Catatouille – It’s Me Bertday

Avedon small

Me looking like someone slipped half a valium into my Sheba (I am much spicier zhan sis photo)

Mornin World it’s Avedon here,

I got Furless Mummy (Carla) in a vice-lock dis mornin and ave taken over her blog cause it’s me bertday today. Yep, I am one today and dat below is my bertday ‘crevette’ cake that FM and Furless Daddy made for me.

crevette cake

Well, it wasn’t really a vicelock, I just looked her straight in de eyes and cried as I do and she lets me do whatever I want including write dis blog.

avedon small

 I ave never seen ze crevette before

You ave probably heard FM talking about me as she iz always talking about me.. I was born in a Boulangerie (does it get any more folkloric zhan that) in ze same street where FM and Furless Daddy live  in ze Marais, kind of like ‘Catatouille’ (yeah I like the gourmet stuff too and my plate changed as soon as I ave eaten).

FM and FD haven’t figured it out yet but I run ze show here. Those two should have checked ze ‘kitty guide’ before adopting me cause it would have said dat I like to go as  high as possible, in all ze senses, tops of doors, bookcases and ze hierarchy.

avedon carla coulson

Dats me in all the photos, de first day I woke up with FM and FD, on FM’s shoulder where I lurve to work, reading Le Canard (would prefer to eat one) and zleeping cause it’s busy around here.

Lemme tell you a little about myself.

I have many names other zhan Avedon, roadblock (cause you are not getting out of ze kitchen without given me some Sheba) Quality Control Officer (cause I gotta check everyting deez two do), Mr Busy (cause I love getting into boxes, the bath (not with water on me no siree) and electricity (I lurve electrical cords) and those pretty ribbons FM ties her photo boxes in (mmmmm).

I love ze feathers (on birds and in my pillows) and mice, mozzarella di bufala and soft feather donnas. I lurvvee when FM gets ready for work and I can get in her play boxes (lotz of stuff), I lurve plastic bags (I can hear ze rustle in me sleep) and I lurve ze pasta (deep down I feel I was an Italian cat in anozer life). I also lurve ze sheets especially when FM changes ze bed and I roll myzelf in zem and I also like to drink from ze tap much better than from that bowl on ze floor.

I lurve ze shoulders also and when FD isn’t around I like to sleep on FM’s shoulder (she lurvezit too). I lurve ze sun but zere is not much of zhat around here..

avedon 2 small

Dats me again in all ze photos.. Watching ze birdies I want to eat from ze kitchen, yawning after a big day on ze photoshop, on top of ze door stalking ze birdies and asleep on FM’s shoulder (she can’t move for hours when I go to zleep).

So back to my bertday.. when I woke zis evening after zleeeping for 10 hours FM and FD were singing Happy Caturday to You and zere on ze table (where i am never allowed to go) was a ‘crevette’ cake (prawns for you Auzzie catz) and presents (more fake mice).. Zey should have got me a real one. FM was crying (as she does) and FD and I downed a beer and cracked open ze crevettes..Second best day of me life (first one was when I caught a real mousie).

One last secret before I go, FM talks about her blogger friendz as much as she talks about me! She lurves youz all..

Happy Caturday (Bertday) to Me!!

francesco and avedon

Ze perfect Caturday with FD getting some zeds..

AVEDON (miaw miaw)

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this”. Terry Pratchett

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Corrina Tough
9 years ago

Very Cute Carla- some of your best work- and Happy birthday Avedon- I’d love to send you a pot of catnip to sniff for a pressie! Looks like your birthday was so special xx Corrina Tough

Barb Smith
9 years ago

You are a gorgeous cat Avedon… enjoy those prawns !

9 years ago


french cravings
9 years ago

Too cute! Happy birthday to a very clever kitty.

9 years ago

Soooo adorable!
And wonderful captures of everyone.
It must be this time last year you mentioned your new cat at our shoot..
Ever need a cat sitter?

La Contessa
9 years ago

THAT was precious!BEAUTIFUL POST and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVEDON!That window you were gazing out of is pretty magical too!The BIRTHDAY cake made for you by FD??WAS VERY IMPRESSIVE!You certainly landed in a good home!

9 years ago

Sweet! Love the shot at the window xc

9 years ago

Seriously hysterical, i want a blog post from you every week Avedon, not that I dont love FM’s posts I really do!! and I also love your birthday portraits, very beautiful. Birthday hug xx

9 years ago

Bon anniversaire Avedon!
I love the shot with you sleeping with FD!

You are my fav kitty since you picked my name to win the portrait competition. I’ll have a small Australian treat for you when I see your FM at my photo shoot in August.

a bientot 🙂

Shell Sherree
9 years ago

Awwww! Happy bertday, Avedon! You and your FM have planted big smiles on my dial ~ and I love all of FM’s photos of you, especially the last. Such contentment. What a beautiful family you are. {My Ella has prawn envy. She quite fancies the occasional cooked prawn.} x0

Sallie Robbins-Druian
9 years ago

Oh Avedon!

You are sooooo handsome and adorable. Your photos are sublime. Please feel free to blog your fans anytime! You are a treasure. I hope FM and FD pay attention to you and your talents. You could make them wealthy beyond their dreams!

But you are right. Lose the fake mouse. Patooie!

I hope FM recovers from the Right Shoulder Syndrome. I do this to my Mom all the time. She claims it is painful, but she is crazy. I pet her and give her warmth and Eskimo kisses. Enough already! It is certainly NOT about her!

Lots of love,

AJ Kitty

Natasha Calhoun
9 years ago

So very cute! Happy birthday to not-so-little Avedon 🙂

9 years ago

great pics and story…sure not to be a cat, in a previous life? 🙂

Sue Fogarty
Sue Fogarty
9 years ago

Happy Birthday dear puss, I have just returned from a short visit to Port Macquarie where I saw some of FM’s pix in The Glasshouse -Ooh la la!

9 years ago

Oh my, Avedon, aren’t you zee cute one? ‘appy bairtday to you, miaow miaow miaow!

9 years ago

Happy Birthday, Avedon!!! 🙂 I am longing for a cat of my own one day. 🙂

joanna brazier
9 years ago

Oh, that is so sweet – and funny !
Happy belated birthday Avedon…

Carla, so wish I could have made the portrait sitting work – maybe next trip?
Loved my photography course and the”tour” ladies seemed to have had a ball (thankfully!)
Best to you, Joanna x

9 years ago

Chèr Avedon,
Meeps and I send hugs and kisses all the way from Alabama. Meeps is begging to go to Paris again. You two would have some fun. She of course would bring a valise full of scarves to wear.
V et M

emily @ Town And Country Shuffle


That made me laugh so hard! Thank you. Happy Catday Avedon! You are so so cute!

Carla, I might have another beautiful lady for you to photograph next time we come to Paris. I think I should just be your US agent. LOL!

hugs from New York!

9 years ago

FM, this is the cutest post I have ever read, but of course, the only post written by a cat :))) I am myself a cat lover, I have two cats in my home and I think I will pay more attention to their birthdays since now on. Happy birthday, Avedon! Love the quote, too :))))