A New Decade of Hopes and Dreams

carla coulson, photographer, hopes and dreams, change your life

Dear Friends,

How was the last decade for you?

If I had to give the last decade one word it would be ‘growth’. This decade I had my arse kicked from Sydney to Paris by the universe when it came to how I was doing life, work, love and health and it made me stop, take notice and change the way I was doing EVERYTHING.

It sent me on a whole wonderful journey to learning about health, the human body and the power of our mind. I fell in love all over again with humanity and became a life coach and wanted to shout AGAIN from the highest mountain that YOU can do it. Whatever your hopes and dreams are, you are powerful beyond belief and what it takes is a little curiosity, being conscious and you can set your life on a whole new course.

This decade also challenged my relationship. It taught me the tough lesson that someone once told me that “a relationship is like a garden and needs tending everyday otherwise it starts to dry up and die” – is true. Relationships like gardens need nurturing; you can’t put them on the back-burner whilst you run off and do life and hope that it will be exactly the same when you are ready and waiting. The universe kicked my arse again, it put a big dent in my heart and asked me to take another big look. It sent me through a burning ring of fire, kind of like the ones you find at carnivals and you would never jump through if you weren’t forced.

Well, I went through the ring of fire and on the other side I was forged in the most beautiful peaceful way. I found that sometimes you need life to get really, really messy, so messy that all you can see is mud for miles before you can start to clean up. I learnt that things that appear broken can be fixed if you are willing to put the work in and that sometimes when you jump through a ring of fire somewhere in there you let go of your old baggage, it just gets burnt off in the process and you are lighter, clearer and freer.

carla coulson, photographer, hopes and dreams, change your life

But the greatest lesson I got from this decade was saying YES to myself again. Asking what I wanted from life, what brought me joy and to feel the freedom and love that I felt for life when I embarked on this journey 20 years ago. I reconnected to the most pure of loves, my passion for life, what it means to be a woman and creativity and it lead me out of the maze and back to me.

Would I want to go through the last ten years again? There has been so many dark days, so many tears, so many questions, so much to learn, so many courses, so many new relationships and so much travelling.

My answer is YES. To have gained this much of me I would go through it all again. There has been so much joy, love, learning, laughter, creativity, friendship, personal reward and illumination for one girl. All I can feel is gratitude. I feel roots deep down into the ground that only can come from knowing who you are and what you want. I feel a deep love for you, sweet you,  who is bothering to read this and the knowledge that you too can feel this way if you are willing to let go of the reins and let life’s magic show you the way.

So as the year starts to come to a close, what do you want, dear friend, from the next decade? How was the last decade for you and what are you grateful for?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section and I will be sure to get back to you.


Love and light and thanks for being here,

Carla x

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Carla you truly are the artist of your own story and this has been one of my most favourite of your blogs.

Our adventures need to be filled with disappointments and joys, questions and reflections, but always lived on our own terms, To gain a true sense of self is what truly matters no matter what may bring you to that point. You’ve shown me that.

What a wonderful journey you’ve been on and continue on. Thank you for sharing x

Sarah Hudson
Sarah Hudson

Oh gosh Carla. Wise and inspirational words. Big hugs and love to you 💖 What a hugely challenging journey you’ve been on and so brave to share it. I hope the love you feel from us all helped carry you through some of the darkness. You’re incredible. My year paralleled yours in so many ways and I’m only just climbing back up the mountain. It’s been hard to find joy and lightness when immersed in loss and uncertainty. I’m still not there and find little knock backs easily dent my confidence still. I used to be resilient but now I’m… Read more »

La Contessa

Happy you found the Happiness!
I have been terribly sick for the past 4 years and no one can figure me out!
I’m losing hope fast there will ever be a cure!
Thank Goodness for the animals as they bring JOY every day!
You have another creation on I’m eyeing!!!
Love those long gowns!!

Carol Grenfell
Carol Grenfell

Love your raw open honesty Carla. We have 2 choices. Wallow in self pity and blame the universe or dig deep and change ourselves. It doesn’t happen over night, but the journey to self love and discovery of inner strengths that you didn’t know you had are enlightening. I totally agree with all you have said, and you reminded me to stop and look back on my own personal journey. It was a real “wow”….you dont actually notice while you are on the journey, but, you’re right, when you stop and reflect…it’s definitely a time to smile, a little pat… Read more »


Your piece Carla has reminded me of the Japanese art of “Kintsugi”. This is the repair of broken pottery using precious metals to create objects that are more beautiful by virtue of their precious scars!

Best wishes for continued health, happiness, and much love into the next decade!

Maggie Ensor
Maggie Ensor

Hi Carla it’s so good to find you on my screen from time to time ! You are such an inspiration to so many of us . I am so sorry you’ve had such tough times . And here I was thinking how your life was humming along so smoothly! But these times do make us stronger and to reacess where we are going. And with your mind set I am sure and I truly hope you are happy again ( and still in love w your beautiful man!) Your work coaching others is invaluable as we all need encouragement… Read more »

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