you use discovering your true spirit to help other people (like me) who are currently lost in the mire!  It’s a gift both to others and yourself.


You clearly put in serious effort to make the trip and teaching, the best you can.  It shows and it is fabulous and much appreciated.  You do your absolute best – and your best is superlative!



I was lucky enough to attend Carla’s Puglia workshop two years ago and found it to be everything I could have wished for and more. I left that workshop equipped with boundless enthusiasm for the future and with the knowledge and confidence to push my photography further.  And during these last two years I can see the improvement in my work and in the direction I’ve taken.  Carla is an amazing and generous teacher.


When I heard there was to be a Naples workshop, I didn’t hesitate for one second. Since buying Carla’s beautiful book, ‘Naples, A Way of Love’,  (photographs by Carla and words by Lisa Clifford) every image  made me want to be there. And so the opportunity to take part in a workshop WITH Carla, IN Naples was far too good to turn down!


I did wonder though if perhaps the Naples workshop would be repeating what I learned in Puglia.   Let me tell you it absolutely didn’t.    Carla has the magic ability of being able to tell you exactly what you need to learn at any given time, even though you didn’t know it! – till then.   And some of the things I’d intellectually understood in the past, suddenly fell into place in Naples with Carla’s guidance.


And shall I mention the beauty of Naples, the wonderfully kind and joyous people, the food (oh the food!).  And thanks to my fellow students.  It was inspirational to see how we all interpreted a similar situation or event in so many different ways.  I personally learned so much from this.

The two workshops I have taken with Carla have been the best things I’ve ever done in pursuing my passion in photography.   Carla is an inspirational teacher.  She gives everything of herself to her students, along with Loc, her assistant (who is brilliant by the way) and the divine Athalee who keeps us all organized and is always there for any practical help we might need.


Thank you Carla, Loc and Athalee. xxx




Imagine the best holiday in the world – staying in a shimmering white Italian village in Puglia and later in the luxury of a world-class masseria,  everywhere we stayed was in incredibly beautiful accommodation.  We ate great Italian food, were chauffeured around, luggage and camera gear taken care of, and then doing what we love best – photography – and all the time learning, learning, learning. The workshop is intensive and challenging and Carla is the most generous of teachers in the way she imparts her knowledge and experience. Carla and Loc covered every aspect of travel photography, challenging us to heights that I would have thought impossible. One task I found particularly difficult and was ready to give up on and Carla, bless her, insisted I carry on and worked with me till I had a result. A breakthrough for me.


At the end of it all, I came away, knowing the type of photography I’m good at and with a lot more confidence in that regard, but also knowing what I need to work at but with the tools in my head with which to do it.  There isn’t a photo I take now that I don’t think of what I learned in the workshop.


And did I mention the fun we had! – so many good times, so much laughter and preciously so many new friends in the great group, who will be friends forever.


Everything was planned down to the tiniest detail – the preparation must have taken forever. Thank you so much to Athalee and Graham for whom nothing was ever too much trouble.


And thank you to Carla and Loc who were beyond brilliant. Carla has long been my inspiration (from her first book, Italian Joy, to her later books, website, etc.), so I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to join this Caravan Travel Photography Workshop.  It exceeded every expectation!




It was such a privilege to have been part of the 2014 Caravan Workshop in Puglia, Italy. To have the opportunity to spend 6 days learning from and photographing with Carla Coulson was amazing. She was so generous with her knowledge and time and I have come away with so much new knowledge and appreciation for the art of photography.


Puglia is such a beautiful region to explore and photograph and we were all made to feel so welcome by the locals. The Caravan Workshop was an opportunity I am so thankful I didn’t miss and it will feed my soul for a long time to come.




Carla would have to be one of the most giving, nurturing and encouraging photographers around. Not only does she share these qualities as a photographer, but as a human being. Being so humble and grateful for her own opportunities over the past 12-13 years, Carla unselfishly shares her knowledge and skills openly and most importantly, so genuinely. She truly wants others to succeed and shine, as she has.


