Black Friday Treasures from artist Melissa O’Rourke (aka Sissy Florence)

All photos copyright by Melissa O’Rourke

Dear Creative Ones, 

I am super excited to share with you this beautiful Black Friday offer from an artist I love and know, Melissa O’Rourke (aka Sissy Florence).

Melissa has been busy creating and putting so much beauty out into the world and she has a special Black Friday offer that is irresistible and I think you are going to LOVE it!!!

Melissa is creating Bespoke Treasures in the form of commissions inspired by her Hey Lady! series of you. This is the incredible commission she did for me!! I love it, it will hang proudly in the centre of a gallery wall that I am creating in my home soon. 👇

Yes, you get to have an original painting influenced by YOU (or whichever wonderful woman in your life you choose) as an unforgettable gift to yourself or a sister, daughter, friend, mother, grandmother, earth angel that you love.

Melissa is extending the love to you by offering a 60% discount code on her Hey Lady! Commission for Black Friday and there are only 10 places available. Just use the code HEYLADYJUSTFORYOU at checkout.

If your commission is ordered in the next 4 days, it will be delivered before Christmas. An exquisite bespoke gift that lasts a lifetime.

You can check it out here ↠


For all those Italy fans and lovers of art, she is also extending a very generous discount to her newly launched shop on all fine art prints.

Melissa has three series: the Italy Collection, the Hey Lady! Collection, and the Blue Lady Collection which all feature her quirky colourful eye and hand. She brings magic to the country I love and to one of my other favourite subjects, women.

If you would like to add some love to your walls this Christmas, you can receive 20% off her prints shopwide with the code HAPPYDAYS20 till Monday, 27th November 2023 at midnight. Discount is calculated at checkout.



Wishing you much beauty and enjoyment always.

Carla x

How Mothers Change the World (and a Gift for You)

Dear Lovely Ones,

Mother’s Day is a special day for so many reasons and rightly so the world stops and takes a pause to recognise these wonderful souls.

Women need to be acknowledged for all the work they do taking care of families and the outpouring of energy and giving they do on a daily basis.

I think mothers of this generation need extra acknowledgment.

More than ever, mothers are giving on a daily basis to their children, partners, jobs, and communities and creating an environment of love and safety.

On a micro level, they are not only taking care of what the family eats, whether they have clean clothes or not, whether that flight is booked or the health insurance has been paid, but they are also scanning the best remedy when you are sick and they are trying to get everyone out the door on time. Most importantly, they are loving, nurturing, and shaping little ones that will go on to make this world a better place and maybe take a place in history. They teach valuable lessons such as compassion and confidence and model values to us.

How often have you heard a story of a famous musician or writer (fill in the blank) and it was his mother that believed in their child enough to find a way to pay for the lessons or to foster their talent?

Most of this they do before they get dressed to go and do a full day’s work of their own!

On a macro level, they are also taking care of the bigger picture, they are the dream builders, wanting their children to grow up in a better world.

It’s the women who often drive change outside of the house, who have their eye on things and often make big sacrifices for their children so they can have a better future. I believe it’s the Mothers of this generation who will create true change, the love and care they have for their children motivates them to take action, stand up for what they believe in, and say no when they mean no.

They are the ones that advocate for better health, equal rights, saving our planet, and child protection and it’s this ‘lion mother’ energy that the world needs right now. The beautiful mix of the feminine with the fierceness that only a mother protecting her young ones has. It’s that passionate mixture of love, energy, and protection that flows through mothers and creates big changes not only in homes but in the world.

Why do they do it? Because they love you.

I know there are men out there too who have the caretaker role and I send you big love too.

Mum, Eliza, Carla Coulson

Each Mother’s Day, I create a little gift for Mothers to help put back a little of the love and energy that always needs replacing. 

How can we do that? A Mother will tell you with love, foot massages, and someone else cooking the dinner! I think you can do so many things for your Mother that bring beauty and peace into her life.

My little contribution this Mother’s Day for all the flower-loving women is to offer a complimentary ‘sister’ when you purchase a print from my limited edition Young Girl in Bloom series. 

With every limited edition print, you will receive an 8 x 12 inch FREE Flower Girl print of YOUR CHOICE** with the code SISTERS, and your walls will be filled with love and good energy every day.

How does it work?

If you’re ordering from my online shop:

  1. Select your choice of print (should be 16″ x 24″ inch or larger) from the Young Girl In Bloom collection.
  2. Select the 8″ x 12″ inch flower girl print freebie from the Mother’s Day collection (This is a special new size for this occasion and should not be confused with our 12″ x 18″ inch print!)
  3. Use the code SISTERS at checkout to receive your 8″ x 12″ inch print of choice for FREE.**


Terms & Conditions apply:

  • **FREE PRINT OFFER IS AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERS IN AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, AND THE REST OF THE WORLD, EXCLUDING CANADA & THE US. Orders in the US and CANADA will fall under a different offer, please see our note below.


