Portrait Inspiration – Monica Bellucci

All Photos Copyright Signe Vilstrup

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of love and light. It’s a little gloomy today in Paris and the weather boys are predicting -5 later in the week (brrr)  so I thought we needed a little sunshine in our lives and a little Italian glamour inspiration to kick the week off.

These photos by fab photographer Signe Vilstrup are some of the most beautiful portraits of Monica Bellucci I have seen and being a huge fan of MB I have seen my fair share of pics – these are just exquisite. Love the flashes of gold, black and a red lip.

Love this portraiture angle  and the emotion created with the faraway look in her eyes.

Hubby cruised by screen this morning and nearly fainted when he saw this pic. A devoted fan of Monica this pic rocked his world!! ha ha..

An exquisite portrait of a woman in her late 40’s.  Love the interference in the front of the shot.


1. Location, Location, Location. In the 1st shot Signe Vilstrup has chosen a beautiful rustic location as the backdrop of the glamorous Monica. Wonderful contrasts of elegance with a grungy wall and hints of just gold, black and red.

2. I love so many of the poses in this shoot in particular the 2nd shot where all the textures and beauty meet and the angle that Monica is looking back to us. Wonderful positioning of the body to show off the lace sleeve, divine hair and to create a beautiful, interesting portrait angle.

3. Light! There is exquisite kind light in this shoot and any woman would look her best in this light. In the 3rd shot it looks to me like window light and her skin is illuminated softly and evenly

4. Love the pose and the mood in 4th shot. Muted colours and a red lip. Wow. Oh and one of the hottest cleavages on the planet. Love the interference on the right hand side that creates so much atmosphere.

5. Break out the wind machine and put a piece of bevelled glass in front of your lens and you may just come close to he 5th pic. That is if you have a Monica Bellucci look alike on hand.

I love this shoot, warms my portrait photographers heart and is a wonderful inspiration for middle age woman. Rock on Signe and praise to the lovely Monica.

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“I know many beautiful people and their lives are just so terrible. They feel uncomfortable with themselves. Being comfortable is not about what you look like, but how you feel.” Monica Bellucci



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15 Responses to Portrait Inspiration – Monica Bellucci

  1. jann says:

    Gorgeous, indeed, Carla. I especially love the B&W.

  2. Catherine says:

    One stunning lady and I love the way she embraces her age! Xcat

  3. Oh,my………….!!!:-)*

    I LOVE the way of photography here!!!

    Really uitstandingly amazing look of Monica Bellucci,she is also great actriss,you can see it here too at these photos.

    Dear Carla,
    Thank you immensly much for making this post with your attention to the masterpiece work of Signe Vilstrup!

    Wish to you creative sunchine week,


  4. Janine says:

    Che meraviglia Carla! I love the fourth pose too. So original and sensual and yet totally feminine and real. Thank you! Jx

  5. What can I say,Stunning! Thanks for giving me a peek at these beauties. Your generosity is boundless. xxpeggybraswelldesign.xom

  6. Derrick Mathews says:

    Stunning work, great lighting, super location and a beautiful lady who brings such sophistication, glamour and mood to the each image. Loved her in Tears in the Sun.
    Thank you for sharing

  7. Georgianna says:

    Divine!!!!!! I have also been a huge fan of La Bellucci for many, many years. These are the ultimate portraits! I can’t believe she’s already in her late 40s, though. Where has the time gone?

    Thank you also for the great tips, Carla.

    Hope you are well and stay cozy!



  8. I love the fine lines under her eyes in the last photo. She is as gorgeous as the quote you mentioned because of who she is not what.

  9. Beautiful photos Carla, and thanks for the tips. I’m so glad to see that there is no excessive airbrushing. She looks great!

    ps. Carla, my friend Karen is trying to get in touch with you for a portrait shoot on our next trip to Paris. If you two don’t connect, please let me know you availability during 4/3-6.

    Many thanks
    Emily @ Town and Country Shuffle

  10. Krista says:

    Wow, wow, wow. These are absolutely stunning! No wonder you (and hubby!) were entranced. :-) Signe did a brilliant job. :-)

  11. That third image in b&w is absolutely stunning! :)xx

  12. La Contessa says:

    OH< to look like that in ones 40's!!!!!!!!!
    I have no idea who she is…………but she is loverly!

  13. Claudia Lane says:

    She’s still incredibly beautiful, I can’t believe she’s in her late forties wow! A few years older than me…you made my day Carla ;) Cx

  14. Amina says:

    If I just was that beautiful *_* Monica beauty muse for me , thank you first time im discovering your blog I think it will be for long time in my favorite site :)

    And thank you for the notes and tips you write all way down ^^ go girl and happy stay for me to discover all beautiful things you ‘re sharing :)

    Cheers from Algiers

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