Picture This will boost your confidence as a photographer, regardless whether your end goal is to do portraits. Carla teaches you how to put a portrait shoot together, from beginning to end; from initial concept to storyboarding to pulling in a team of hair/makeup artists & stylists, to help you transform your vision into art and into a profitable business.


Carla shares everything from her business knowledge, to her workflow practices to shooting amazing portraits using only natural light, all of which were so invaluable. You can spend years trying to figure things out for yourself, so when someone shares their life’s work, the do’s and don’ts, the rights and wrongs, in such a concise, structured and most importantly, passionate way, you know you can’t put a price tag on it!


5 Stars….and 6 stars for the food :-)



 – Susan Papazian | Picture This Workshop

It’s really hard when you’re in the midst of the workshop to articulate what impact it’s having or what you’re learning but I can tell you now that it has ignited a passion in me which is a function of a few things!

Your generosity with knowledge, encouragement and skills along with a really earthy personal story makes this road seem a bit more do-able!  Thanks so much for your encouragement and direction Carla.  I think you handled yourself really well in terms of the demands on your time and input all week (from models, stylists, food, hair, students, time pressure, public speaking etc), no doubt depleting for you but you’re a very gracious and patient  juggler!


As you know I had only just learnt about ISO, shutter speed and F-stops prior to the workshop, but learning about how to shoot movement freed something up in me and I had a real revelation – so thank-you so much. I don’t want to try to identify all the things I have I took away but your workshop booted me into a sphere that would have probably taken months/years at night time short courses!


Picture This 2014 was an amazing 4 day fashion/portrait workshop led by Carla Coulson and her fab team. It’s not often you are presented with the opportunity to learn from a photographer and woman, whom you love, admire and respect. But when you are – you grab it!



 – Pam Neville | Picture This Workshop

My four days at the Picture This Workshop with Carla were extraordinary. I have admired Carla’s photographic work for many years, her ability lies not only in taking compellingly beautiful photos, not only in the immense knowledge she has of her craft, but in her ability to pass on this knowledge and expertise in a warm, nurturing and collaborative environment.


Each and every moment of the four days I felt excited, every element of the workshop appeared seamless. What a gift it was to walk away from Picture This with knowledge that ordinarily would have taken years to acquire. To have had the opportunity to shoot with Carla by our sides, with her gentle guidance in the professional photographic environment that she and her team created.


The workshop covered every detail of putting together a professional portrait / fashion shoot, from learning how to create the mood from fabulous locations, styling, wardrobe, poses and light, beautiful, beautiful natural light. Right through to processing the images, the importance of branding, marketing and communication, up to the final print and presentation.


Thank you again Carla for four unforgettable days, I have never walked away from a workshop with so much inspiration, motivation and confidence to continue doing what I love so much….taking beautiful photographs.



– Millie Brown | Picture This Workshop

After attending the Get Published course the year before I was very excited to hear that Carla was returning to Sydney to run another lot of workshops. I had had a lot of success getting published off the back of Carla’s course but I felt I had more to learn, I needed to refine my portraiture techniques. This was also a chance to witness the great lady in action, camera in hand on a shoot! I had to go. And Carla did not disappoint again. Two practical days with models, hair and make-up and amazing locations. The secrets to great portrait were revealed. Finding the right light, getting your subject into it and getting that great pose. I can’t thank Carla enough for the information she has shared. With her guidance my portraiture has improved immensely.



– Jacqui Turk | Picture This Workshop

Carla’s workshop was everything I dreamed of and more. I studied Photography as part of my BFA years ago and this was just the skill up, and inspiration I needed to make my passion my profession. Thanks Carla, Loc, Athalee and all the gorgeous girls involved in making it an amazing 3 days xx



– Deanna Gerlach | Picture This Workshop

If you want to learn to find your photographic style, and to learn from an honest and genuine person who loves to share her knowledge and shoot from the heart, then Carla is your photography teacher!


The “Picture This??? workshop was an amazing three days and yes a life-changing experience! Previous to this workshop I had no experience using a DSLR besides a one day workshop I had done a while ago. With nil experience I found this workshop a bit daunting at times because I’d literally be learning to do everything at once-learning to change shutter speed, F-stop, ISO, due to changing indoor/outdoor light and trying to quickly  photograph the models – it all worked out though. I just shot from the heart. Carla, her assistant Loc Boyle, and the other photographers at the workshop, were always there to jump in and help out.


