Bring the Natural World Into Your Home

Dear Lovelies,

Our homes have become our castles and our prisons at the same time! 

Whilst part of the world is still in lockdown, I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful works of nature and the world outside of your four walls that could bring some love, care, and beauty to your home.

the handstand by Laura Reid

Handstand by Laura Reid. You can check out her prints here.

Beauty is a powerful antidote to fear and confinement. Beauty transports us on every level and it has an important effect on our nervous systems, it promotes pleasure and pleasure promotes well-being. 

Casting your eyes on a place you love, that rekindles fond memories or allows you to dream, means you are no longer just within your four walls. 

I’m delighted to share with you today these works of art that will transform your walls to a misty day at the beach, a walk in the mountains with the scents of wildflowers, the glory of the beach at dawn, and remembering just how amazing and beautiful our world is.

You can shop all the works by clicking on the photos above and below.

the handstand by Laura Reid in a bedroom

Handstand by Laura Reid. You can check out her prints here.

cradle mountain by Millie Brown

Valley Wilderness by Millie Brown. Check out her prints here.


rachael kane the wave

The Wave by Rachael Kane. Check out her prints here.


Wanderlust Julia Lochhead, prints

Wanderlust by Julia Lochhead. Check out her work here.


karen alderson dahlias, prints

I Must Have Flowers by Karen Alderson. You can check out her work here.


“The home of the future is not as sci-fi as we imagine. Instead of whizbang gadgetry and the bells and whistles reminiscent of The Jetsons, the home of the future is all about sustainability, energy-efficient design, an expression of the individual, and a hotbed of creativity and inspiration.” 

Amanda Talbot, Rethink: The Way You Live


You can shop Laura’s prints here:

You can shop Millie’s prints here:

You can shop Rachael’s prints here

You can shop Julia’s Prints here

You can shop Karen’s prints here


Take care sweet ones.

Carla x


If you want to learn how to take/create your body of work and sell it online, join my Free Training by clicking above.

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