Portrait Inspiration – Dreamgirls

 All Photos via Pinterest

How are you all today? Hoping life is full of excitement and hope for you right now.

I am sooooooooooooooo excited to be getting on the plane to Australia next week and I can’t wait to change worlds and take new pics.

Travel, love and dreams keep us alive!

I am in a dreamy mood! And loving the above pics full of wonderful emotions, poses, mood, and colour. Unfortunately I don’t have the names of the photographers but they are so inspirational.

If you feel like taking some dreamy pics get the blur working for you!!

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”. James Dean


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8 Responses to Portrait Inspiration – Dreamgirls

  1. Anya Adores says:

    Beautiful pictures Carla – I am especially fond of the 2nd image:) Look forward to seeing and hearing all about the OZ adventure – lucky lady;O)
    Happy day sweets,

  2. Dreamy photos, Carla. “…and I can’t wait to change lives and take new pics.”–what a fantastic gift to have and to share. Have a wonderful trip! We look forward to following it through your lens. :) Katie

  3. Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning beautiful ! These are truly dreamy! Pinterest is where I get the majority of my photos! Much love, Anita

  4. Especially love the first blurred image with gold sparkle and rich red……..gorgeous. Listen, I want you to have the best trip in the world Carla and then tell us all about it in January when we will all be in the post-holiday doldrums. It will cheer us all up. Now go create some more beauty. Hugs xx

  5. La Contessa says:

    ENJOY the change of scenery!My Melbourne friend tells me YOU had a television show!!!!!!Was that the Life you left?

  6. Have a wonderful trip dearest-you will be missed! + I will be here when you get back. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  7. Janine says:

    It will be nice to have you on this side of the world Carla. Buon viaggio! The images here are surreal and just so essentially feminine. I love them. jx

  8. Claudia Lane says:

    Truly beautiful Carla. Cx

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