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And the Winners of the Yes, Yes, Yes Scholarship are…

Dear Ladies,

Thank you to everyone that applied for the scholarship and my apologies this is a day late. I had over 60 applicants and it took longer than I thought to watch the videos and read everyone’s story.

Everyone’s stories and dreams are valid, real and achievable. It has been one of the hardest decisions of my life to award 4 places and I was unable to do it, so I have created space for 7 scholarships.

There have been times in my career when people have reached out and helped me and maybe some of them didn’t know it at the time but they changed my life in some way. I hope this scholarship for the following women help them open a new chapter of their life and bring what’s in their heart to life.

So ladies, get ready for a happy dance…

Each of the following people has won a scholarship to the Yes, Yes, Yes Program:

  • Georgina Lee Jones
  • Kate Spanti
  • Julia Ferguson
  • Sarah Schaub
  • Meri Angelucci
  • Natalie Radalj
  • Loretta Horn


You will receive an email from me with all the instructions regarding Yes, Yes, Yes and the open date of our next round!!

For all the other ladies who APPLIED, THERE IS A SPECIAL EMAIL COMING YOUR WAY so look out for it and thanks for your time and stories and I hope our paths cross soon.

Big thanks and don’t give up on your dreams.


PS: If you want to start working on your dreams and projects today you can download my NEW BEGINNINGS WORKBOOK HERE.

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