It was such a steep learning curve for me the whole photographic shoot experience from beginning until the end- seeing how a shoot was done on location, with real models, clothes, props and makeup artists. It was fantastic!


The three locations chosen added to the whole experience-the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel, The Vaucluse Yacht Club and the amazing Woollahra House, what an incredible place for a shoot!


The models were all real people and were pleased and flexible to do as asked.


On arrival of the first day of the workshop at the Hotel, we worked in a gorgeous historical room. Laying there for us on the table we were each given a lovely gift of Carla’s latest book “Chasing A Dream???. In a white box we were given three bound books with lots of informative invaluable material to take away with us –  on “Fashion/Portraiture???, “Working with your clients??? and “Your Portraiture business???.  And it was all tied up with a pink bowed ribbon!


You could tell a lot of love, dedication, and attention to detail had gone into preparing for this workshop by Carla.


A big thank you to the workshop organiser Athalee, who had an amazing work ethic, and always gave of her best to accommodate for everyone!!


It was a fun-filled 3 days, an incredible experience!


P.S: I was sitting in Carla’s very first workshop “Get Published??? held in Sydney 8th  December  2012,  when I realised I just had to do this three day workshop to be held 7-9 January 2013. The only thing was I had very little experience in using a DSLR. I asked Carla if I could attend her workshop if I was able to learn use of the DSLR  in one month (when the next workshop was starting). Carla sat me down and wrote the main things I had to know and use of the camera, and the rest is history.



– Silvia Maggioto | Picture This Workshop


I love Carla Coulson!


I am a huge fan of her photography, her story, and her books. So when I found out she was coming to Sydney there was no way I was going to miss one of her workshops. Get Published was exactly where I was at. I had come back to photography after many years and was ready for my next step.


Carla did not disappoint. She is so incredibly generous in sharing her experiences – both good and bad. It is a tough industry and this information was invaluable. I learned so much in those six hours, I couldn’t wait to get out there and put all of Carla’s advice into practice.


And I did and have now been published a number of times.


I highly recommend Carla’s Get Published course. Not only is it an incredibly inspiring day Carla’s guide works!



Jacqui Turk Sydney Australia | GET PUBLISHED WORKSHOP

Carla’s Get Published Workshop was more than I could have asked for. From the minute I walked into the space at The School I knew we were in for something unique.  I immediately felt at home and that I was amongst friends – like-minded people passionate about their art (I was) and is this is an amazing feat in itself. The content was well-balanced with effective use of a simple, well -structured PowerPoint presentations and guest speakers who spoke with passion and wit.  The accompanying Workbook exactly reflected the style and content of the presentations and I could never have imagined that I would come away knowing how to discover the editorial contents of a story; write and pitch a story and photos (including the number and size);  find my target magazines; present a portfolio of work – and that’s just for starters!  After it I felt revived, invigorated, energised and continue to do so today! Carla is funny, warm, passionate, down to earth and so generous.  As far as Workshops go, she has raised the bar ten-thousand fold and this is going to be a very hard act to follow – either for a Presenter or participant.  Take a bow Carla – Brave Bellissima!




Carla’s “Get Published??? Workshop was flawless in every sense.  From the abundance of information she so humbly shared with us, her chosen guest speakers, to the amazing venue it was held at.


Having the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people who are passionate about photography throughout the day was an unexpected bonus which I’m so grateful for.


I hope Carla’s Workshops will become an annual event – as I would not hesitate to attend more in the future.




I just wanted to say a huge thanks for such an awesome day!


The information provided, the speakers, the venue, the printed booklet were all incredibly interesting and presented in a fun and inspirational way.


It was so lovely to finally meet you in person and gratifying to find out that you are not an ‘artistic celebrity’ but just a normal gal who can inspire me and made me realise that anything is possible :-)


Your wonderful gift to me was very touching…it is so beautiful, I can’t wait to frame it and hang it on the wall.


