Whose Your Fashion Icon?

Carmen Dell”Orefice by Tim Petersen

Have you ever wondered where your style or personal taste comes from? Why some of us like Chanel over Pucci or boho chic versus twin-set and pearls?

Do you think there is a fashion gene? I have pondered over this many-a-time.

I was born annoying when it comes to what I wear. Whilst my sisters never went the fashion route I drove my mother to distraction. As a four year old I insisted on my own tricky fashion combinations (which I am sure she got plenty of laughs out of) and if she only knew that was just the beginning.

Bridget Bardot

As a 16 year old I threw the odd (?) tantrum about what I wanted to buy, had my hair cut razor sharp like Gloria Swanson covering half of my face and insisted on knitting my own skirts and accessories. When my friends get their knickers in a knot about their kids haircuts I am on the kids side – I have been there and cut that! Its just a little personal taste no?

I have a hat obsession, a scarf obsession, a fabric obsession and dream of living my life in a warm place (yes its winter in Paris again) floating around in caftan with cocktail rings on at all hours! Chicca Boom.

January Jones

I proudly boast that I have never owned a pair of trackpants and will go to my grave with a flower in my hair!

Kate Moss

I love women who dress. I see them everyday on the streets of Paris no matter what age. A great coat, a fabulous hair-cut, a lick of eyeliner and a wonderful lip colour. Last night whilst waiting for my falafel there was one such 70 year old women in the queue  who looked amazing with all the above boxes ticked and a hat perched on her head at an angle.. I was in love!

Isabella Rosselini

Though once I stalked Australia’s best shops I am now more thrifty, I joke that I am sponsored by Zara and all the fabulous vintage stores in the Marais.

What makes us love beads over pearls? The 60’s over the 50’s? Beach hair over an up-do? Where does our fashion gene come from? Dear sweet Aunty Bertha? Is it passed down the DNA chain like blonde hair?

Frida Kahlo

Although I would love to be one of those elegant women who wear beige or greige I am always reaching for the colour!

 Iris Apfel

One thing I know is this, I love women with their own style whatever that maybe. I give extra points to those women who have broken the 60 barrier and still rock-their-look! Ladies never give up your look..

This is a collection of some of my favourite fashion icons, I love them and their style because it is profoundly them!

What’s your style? Are you more Carmen Dell’Orefice or Kate Moss? Iris Apfel or Audrey Hepburn?

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. Gore Vidal

PS: This will be of the many subjects discussed at my portrait workshop Picture This January 7,8,9 in Sydney 2012. JUST ONE PLACE LEFT

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23 Responses to Whose Your Fashion Icon?

  1. Thank you for this, Carla! What a lovely start to my Monday and a fine distraction from my worries over the US election and Sandy. As much as I have always cheered “Audrey!” on this subject, I think that the reality is as that my everyday dressing has been more inspired by another Hepburn…Kate. :)

  2. Claudia Lane says:

    Beautiful Carla…I love all the ladies above, they are so different from each other but so incredibly beautiful and inspirational. A great post:)
    Have a wonderful week. Cx

  3. Anita Rivera says:

    I LOVED GORE VIDAL. He said it as he thought it, but somehow, it always came out a bit poetic!!!

    My fashion icon is Audrey Hepburn because her style suits me the best. I love hats, scarves and BOOTS and love to wear a dress-coat. Where I live it is brutally cold, but that will not stop me from being fashionable. Jewels are essential and that is how I keep myself looking MORE than presentable in public!!! Anita

  4. Kym says:

    What gorgeous and unique women….all of them!

    I am no fashionista and I do own tracksuit pants (which as a general rule I only wear at home). I don’t have a style icon and I probably don’t coordinate very well (fashion critics would have a field day!) I just love what I love especially scarves, flip flops (with brightly coloured toe nails) and messy beach hair.

  5. Manon says:

    Difficile de choisir prendre le meilleur de chacune pour rester soi…la non mode de Jane Birkin me plait.


  6. rosanna says:

    I definitely love coats and shoes and I love my tago lessons because I can dress as feminine as I wan.
    My idol: Audrey uber alles, always been and always is. I fall in love with her Givenchy clothes watching her movies as a kid and never stopped.
    More over my Mum always dressed like Jackie O till her last day and that was a huge imprinting.
    My colleagues say that I am “slightly” odd and eccentric, I say that I follow my own rules and wear only what I think it is becoming me.
    Thank you for the gorgeous pics, have a lovely day, Rosanna

  7. emily says:

    I love to mix *high* and *low* when it comes to fashion in general. Thanks for these photos, they are all fab. Audrey H looks amazing…

    I do think there is a fashion or a design gene we inherit. I learned just as much from my mom when it comes to style as I learned in Fashion School.

