Portrait Inspiration – The Power Of A Dress

The Power of A dress!

Especially a beautiful flowing chiffon dress in a location like Santorini can be a heart stopper, it will grab the  breath out of your body and make your head spin.

Add a wind that rarely stops (yes gang, in Greece there is the equivalent to the Mistral and it will blow your head off on a bad day) and you have photography magic.

There is nothing better than a dress, a dress that allows the model to dream and to play, the photographer to be inspired and a shoot just seems to take on a life and direction of it’s own.

Boy, this shoot really makes me feel like packing my cameras for Greece with a beautiful gal, make-up artist and stylist in tow..

Loving the colour tones too, just beige punctuated by a red lip.

Love everything about this shot, the head down, the holding the dress, the shape of the leg, the backlight and of course the location.

And this backlight is beautiful..Makes for a timeless image.  

Images Via The Lane

And if there is one shot I love it is the running through the village shot. You are breaking my heart dear photographer.


1. Dresses made from light fabric give an extra dimension to a shoot as they make for incredible movement in the shots and give the model something, to hold or twirl.

2. If you want to shoot an image backlit like in the second last shot expose the image for her face and then the background will blow out like in this image.

3. Wind, well this is natures choice but if you don’t have wind and what some movement in your hair or clothes use a fan.

4. Kick off the shoes,  barefoot creates a totally different vibe and I love the ‘barefoot with a big dress’ look. Helps make the images look less try hard.

If you would like to know more about a private shoot in Paris please click here.

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” Yves Saint Laurent 


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13 Responses to Portrait Inspiration – The Power Of A Dress

  1. Oh these are so very beautiful! Love the muted tones and all the movement – sigh!

  2. just beautiful, I want to be in Santorini…

  3. Krista says:

    Wow. :-) It’s like something out of a fairytale. SO beautiful. :-)

  4. Josephine Nyga says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!! I love bare feet with a spectacular gown! No rules! Wear what makes you feel great. This is ethereal yet fun!

  5. Carla,dear….

    HOW amazing is all these images!!!

    These light and wind and shiffon dress absolutely dreamy and maked all work beyond inspirational:-)))*

    Warm wishes to you,

  6. Catherine says:

    Truly inspiring! I also love YSL’s attitude to women. His creations are my all-time favourites! Xcat

  7. La Contessa says:

    Agree with you..what beautiful snaps!

  8. I love how the fabric flows in these shots. Thanks for the back lit tip. I really want to try this one.

  9. Just sublime in every way – love the ethereal quality. Fxx

  10. Christinab@ Hair Romance says:

    Omg this shoot is so inspiring! Beautiful find Carla, I’ll meet you in Santorini! Xx

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