The behind the scenes hard work, was an awesome effort by you and Athalee…well done to both of you….I’m sure it wasn’t easy!


Cant wait to take photos with you and learn even more in January.




Get Published provided a great mix of professional, personal and technical information and advice. The guest speakers were well prepared and gave insightful specific tips. Everyone presenting gave freely of their experience and I believe I learned things on the day that would otherwise have taken much longer. Carla is as generous in person as she is on her web site and I felt empowered by her shared knowledge and enthusiasm




I was so glad that I decided to take the plunge and do Carla’s travel workshop in Puglia. For someone who is just starting out, the opportunity to learn from someone I’ve followed and admired for so long, whilst a little daunting, was the best thing that I could have done for myself.


From the classroom theory to the practical shoots, I’ve gained a new appreciation for photography and skills that I can now apply to my own photography career. Thanks Carla, I’m forever grateful.




The Caravan Travel Workshop was such a fabulous experience for so many reasons!


Firstly what an incredible destination for a workshop, beautiful Puglia!


Right from the outset, the preparation that had gone into the workshop was obvious, with the most amazing places on the itinerary, places that weren’t obvious tourist destinations but where the local people went about their everyday lives.


The workbooks that Carla had prepared for us were invaluable, not only during the workshop but they have become my go to guide to read over and over again at home, to remind me of all the things that Carla and Loc taught us on the workshop.


The workshop exposed us to so many different types of photography within the six days, challenging us to take our skills to a professional level, with food photography, events, architecture-both interiors and exteriors and portraits of people going about their everyday work and lives. The incredible locations that Carla and the team had organised for us to shoot, stay and eat at was one thing that was so special about the workshop, allowing us to meet people and go to places that we wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.


And what a joy to share a week with like minded photographers and make such wonderful friendships with everyone! Thank you Carla, Loc, Athalee and Graham for organising such a brilliant workshop!



Mandy Robb – Esperance Australia | CARAVAN TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP  

I would like to thank all of you for such a wonderful experience in Puglia.  I loved every minute of the Caravan experience and just relished the chance to learn so much from you all.


The choice of Puglia as a destination gave us a rich palette from which to photograph and inspired us with colours, scenery and people. It was the people’s willingness to be photographed and join in the fun of the photographic event that gave us all confidence to ask for special shots.


The opportunity to learn came from such a wealth of areas – your teaching Carla and Loc; Athalee’s ‘enabling’ and Graham’s logistical abilities. These combined for us to gain understanding of the photographic process in finer detail. The structure of the event created optimal learning conditions – it was ‘just in time’; combined theory and practice; and you challenged us with tasks that were just beyond our reach. You gave us encouragement and great information, both verbally and in text, and you were always available. This was very important because we could seek help directly and follow up straight away.


Good learning so often has a social dimension- often we pick up connections in knowledge through chat and comparison (and the group worked on this enthusiastically!) Having the Facebook group set up prior to Caravan starting was a great idea .


I have been inspired, and already I am into a more advanced phase of my photography. On returning I set about organising a contribution to an exhibition in Melbourne. This was 7 still life prints – they have been well received. Yesterday I contributed to an exhibition nearby which supports the ‘Bald Archy. Next I am off to meet with a literary agent to discuss ‘Two Long Ears and Matilda’ which well be a quirky exploration of the artisan producers of the NE Victoria region with a miniature donkey and 1925 Rolls Royce in tow.


I hope that we will keep in touch and all my very best wishes and deepest thanks.



Amanda Swaney – Victoria  Australia | CARAVAN TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP  

Carla’s Picture This Workshop was of the highest quality in every way and one of the best investments I’ve ever made! It’s definitely meant for you, if you want to springboard forward, successfully & easily, on your photographic journey. I’ve done other photography courses that were a great foundation and Carla’s workshop has simply taken me to a whole new (truly exciting!) level.


