Young Girl in Bloom – New Blue Hydrangea Print

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My Dearest Lovelies,

I’m super excited to share with you a new member of my Young Girl in Bloom series and she is covered in a flurry of blue hydrangeas. 

Her name is Centred in Self and I think she’s the perfect way to celebrate the start of 2021.

2020 was a year that turned everything upside down in our worlds, made us look at how we were doing things and what is essential. We had to stop, sit still, be calm and no matter how uncomfortable it was reflect on what we want and what is really important to us.

My wish for 2021 is that you gained a little of that beautiful grounded feeling and that you can move forward from a place of clarity of knowing what is right for you, centred in yourself.

Drumroll… Centred in Self, and this is her story:

Women and girls for centuries have been taught that if you consider yourself or dare to put your dreams first, you are self-centred or selfish. So putting yourself first for many women and girls, can feel unnatural and uncomfortable.

If you switch the words around (as my friend Sonia Choquette told me) you have a new experience, you are ‘centred-in-self’ and from that place you bring balance and harmony to your life. Your feet are firmly planted on the earth, you operate from the inside and you can make great decisions to support what’s best for you. This is a calm and knowing place to be, a place that celebrates you and what you truly want.

If you pay attention to the signs, they will point you to the right opportunities, to the people that will understand and celebrate you and you’ll find all the things you want in life slowly start to come your way.

Being centred-in-self gives you a rudder, access to deep inner knowledge and the confidence and trust to act on it. This girl was created to remind you if you consider yourself, it’s the most beautiful spiritual move you can make.

She is available in Australia from Forman Art & Framing and Internationally HERE.

For trade enquiries in Toronto, you can also contact On The Wall Framing.

I hope you enjoy the latest member of Young Girl in Bloom and may she bring you calm, beauty and joy to your home.

Love and light,

Carla x

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2 months ago

Gorgeous, Carla!

2 months ago

Stunning, Carla! Love it!

Veronique Marot
Veronique Marot
2 months ago

Beautiful and Inspiring my dear Carla! 🦋💙🦋

2 months ago

Just love her – centered in self – yes! xx

Mary E Stahelin
Mary E Stahelin
2 months ago

Beautiful! I see these are gaining popularity on Pinterest! I’ve been following for a few years now. They caught my eye! I went to France and Italy in the 80s and was amazed by the roses that grow everywhere! Amazing!

Cecile Antoine Alfonzo
2 months ago

Your work deeply touches me! Gorgeous! Thanks for putting your beautiful Self out in the world! Everything about your images is so harmonious. Plus being from Europe and having lived in Paris in my twenties this feels like the “madeleine de Proust” to me!