  8. Dash says:

    What a lovely post Carla, I take inspiration from many fashion icons depending on season, mood, occasion etc. The people I really admire are the innovators or those with an innate sense of style Coco Chanel, Diana Vreeland and all those people and stylists who work behind the scenes in the fashion, TV and film industries.


  9. I share Rosanna’s adoration for the lovely Audrey Hepburn. One of my favorite movie outfits comes from the scene in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” when she does a quick-change before going to meet Sally Tomato in prison. The little black dress (of course), the jewelry, and that HAT!

    Thanks for such a lovely post to start our week. :) Iris Apfel must have the strongest neck and arms ever from wearing all that beautiful jewelry.

  10. jann says:

    Such a fun post! Thanks, Carla. That shot of Isabella is just amazing. Of all the women here, I admire Frida most–I even own some of those lovely antique clothes from Mexico. But they just hang forlornly in my closet…. My very favorite thing to wear is cowboy boots–I guess it’s my New Mexican roots. One thing is for sure: since I moved to Italy, I pay much more attention to how I dress.

  11. I know this is not relevant nor to the point but was just looking at your Puglian addresses and feel like going there right away

  12. I will always be a fashionista! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  13. La Contessa says:

    Carmen!Definately!I think I was about 22 when I bought a book on HER.I loved her white hair!Totally elegant!I too adore color and wear loads of it!Another tidbit we have in common!!!

  14. Natalie says:

    Thank you for the lovely post Carla. All these women a gorgeous in their own way.
    As for me I’ve seen Anouk Aimee in famous Un Homme et une Femme as a little girl and that was it. Her coat, hair, look…Since then Francoise Hardy, Charlotte Gainsbourg.
    I love scarves, belts, shoulder bags, vests, big sweaters, jewelry , charcoal jeans .
    A few years ago I’ve been to London and happened to be in City at the end of office hours. Ladies were dressed in a very conservative and elegant but very predictable way. But man surprised me a lot. Like a crowd of peacocks in dark unbuttoned suits with unexpectedly bright underlining in yellow, pink, mint, blue, all rainbow colors flapping and flying down the street. It was WOW! and much fun.

  15. It’s Carine Roitfeld, Giovanna Battaglia and Phoebe Philo for me. I always love their modern but minimal styles. I also love it that they look effortless (even if they put so much effort into it, I can’t see it at all).

  16. There is only one woman I adore and that is Coco Co Chanel.

  17. I like this question.
    It is hard to say because my taste is still developing. I have been drawn to casual wear, like cargos. But I have been a little tired of always wearing trackies lately and would like to start making more of an effort.
    I love some of Gwen Stefani’s looks – vintage darling meets California girl. Anne Hathaway is another wonderful icon – perhaps a bit closer to my heart, because she makes being a brunette look hot and classy. I have been paying attention to Marilyn Monroe. I like her casual-at home-in capri pants look as much as her glamour shots.

  18. Youa says:

    Hi Carla,

    I just found your blog and read through all your ‘changing your life’ posts. I love reading your blog. You’re so encouraging and inspirational! I will def be back for more.


  19. Youa says:

    Audrey is my fashion icon. So classic and so elegant. I do love your list and how you pulled in so many different styles!
    PS Will you post info if you ever have a workshop in the US? Thank you.

  20. Janine says:

    A great question Carla! I only wish more people, here especially in Australia, thought about icons and sought to be their own. jxx

  21. sarah says:

    Love this! Cate blanchett is one of my favorites…..

  22. Lorraine says:

    Thanks Carla for this post! I too love it when I see that someone takes pride in their appearance and dresses well. You don’t need to be rich. My fashion icons are many, and at the risk of sounding ‘cliche’d’ I love Grace Kelly, Audrey and Jackie. I also love to watch movies starring Sophia Loren! Such style and attitude! Thanks! X

  23. Liz Thomas says:

    I love Iris. I have seen her before and admire her bold glasses, bright color choice, and loads of jewelry! That’s my type! So wonderful and unique!

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