I’m brimming with a newly discovered confidence and my passion to create a successful photography business has been re-ignited. I walked away with loads (like heaps!) of new, relevant information that is also available after the workshop in booklet form and online tutorials. I especially love that! I also love the amount of hands-on learning, on location (and all in a safe, supportive environment) with always-available help. I’m full of enthusiasm and energy to now put everything, that was so generously shared (..Carla is SO generous!), into practise and really appreciative to have been a part of the 4 day experience.


I skipped away full of creative happy J….



– Susan Hudson | Picture This Workshop

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for being able to be a part of the Picture This Workhop. You and the team went to so much effort to make it a memorable 4 days – from the white boxes, the gift of your books to the gorgeous locations, lunches and so much more. I learnt a huge amount and a lot of things fell into place for me.  Thank-you for the work you did with the manual and videos.

Not only are you a talented photographer but also a very good teacher – able to get concepts across very well – you don’t always get the two combinations in one person.

The course has given me great insight into the world of fashion and portraiture and I think it may well be the way I go as it will fit into my life. A big thanks for everything.



– Kris Ashpole | Picture This Workshop

The Picture This Workshop was three days of photographic heaven. Carla generously shared with us her vast knowledge fashion photography, gained from many successful years in the industry.


Having the opportunity to shoot models under her guidance was invaluable.


Carla’s enthusiasm and passion for photography was completely infectious. I have come away with a new found confidence, not to mention a bag full of tricks on how to make women look their most beautiful.



– Rebecca Bana | Picture This Workshop

I would also just like to say again thank you for an incredible three days at your picture this workshop.  Thank you so much for sharing so many invaluable learnings from your photography journey . You have inspired me in so many ways. I really feel like the workshop has challenged my thinking and I have a new clear idea and direction of how I would like to evolve my business.  You were so very generous with all the information you shared and as a result, the workshop was dynamic and open and was an amazing environment to spend three incredible days.    I absolutely loved meeting you –  you are even more special than I already thought you were!  People like you, Athalee, Loc and Wayne make the world a beautiful place and I am just so grateful to have had the opportunity to have meet you all.  Thank you again for everything! Katie xxx



– Katie Graham | Picture This Workshop

Carla Coulson’s workshop was one of the best investments I have made so far, well, maybe second to my camera.


Carla makes her subjects feel extremely comfortable and has such a lovely way with everyone that she comes in contact with.


Her generosity and patience and guidance in sharing all aspects of her business was wonderful and I am still churning over what I learned. I took away so many tips and techniques that will be used in upcoming shoots.


Totally worth the investment.



– Sharlene Annesley | Picture This Workshop

Words cannot express just how much fun I had during the 3 days of Carla’s first workshop. I loved being surrounded by like minded individuals, whom were all amazing women, including Carla’s close friend, Athalee who helped run the workshop and really created a family atmosphere between us.


Carla is not only one of the most talented and inspirational photographers out there, she is also such a kind and warm person. She went well beyond her duty as a photographer, getting to know each of us and made us feel comfortable with her constant support and guidance no matter what stage of photography everyone was at. The business part of the workshop was invaluable and I have taken so much away from those three days. I believe I am a better photographer from the two practical days shooting real people and observing Carla work her magic.


Thank you again Carla for an amazing experience.



– Ilana Sallick | Picture This Workshop

After working with you I’ve made many adjustments and reassessments to both my working practice and business-sense – I shoot fast as a habit (corporate photographer in my case is also synonymous with ‘press’ photography as many of the shots I do for the office are for our newspaper, last minute events and call outs etc ….so I’m in and out quickly and shoot lots and fast) and I’m the same in my private practice – I jump in deep and make a splash…. and then give myself lots and lots of work to do sorting and culling and treating.   But since Picture This I feel like I’ve taken a breath and grabbed the ‘rush’ by the collar and told it to slow down and consider each shot more fully. Likewise in my business direction – like a lot of photographer’s experience – I’ve had my share of many thinking because I love it so much I’m free and or cheap and I’ve wasted my time properly quoting for jobs that aren’t the direction of my business plan – and working with you helped me crystallise those finer points (and more) about branding myself and direction (and thus managing expectations, which goes hand-in-hand).



