Venice and How I Turned a Negative Travel Moment Into A Positive - Carla Coulson
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Venice and How I Turned a Negative Travel Moment Into A Positive

1 Venice

Dear Travellers,

I love Venice and will come up with absolutely any excuse to go. So this February I had the most wondrous excuse to meet two go-getter women in Venice to make a plan for their beautiful creative businesses.

I was super excited, packed my bags, bought special gifts and dreamt of all the wonderful things I would see and do with them in Venice.

When I arrived at the airport there was just one hitch. No suitcase. Being a paranoid photographer I had everything I needed for our meetings in my backpack but my clothes, gifts and packs of polaroid were lost somewhere between Paris and Venice.

2 Venice

My heart sank, I spent almost an hour at the lost and found luggage desk anxing over whether my bag would ever turn up and what did this mean.

Eventually I got out of the airport and decided to do something I do whenever I feel down, I asked myself ‘what good could come of this’? what could I learn, how could this negative become a positive?

3 Venice

So I started making a list of positives, I no longer had the bag to deal with, which meant I was super mobile with my little backpack, so I decided to gift myself the whole afternoon and walk to San Marco from the train station just like I did on my first trip when I was 21.

It took all of two seconds in Venice, looking down a small alley, glancing in the pastry shop windows which were exactly the way they were 30 years ago.  I no longer cared about my bag, I felt young and free and the most fortunate girl in the world to be in this marvellous place WITHOUT my suitcase. I decided to mess around and take some photos expressing the wonder and marvel I felt the first time I arrived in Venice full of wonder.

4 Venice

I walked, I stalked and only took photos on long exposures for absolutely no reason but the pure joy of being in Venice without a suitcase, free as a bird for an afternoon and the wonder of this magical place before my eyes.

I thanked the folks at Easyjet for sending my bag to Air France with no ticket, less stuff means more freedom.

My bag turned up the night before I left, just in time to give the ladies I was with my little gift and take it back to Paris.


So thanks to a lost bag I had a wonderful experience. A slow meander through Venice letting time tick by without the feeling of rushing, being productive or having a goal.

Here are a couple of tips to turn a negative into a positive.

  1. Keep it in perspective
  2. Do the necessary and then ask yourself what good could come from this?
  3. What could you learn?
  4. Give yourself a period of time and change your state
  5. Throw on your favourite music (use a headset if it might be embarrassing) and feel how your mood changes.

Sending you good travel vibes





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  • Nice positive story and using the slow shutter speed has given some images we don’t normally see of Venice! Well done.

    March 1, 2017 at 9:01 am
  • What sage wisdom. Here at home in America we say, ‘if life gives you lemons – make lemonade’…..
    It is helpful advice to be encouraged to think – what can I learn from this experience – even if the experience has brought turmoil .

    March 1, 2017 at 2:30 pm