Portrait Inspiration – Surfer Girl

Since I have arrived in the country of the long white surfboard I thought it was only appropriate that today’s portrait inspiration was surfing inspired and you too could get a little sea salt in your hair and sand underfoot!

I love this shoot because if you swapped out the model it was my world growing up in the coastal town of Port Macquarie when I was in my teens. Everything was about the waves and looking as cool as you could. Surfer style of course.

I remember the boys we grew up with couldn’t wait to get their hands on their grannies old cars and you would spot these dear sweet Morris Minors or EH Holdens floating around Port Macquarie with surfboards strapped to their roofs and a long blonde haired guy at the wheel.  I thought it was the coolest visual in the world.

No season was out of bounds for the surfers, they would simply don big woolly jumpers and beanies in the winter straight after a surf and it ‘s a style that has remained part of my childhood imprinting. This shoot by the talented Steven Chee took me right back there.

All photos by Steven Chee

So break out the surfboard, the shed, the caravan, the beach hair and the flares and get inspired by this beautiful surfer girl.

If you would like to know more about a portrait in Paris please click here.

“Surfing expresses … a pure yearning for visceral, physical contact with the natural world”. Matt Warshaw

Surfs Up




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2 Responses to Portrait Inspiration – Surfer Girl

  1. Matt says:

    Hey Carla, these images from Steven definitely capture that old Australian surf town vibe, I love it! Welcome home down under I hope you enjoy the working holiday :)

  2. Hayley Harris says:

    Carla… Thank you for reminding me of many happy childhood memories. I grew up near Coffs Harbour, and my husband in Port Macquarie, and I often dream of swapping the ‘big city’ and its temptations of ‘high fashion’ and ‘fancy food’ for the simpler coastal existence….

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