Carla Coulson Loc Boyle

Photo by Loc Boyle

Last year I was diagnosed with 3 auto-immune conditions, Graves Disease, Alopecia Areta and Lichen Sclerosous.

After a lot of research I decided to heal them naturally and now a year has passed and all three of them have disappeared.

I chronicled my story, tips, resources for all of those on a similar path and the posts are in chronological order from when I first was diagnosed. I include my blood results to show you the progress.

I will keep updating this information.

Grateful for Graves

This post was written in January 2014,  a month after my diagnosis and the first steps I took to healing


An Auto-Immune Update

In March of 2014, a little update about my progress treating my 3 auto-immune conditions naturally.


The Power Of Food

In April of 2014 after 3 months on a natural food diet and introducing ways to lower my stress I had some amazing results


Auto-Immune, Going,Going, Almost Gone

After 9 months of being on a natural food results I am almost symptom free of the 3 auto-immune conditions that were affecting my health and life.