Bunches of Self-Love

Bunch of self-love

Dear Lovelies, I have been curious about self-love for a very long time probably because it was so elusive in my late teens, twenties, and thirties. 

When I created Young Girl in Bloom, I wanted to send messages through beauty that would hang on your wall and remind you of how wonderful and powerful you are, simply by being your true self. 

Inspiration came from many places, from the girls in my immediate world, from my journey as a teenager and young woman but also from the messages, letters, and conversations I’ve had with many different women in my world and community. Often I was inspired by what was going on in the world or my world and each time I created a new image my wish was that it would touch the heart of someone and inspire them like a visual mantra to believe in themselves and connect to their magic. 

Self-love can mean so many things: respect what you need and want, listening to your voice and following it, accepting yourself the way you are, taking care of your wellbeing, treating yourself like you would treat your best friend, and feeling things like pride in something you have done, trusting yourself and having faith that what brings you joy is a good path to follow. 

On this very special Valentine’s day, I would love to send you a reminder that YOU ARE LOVE. You never need to wait for love, the key is to start giving it to yourself and others through kindness, generosity, surprise, friendship, and compassion. They can be small things like offering to make a cup of tea for someone who looks tired, carrying someone’s shopping up the stairs, or calling to check on your friend when you haven’t heard from her for a while.

You have a WELL of love that goes on forever and expands when you think there is no more love to give. 

Love is the most powerful emotion on the planet; it heals and connects, opens, and facilitates; it’s strong and soft and we all need it every day. 

If you have been hankering after a Young Girl in Bloom print for a while or a joyful beach, we have a special Valentine’s Day gift for you; you can get 15% off shopwide with the code BLOOMSANDBEACHES. 

You can shop here. If you’re from Australia or New Zealand, Forman Art and Framing is doing the same promotion on my prints on their site, you can order from them here instead.

And I have one more big drumroll…..one of our sold-out images, JOYFUL & UNSTOPPABLE, has been released in a brand new size, 30 x 45 inch and she matches ON MY WAY in the same size.

You can take a look here, in Australia here, and in Canada here.


Sending love and light always,


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