Flowers for Faith


Hello Everyone,

I hope wherever you are in the world this email finds you with hope in your heart. This year has created chaos in the world and our lives and our knee jerk reaction is fear. 

The trick when we feel fear is to move towards a love emotion, kindness, compassion, faith, generosity, and caring. 

I created this girl for Victoria and all the folks around the world who are still in lockdown. Her name is Hold the Faith and this is her story.

Faith is stronger than hope, it’s the willingness to believe without a doubt that something good or a particular outcome is going to happen without proof or results. It’s the magical place from where anything you want to bring to life can grow.  Faith is like planting seeds you devotedly water knowing one day they will bring fruit yet you continue to water them even when there are no signs of buds or sprouts. 

This girl knows to ‘hold the faith’, it means that when things aren’t going as she wished, her outcome still hasn’t shown up, times are tough, rocky, scary or unknown, she chooses to take a step in the direction of a dream or desire knowing it will happen. 

Every small step you take, you are rallying forces you can’t see and it’s the elixir that will bring to life what you want.

She knows good things are coming her way, she is standing strong in times of chaos and uncertainty and that faith is her secret weapon. She knows it’s yours too. 

I hope she brightens up your day and with her beauty helps you rally your faith.

You can see Hold the Faith here.

Sending love,

Carla  x

Summer Daze - Cala Salada Ibiza, carla coulson, armchair travel

Welcome to Armchair Travel Week!

Summer Daze - Cala Salada Ibiza, carla coulson, armchair travel

Hi Lovelies,

Get ready, #nopassportneeded because Forman Art and Framing and myself are taking you to a European summer. 🏖️ For a whole week, you can forget lockdown and imagine you are frolicking on a European beach with us. We have a joyous surprise for you below.

Today we are travelling to Ibiza, get your sunnies, bikini and dancing shoes on!! 

This beauty is called Summer Daze – Cala Salada Ibiza.

When you think of Ibiza, you think of nightclubs, dancing, suntanned bodies, rockstars and hippies, business magnates and dare I say ‘Boxer’ Nuno Lopes (that handsome rogue from Netflix Ibiza folie White Lines – ouch)! 

Ibiza is a little like Paris, she can be anything you want it to be but nobody, and I mean nobody, told me it could also be like the Bahamas. How long has this been going on and why wasn’t I phoned?? 

When you make it over the rocks in Cala Salada, your breath leaves your body when you see the water, you stand on the red rocks and look out at the transparent blue and all you want to do is float in it, jump in it, swim in it, and never leave it. And if you are lucky when you pop up out of the water like you are in a Coca-Cola ad, who knows, maybe there will be Boxer smiling at you!!!! 

For a week ONLY with the code ARMCHAIRTRAVELLER, you will receive 15% off all beach prints on checkout and you can take the blue and the joy home. Stay tuned for more travel and more blue. 


If you’re ordering from Australia, head on over to Forman Art and Framing.

Loads of love,

Carla x

Out of the Blue, Carla Coulson Limited Edition Fine Art Print, Young Girl in Bloom, floral photography, flowers, hydrangeas

New Release – ‘Out of the Blue’ Limited Edition Print

Out of the Blue, Carla Coulson Limited Edition Fine Art Print, Young Girl in Bloom, floral photography, flowers, hydrangeas

I know many of you are still in lockdown (shout out to all my followers in Victoria) and in an uncertain situation in the world, so I hope to bring you joy with this new girl from my series Young Girl in Bloom, her name is ‘Out Of The Blue’.

I hope you love her; here’s her story…

This girl is my latest edition to the Young Girl in Bloom series and her name is ‘Out Of The Blue’.

Something special has just started to happen to her, things that she wants and loves just like magic seem to appear ‘out of the blue’ without any logical reason. This girl is starting to pay attention to all the magical moments that keep occurring when she allows herself to do what she loves, be the fullest expression of herself and say Yes to her deepest desires.

There’s a posh name for this — it’s called Synchronicity; someone calls when you are thinking of them, an opportunity arises after having an idea about it just moments or days earlier and when you are at your happiest and most joyful, lots of good stuff comes your way.

This photo is created with you in mind, to help you notice that when you resonate with things, people, circumstances, joy and creativity, things happen easily, seamlessly and without pushing and exhausting yourself against life and situations. You will find yourself gracefully sauntering down a street knowing that life can have more ease by allowing yourself to do the things you love, safe in the knowledge that those little moments ‘out of the blue’ are more than casual coincidence.

On My Way Lilac Bouquet – New Release

Dear Friends,

This year in Paris and in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, Spring has been locked away behind garden and park gates. I get a glimpse of her on my morning walk, a lilac bush behind an iron fence, a cherry blossom tree just a beautiful bit of pink fluff high on the hill and peonies and hyacinths that normally fill my local florist with beauty, just a memory at the moment.

My house feels empty without vases of pink peonies and the perfume of lilac so I’ve found another way for us to enjoy Spring.

If lilac can’t fill our houses then we can at least have it on our walls!!

For all of you who have asked and have been ever so patient, the limited edition sold out On My Way in all sizes has been released in a new edition size, 30 x 45 inches (76 x 114 cm).

There are only 30 of them world-wide and Forman Art and Picture Framing and I have a fun little gift with each purchase of this new edition size, an On My Way phone case that will bring beauty and joy to your desk (currently not available to the general public) and help you to ‘turn the phone over’ and stop bingeing on social media and enjoy Spring wherever you are.

So if you want to nurture your walls with a little beauty, I would be ever so honoured to share On My Way with you.

This is her story:

This gal is called “On My Way”. She carries the biggest bunch of lilac on the streets of Paris St Germain des Prés and represents that feeling inside, when you may not be sure exactly where you are going but you are taking positive footsteps in the right direction. You have your shoulders back, your chin up and you take one step after another, that will slowly but surely take you to a new future. Each time you glance at her she will remind you of your beauty within and that you are On Your Way.”


Available in Australia at Forman Art & Picture Framing HERE.

And worldwide from me in beautiful but Spring-less Paris HERE.

Sending love and a little beauty to you,


Image of fine art flower print bouquet of Peonies in Paris carved doors

Fine Art Flower Print – She’s Breathtaking

It’s always exciting when a new fine art flower print walks into our lives!!

This beautiful gal is part of the Young Girl in Bloom series and her name is simply Breathtaking.

When someone or something takes our breath away, often it’s because their beauty has moved us and something within us comes alive.

My wish is that women, young and old (boys and men too) realise that their beauty resides not only on the exterior but on the inside and they have the power to take someone’s breath away by simply being their spectacular selves going about their day.

Even if you don’t see it, the beauty, the wonder, the hope, and the gifts and skills you have, we see it. Let your beauty move you to be brave, be authentic and to follow your joy.

The Young Girl in Bloom Series was inspired by that delicate age when young girls are between teenagers but not yet women. This incredible moment in life when young women are on the verge of greatness but often don’t realise it.

These photos were created with the young girls around me in mind, who are so innately beautiful and powerful yet often don’t see it in themselves.

The fine art flower print images have names such as I Believe in Me, Great Future Ahead, On My Way and Listen to your Heart and my wish is that they inspire women to look within at their own beauty, find their uniqueness and tap into their power. And when a Young Girl Is In Bloom, when she knows her self-worth she is most powerful force on earth!

I have always loved taking photos of things that bring me joy and you can read a little more here in Marie Claire about my prints.

Available in Australia via the delightful folks at Format Art and Framing or for the rest of the world via my shop HERE.


Wishing you a breathtaking day.

Carla x