Kiss Goodbye Fear In Business and Life

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I like to think I am not a fearful person and thanks to my parents they tried to instill the opposite in me and my brothers and sisters – to be adventurous, trusting and game.

But hey, when you leave your life and swap it for another one there are always going to be days that bring your down, cause a big knot of fear in your stomach or anxiety that has you asking yourself what have you done, have your made the right decision and where to from here?

Fear can be crippling, it can make creativity stop dead in it’s tracks whilst it grips you to the very core and allows you to lose the focus on the good, the fun and your path.

I have learnt to fight fear and anxiety in my own way and I thought I you share some tips with you today in case it has its hands on you.


Ask yourself why you are fearful, did something happen to trigger the fear? Are you fearful of a thought or something that has actually happened? Becoming aware of your fear is the first step. Sit with it and realize what it is about.


When I am fearful, mine is often running the same scene on loop so I get out of the house, go for a walk, get the blood flowing and most times I come home and I have a new attitude

Fight Fear With Love

Love is the best way to combat fear. Go and do something with love in your heart, visit your mum or grandma, give to someone on the street, buy a bunch of flowers for yourself or someone you love or make a friend a cup of tea.


There is nothing like the music you love to take you somewhere else, to happy times and good memories. I put Cat Stevens on full volume and walk around Paris as though I am in my own film. By the time I come home I am ready for anything.


Take the deepest, slowest breaths counting to ten on the inhale and do the same thing to exhale. Do this for a couple of minutes and think of nothing else other than counting your breath. It will slow your heart rate and calm you down and if you are awake at night it will put you back to sleep.

Do Something Positive

Instead of stewing in your fear and anxiety do up to 5 positive things that will help you. It could be folding the washing, writing an email you have been promising yourself to do, write a blog post, call a client, go get a hair cut. I have always found moving forward with something positive is a wonderful remedy.

Watch A Funny Movie

Yes, ditch the documentaries, Games of Thrones and Vikings for a while and watch something YOU love, that makes you laugh, the kind of belly laughs money can’t buy. Don’t watch movies that will make you cry or things will just get worse.


Go out and dance, if you can’t, put on your favourite music and let yourself go wild. You know about ‘dance like no-one’s watching’, own it, bring out all the dance moves you have been storing up since you were a teenager and then let them rock.


When we are fearful or have anxiety meditation can bring us back to ourselves instead of scattering our valuable energy everywhere it can centre us and calm us.


If you are continually feeling anxious, go and get your thyroid checked. One of the symptoms of a thyroid out of whack is anxiety.

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” Marianne Williamson





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