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How to Sell Your Photography Prints with these 3 Mindset Shifts

how to sell photography printsImage Credits: Left, Photo by @berkeley.interiors and @hannahpuechmarin on Instagram; Right, Photo from @formanpictureframing on Instagram.

Dear Creatives, one of the biggest mistakes creatives make is that they cringe or feel they need to be salesy to sell their photography online like a telesales person with a ‘comb over’ flogging a set of free steak knives. This holds them back from launching their glorious work out into the world.

I would like to help you make a couple of mindset shifts around this as it’s one of the primary reasons that hold creatives back from selling their work. I have learned thanks to all the beautiful feedback from my clients that sharing my work with them has brought all sorts of emotions to their lives and walls. Some tell me they feel good every time they walk past their image, it inspires them to be brave or book a ticket to a new destination, to continue with their creativity or dreams, to feel pride and joy in their room, or simply to feel calm.

Here are some myths when it comes to selling your artwork and how you can switch your mindset:

1. Myth – You are ‘taking’ people’s money

Firstly, sweet soul, you are not taking people’s money, you are creating an energetic exchange and they are receiving something for their money that will bring immense joy, pleasure, make them feel good about themselves or their home, allow them to dream, be transported to another place, to beautify their space, to be brave, to believe in themselves and numerous other emotions. When we are creating a home one of the most important and exciting choices we make is what to put on our walls. A house or a space isn’t a home till the art is in place.

Mindset shift: Switch the focus off YOU and onto THEM. Move away from the ‘taking’ mindset and into the ‘giving’ mindset. It’s not about YOU, it’s about helping THEM. You are creating an ‘edit’ of work they will love, particularly if you understand who your ideal client is and you are making their job of finding that type of work easy. You are ‘giving’ joy, beauty, a vision and a style and they are willing to exchange money for it.

Image Credit: From the gallery of Forman Art & Framing in Australia. Instagram: @formanpictureframing

2. Myth – You have to be good at ‘sales’ to sell your work

No, in fact the less you try and ‘sell’ the more sales you make. What, you say? You don’t have to be salesy, you need to have work they want and that you and they feel an emotional connection to the work.

Mindset shift: Facts tell, stories sell. Tell them a story or let your work tell the story. Bowl them over with beauty or a tell them a story about why you created the work, behind the scenes of creating the work, what the work means to you, who you created the work for, what is your process, why you have chosen this subject or any other titbit that will connect them to your work. Remember the person who is interested in your work will have a lot in common with you. The more you have fun with it and let go of the angst of selling, the more sales you will see come in.

Image Credit: From the gallery of Forman Art & Framing in Australia. Instagram: @formanpictureframing

3. Myth – Nobody would want your work!

This my dear folks is a limiting belief and as long as you believe this then probably nobody will want your work. Limiting beliefs are subconscious programming that runs in the background of our lives and no matter how many times we think we want a certain outcome your true energy doesn’t show this. You are energetically screaming to the world a story of ‘lack’. Kind of like having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake, ‘I want this’ but ‘it’s never going to happen!’

Mindset shift: Firstly know there is a market for everything. You need to be the first person that believes your work is worthy. You need to be in a place where you are proud and excited about the work you have created and be willing to put it out into the world. Check your energy, get good at understanding how you really feel instead of what you think. If your body feels off, ask yourself ‘what’s it about?’ Get good at understanding when you feel lack and switch it to abundance. That can be simply by sitting with true gratitude for what you have, see how far you have come, what you have today in your hands and know the more you feel gratitude, joy and contentment that the good stuff is one the way

I hope these three shifts help you have the courage to share your work with the world.

Love and light


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photography series

How Creating a Photography Series Can Help You Sell Your Work Online

photography series

Hello Creative Ones, Creating a body of work or ‘photography series’ that stands out is the first step to selling your work and having a successful online shop. Many people when they start a shop put together a bunch of their favourite images that have no connection at all, and this is OK. 

It’s a normal way to start.

Creating a photography series does three important things:

  • Helps connect you to your work and process 
  • Connects your potential clients to your work on a deeper level
  • Helps organise your work and assists your clients in making a choice.

By creating a strong connection between your images or creating a ‘photography series’ from scratch, your work starts to stand out. 

You start to create your own USP, or as the marketers call it, your Unique Selling Proposition, by finding your own unique space in the photographic or art market. 

When you start to stand out the more you are willing to be fully you and the less competition you have. 

A USP  is literally something that only you have.

One of the things I see people doing all the time in business and in online shops is not digging into their creativity enough to enhance their USP or to allow the full expression of their creativity to help them stand out from the crowd. Often I see ‘cookie cutter’ creativity where it is hard to tell one photographer from the other. I love it when I find a photographer or artist that feels like they have tapped into their true creativity, by bringing different elements they like together to create an exciting body of work that is uniquely theirs.

Tapping into your creativity, pushing it, daring it, allowing yourself to do what you love, asking yourself the deeper questions, getting a stronger message, being more aligned with your true values, and having the courage to bring that into your marketing, your message, your branding, your product and services, means that you immediately have a stronger USP.

Your alignment WITH your creativity is your greatest USP.

Alignment is a fancy word for doing what resonates with you at your core, what brings you joy, makes you happy, comes without an enormous effort of pushing against life and that you would almost be doing anyway, even if there wasn’t money involved.

 Why start with your creativity? Well, often in creative businesses, people pick out their ideal client first and then build a business or a creative product or service around that person. So they are starting from the outside and then accommodating what they think that client might like or need.

I’m going to invite you to switch it around. When you start with what you love, what you would do even if you weren’t being paid for it, then you literally are at the same time creating your ideal client.


You are a splendid unique human being and the way you see the world, the way you think, feel, love, work, play, the conversations you have with yourself and your life experiences, are uniquely yours.

YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND and that is what makes you so special and that is why if you dig into your creativity it will NEVER be like someone else’s. It can’t be. It is uniquely yours. 


It’s something I tell every client I have ever worked with.

The goal is to look inwards at what is inside of you: the joy, the pain, the experiences, the light, the colours, the stories and the thoughts.

It is only when we continually look to others that we make a mistake. We have all the information as a base inside of us to create something that is unique to us. Just add skills, technique, and practice, and you can create whatever it is you want in life.

photography series

In the process of learning, there is a part in all of us that needs to copy in order to see how things are done or to understand a process. All the great painters painted the masters to learn certain techniques.

However, there comes a day when you have the technique down and that is when you need to stop looking outwards, rather go inwards and use ‘your story’ or for those that are intimidated by this concept ‘the stuff you like’. Use what is inside of you and what is uniquely yours to create. Allow yourself to be attracted to what you like, no questions asked.

It might be that you hear music in a certain way or you are attracted to certain colours, shapes or a particular era.

Perhaps you come from a faraway land where the colours are special and trees are a particular shape or you have a vocabulary that is rich or you are attracted to a certain era in history. You may be romantic or incredibly modern, soft and sweet, or organized and structured. You may be altruistic and believe in causes or be all about getting down to business.

It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you don’t judge it! Instead, you can use it, focus on it, and believe in it.


All of this can inspire and be woven into your creativity and work and an eventual photography series.

What it takes is to give yourself permission and believe that what you love, others will love too. Creating at your highest level is about really trusting yourself and your vision.

When you are operating from the outside, you are operating from a weaker less authentic place. Developing faith in your creativity is the key.

So, my loves, believe in your creativity, start there, go deep and have fun and you will be creating work that is truly yours.

Love and light,

Carla x

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