Are You Tired Of Putting Everybody First?

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Do you feel like you are the last on the list behind your partner, children, work commitments, cats, dogs, shopping, running a household and there is never enough time for you to do the things you love?

Back in the year 2000 before I left my life this is exactly how I felt. I felt like I put everything else before me and doing the things I loved.  I was always way down at the bottom of the list. I never stopped and made time for myself and what I loved. It always felt like there was something more pressing or important to do.

Well, one day I did something drastic about it when I could no longer stand the feeling of coming last.  I left my life, my job, my apartment, my country and my friends and went off on an adventure to find out what I loved in life. But I am not recommending you do that right now!

I have another solution.

If you would like to walk away from your life for just a week, try something you thought you might be good at or take your photography skills to new levels we’d love you to join us on the Caravan Travel Photography Workshop in beautiful Puglia.

We (me, another talented photographer and my fabulous staff) promise you one thing. You will be at the top of the list for a full 7 days. There will be no washing up, no organising accommodation or restaurants, no booking hotels and transfers, no-one to look after except yourself, your camera and the photos you want to take!


Caravan Travel Photography Workshop 2014 from Carla Coulson on Vimeo.

Here’s a little taste of what it could be like. If you are viewing this on an email click here

For for the full story on this bespoke workshop click here.

I would love to help you explore something you have always dreamed of.

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.???

Ella Fitzgerald


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Corrina Tough
8 years ago

My absolute dream to be there next year Carla!Seems sometimes life throws you a few curve balls that get in the way of those dreams. Been a rocky 2014 for me. Love the Ella Fitzgerald quote- she is one of my all time favourite songstresses. xx Corrina Tough

La Contessa
8 years ago

GORGEOUS VIDEO JUST GORGEOUS……………I want to come but know zero about a camera!!If I read it right YOU have already SOLD OUT!!!!!

Heather in Arles
8 years ago

Carla, like Corrina I have had a challenging year so…not now but… I will keep on seeing myself taking one of your workshops until it happens…!

Peggy Braswell
8 years ago

sounds + looks Delicious + wish I was closer.

Jess - alittlepartoftheworld

I dream of being able to do this one day with you… AMAZING!!! Jx

Chrissa Reed
8 years ago

That looks like an amazing experience! Would be a dream come true xx