Rencontre des Arles 2012

Studio Barolini Florence from the Alinari Archives

I love the South of France especially in the summer when the cicada’s are singing, the sun is shining, the rosé is chilled and the fabulous photo festival, The Rencontres des Arles is in full swing!

This year the Rencontres des Arles is hosted by the École Nationale Supérieure de Photographie which has produced some of the finest contemporary art photographers of our time.

Here are my pic of three great exhibitions not to miss!

1. The Alinari Archives and Syntax of The World Tribute to Italo Calvino - The wonderful 19th century Florentine brothers whose archives are AMAZING! Italy as you will have never seen it.

Mannequin – Le Corps De La Mode

2.  Mannequin – Le Corps De La Mode. I love the subject of this exhibition, the importance of the model in photography. A subject close to my heart!

“From the anonymous model to the cover girl, from the clothes horse to the sex symbol, from the supermodel to the girl next door: ambivalence is all in the sheer mass of photographs devoted to the model’s commercial, aesthetic and human worth, and the stereotypes she represents. In this choice of images mostly from the Musée Galliera collection, the exhibition offers a history of fashion photography from the point of view not only of the photographer, but of the model as well.”

3. Gypsies – Josef Koudelka. I cut my teeth on the photos of Josef Koudelka, they were some of the most powerful images I was shown at my photography school, by a teacher in love with his work. This love was passed on to all of us students and I am still fascinated by his photos. Gypsies is a particularly beautiful, rich series of his work. Don’t miss these pics.

So for all of you lucky enough to be travelling in the South of France this year knock yourself out with one of the most exciting photo festivals of the year.

Be Creative


PS: if you can’t make it to Arles you may enjoy Gypsies: Koudelka or Roma, 19th Century photos from the Alinari Archives

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6 Responses to Rencontre des Arles 2012

  1. cinzia says:

    beautiful images and suggestions…I’m planning a trip to Maramures and hope to find a little bit of that atmosphere…
    thanks for sharing…

  2.’s another one that I’ve got to go to….but how to fit in all this jaunting about Carla!!!!! Off to Antwerp tomorrow…praps there’s some great photography there too? Merci beaucoup Carla..again.

  3. Carla!! Thank you for posting about my wonderful town today!! We are out the door to see Koudelka right now! Whoohoo! The town is positively jumping. I don’t know if I have ever seen so many bigwigs around–many in town for the Magnum meeting. We are going to the presentation at the Theatre Antique tonight and are super excited. Especially as my Sister is here visiting–how fun to share all of this with her. :)

  4. Penny Sadler says:

    HI Carla,
    Can you recommend a good festival with workshops for beginners? Greatly appreciate that and your blog.

  5. I have gone to the south of France several times… unfortunately it is not on my agenda this summer .. how very :((

  6. Georgianna says:

    I would certainly love to be traveling in the South of France and join you at this festival, Carla! But with all the travel this past spring, I am looking forward to putting my feet up in my own garden this summer. Maybe next year!

    Thank you for the treat!


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