*Offer ends on Mother’s Day, Sunday, 14th May 2023 at 11:59 PM US Pacific Time.


💐 IF YOU’RE ORDERING FROM AUSTRALIA, you can also get the same FREE PRINT offer from FORMAN ART AND FRAMING. Check out their site for details >>>


💐 FOR ORDERS IN CANADA AND THE US, ON THE WALL FRAMING is doing a different promo — they’re offering 15% off my prints this Mother’s Day! You can order on their site >>>


To my Mum and all the mothers, I wish you a beautiful day and know the world is a better place thanks to you.


Carla x

Galentine’s Day 2023 – Spoil Yourself with a Flower Gal 💕

Dear Ladies,

This year, the lovely Kara from Forman Art & Framing, the amazing Tara from On The Wall Framing, and I are celebrating GALentine’s Day because we know how much love and care women put into their families, partners, friends, jobs, and communities.

The greatest gift of all is learning to love yourself and for some of us, it’s our life’s work, realising and knowing our inherent value. I think Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to stop and reflect on just how fabulous you are and take stock of all you do in your world.

There are many ways to spoil yourself, taking some time out for yourself, treating yourself to a massage or a pedicure, or doing something that makes you FEEL good.

If you are the kind of gal that loves beauty and your walls need a little self-love, you may like one of our Young Girl in Bloom limited edition fine art prints that will remind you day after day just how special you are.

Each photo has a message designed for you and where you are at in life so if you need a little visual mantra, inspiration, or motivation to keep going and believe in yourself you may like to treat yourself this GALentine’s DAY.

With the code SPOILYOURSELF, you will receive a 15% discount off shopwide till midnight on 14th February 2023 and have a bunch of flowers that will keep on giving long after the sun has sent on Valentine’s Day.

You can shop here.


Love ya,

Carla x


P.S. We are introducing a new 16 x 24-inch size in my Young Girl In Bloom series and it’s just the perfect gifting size! Available only in limited editions of 50 — shop at Forman Art & Framing if you’re in Australia or shop from On The Wall Framing if you’re in Canada or the US.

TV Sensation Shaynna Blaze’s Place With One Of My Flower Girls!!!

Dearest Fellow Creatives,

What a joy to see in Domain this past week the beautiful home interiors of superstar interior designer and co-host of TV sensation The Block, Shaynna Blaze.

I’ve lived away from Australia for so many years and had only heard about this show on trips home but when my Father was dying, it was one of the shows my Mum, Dad, and I watched each week.

I stayed in Australia for four months that year and became a The Block enthusiast so it was super exciting to see that one of my flower girls, Going Places, was actually hanging in Shaynna’s beautiful home!

Photo: Natalie Jeffcott

The clever folks at Domain created a little tour video of Shaynna’s home with lots of beautiful surprises, which you can watch here:

In Shaynna’s words, “A home should feel like an oasis as well as an adventure, with elements of fun, personality, and the unexpected.”

Here is a little preview of her home with photos by the talented Natalie Jeffcott:

Photo: Natalie Jeffcott
Photo: Natalie Jeffcott

You can check out Domain’s feature on Shaynna’s 1880s Melbourne pad HERE.


If you would like to decorate your walls with a little joy and beauty, you can check out my shop here:

Loads of love and thanks to Domain, Shaynna Blaze, and Natalie Jeffcott. 


Carla x

Introducing My Newest Flower Girl in my ‘Young Girl in Bloom’ Series

Dearest Lovelies,

Today is a special day for so many reasons. A new girl has skipped into our lives and hearts and her name is Follow Your Bliss. She is inspired by my father’s favourite flower, an old fashioned pink carnation so this one also is for my Dad.

She is young, sprightly, and full of life and she will help lead you where your heart wants to go.

This is her story:

Follow Your Bliss

The secret to getting what you want in life, finding your people, feeling motivated to get out of bed in the morning, to have a skip in your step, is to follow your bliss.

Following your bliss and what in your heart feels true is not whimsical or irresponsible, it’s deep communion with your higher self and creates profound personal fulfillment, joy, a sense of belonging to a community and to this beautiful world we live in.

You know when you are connected to something you really want because you feel excited, enthusiastic, and you radiate joy, your energy bubbles over and off you go without needing any prompting at all. A heart’s desire gives you a rudder that pulls you along, a clear path starts to form and you know what to do next, you have the courage to keep taking steps, one choice at a time.

I hope this girl inspires you to follow your bliss. She is available from the wonderful folks at Forman Art and Framing in Australia and she can skip into your home in Canada via the beautiful Tara Gavin at On The Wall Framing. You can also get her from my online shop here.

May we all have the courage to continue to follow our bliss and be led back onto the path that is true for us.


Love and light always,