Portrait Inspiration – Alexa Chung

If I could be re-born again and God would let me choose the packaging I might just come back as Alexa Chung. Now wouldn’t that be fun or maybe it wouldn’t be so good for a photographer (too much staring at me)!

The beautiful Alexa Chung is an IT GIRL with capital everything. Wherever you turn there is a shot of the gorgeous Alexa and her beautiful cat eyes staring back at you and those cheekbones.

At my recent workshop in Sydney I discussed the importance of a location and this whimsy kind of location is just what I love. Wonderful textures, the rooms have a story of their own and I love the warmth and the colour palette not to mention the beautiful flowers.

But there are some other great things we can learn from this shoot such as the idea to project images of flowers over Alexa to create a totally different feel but keeps the theme of flowers in each shot.

Love the Vignetting brings the focus back to the beautiful Alexa (as if we wouldn’t have been looking at her anyway).

Beautiful portrait, the light, the colour and the far-away look in her eyes.

All Photos Copyright Guy Aroch

Love this projection, you could do it over the simplest white dress.


1. A story runs through all these images and is connected by flowers.

2. Although I love the projected images they create two totally different feels and the photos feel disjointed (oh god I can hear the screams of horror from afar). OUCH!

3. If you want to create vignetting or interference in the image such as in the 4th image you can put something like bevelled glass over a part of the camera lens.

4. The photographer has had to deal with many ‘mixed’ light situations in the natural light images. You will see highlights in her hair or on the corner of the couch and exposing for these can be tricky. Always expose for your subjects face as the photographer has done even if it means having highlights you would preferred not to have (such as the couch arm).

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”  Kahlil Gibran


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6 Responses to Portrait Inspiration – Alexa Chung

  1. Susan says:

    thanks Carlafor sharing, the top photo is my favourite, the light, the colour of the flowers, the slight smirk, just beautiful

  2. Catherine says:

    So much knowledge and talent at work here. And what a beautiful girl. I think Alexa is the coolest chick out there! Xcat

  3. Isn’t she fabulous Caroline just love her style would love an hour or two in her wardrobe!! Carla x

  4. Kirsten says:

    Oh my…gorgeous! And love your input on the shoot images, Carla!

  5. La Contessa says:

    Where is that little green sofa?Gorgeous shoot……..somehow I missed this post!

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