– Dakota Rainer | Picture This Workshop

Before starting the Picture this workshop I was a little nervous but all my concerns disappeared in seconds. Carla and her wonderful team could not be more welcoming and helpful, nothing was too much trouble and no question too foolish. The workshops were informative, fun and so much more then I can convey.


I was blessed to be part of such a wonderful group but most of all to work with Carla, it was a life changing experience.



– Giselle Rowe | Picture This Workshop

Today I travelled 2000 kilometres not knowing exactly what I was going to expect from this wonderful photographer that i have followed for years …. only to experience a day of absolute inspirational learning


Never before have i attended a workshop where so much information has been absorbed with absolute pleasure.


If ever we need living proof that honesty, passion, desire, and inspiration can be expressed and taught intimately and with absolute passion, … then search no further than Carla Coulson !!! …


Thankyou for sharing your passion and knowledge and for allowing us into YOUR world today …


Thankyou for Italian Joy, and Paris Tango … and Thankyou for stepping a group of enthusiastic photographers, a little closer to Chasing OUR Dreams !!


Grazie Mille Carla …



John Callisto Adelaide South Australia | GET PUBLISHED WORKSHOP

Thank you for a wonderful day at the workshop. Your information was invaluable and it was delightful to meet you and your associates.


I learned lots from the workshop, even more than I expected. The venue was great…a perfect place to gather.


I am looking forward to going through the workbook you gave us. It will be a wonderful reminder of the day and will jolt my memory on the important tips you generously shared with us.


Thank you as well for the beautiful photograph. Your photography is an inspiration to me and I am sure to all the others who attended.


When I go back to Italy next month I will be heading straight for my bookshelf where your books are gathered. I will read them all again with renewed interest.


It is easy to see why your books have been successful, your delightful personality shines through on the page.


I hope we meet again one day. I will certainly look out for future workshops, and perhaps you will be in my area in Italy one day.


Thank you again for your generosity and friendship.




I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day. I am new to this world of digital photography so although the workshop was overwhelming with information, I was excited to learn. The content was great, informative and comprehensive. I was immersed for the whole day wanting to know more information by the end of it, and so I asked Carla if I could attend her 3 day workshop in January 2013 on fashion and portraiture. Carla is a very passionate teacher and loves her photography. You can’t teach this passion, it can only come from within. Carla is an incredibly kind and genuine person who is willing  to share her information.  Carla’s personal and honest approach made me want to go back and learn more.




I just wanted to write and say “thank you???.


On Wednesday I met with a publisher – having first sent my book proposal and garnered their interest via the document. I arrived with A3 size images of a selection of my work on that lovely fine art matt textured paper.


As we talked I got the images out and had them surround her – she loved the large scale images. By the end of the meeting she told me that not only are they keen to publish my book they want to take it to the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2013!


The images are done and the text is completed in draft form ready for an editor to fine tune. So the next 6 months will be hectic – but it is done.


I cannot thank you enough. I know I did not make it to your course, but I read all the material you provided and took your advice to heart.


Doing the book proposal was difficult, but I knew if I nailed that I would have something to sell.


So an incredible week and I am thrilled.


I also have a UK  publisher looking at the proposal over Easter and I find I just cannot thank you enough.


I look forward to when I see you again one day and sending you a copy of my book.





PUGLIA  3-9th October  2018

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Sydney 17 December 2017


Paris 14/15 April 2017

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In June 2015 I went on the road with a group of 12 photographers and staff to Puglia in Southern Italy. In this six-day course we covered all aspects of travel photography including landscapes, architecture, food, street photography and portraiture. We stayed in beautiful accommodation and discovered a corner of Italy that is still bound to ancient traditions, food preparation and artisanal products. Oh and we ate a lot!


I created the Picture This Workshop for photographers who are in love with fashion and portraiture and want to learn how to infuse this love of fashion into making their portrait photography more creative.


I show you the essential things I love and I have learnt working in fashion photography and how to incorporate them into your portraits to give you and your portrait photography business an edge.


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One of the greatest pleasures for a photographer is to take the pictures they love, the ones that come from the heart. I am pleased to share a select limited edition range of my favourite prints in my print shop.