Portrait Inspiration – A Neighbourhood House

Photographers are always searching for a fabulous location to help tell a story.

Sometimes we knock ourselves out searching far and wide when a location maybe just under our nose. Like your grandmother’s or neighbour’s house.

Clever photographers Mert and Marcus know that to create an impact you don’t always need Versailles or The Ritz in the background, sometimes it’s enough just stretching out on a simple lawn with a scattering of autumn leaves with the right styling.

I could think of a million houses in Australia with the azalea’s in flower or the rhodedendrons blooming that would make the perfect backdrop for a glamorous portrait shoot. Just don’t forget the baby and the secateurs!

You maybe lucky enough that if you have the right grandma or neighbour she may have even kept wrapped up in tissue her wonderful cashmere collection of jumpers and voila the styling will be looked after too.

This shoot wonderfully styled by Grace Coddington and divine hair and make-up on model Lara Stone is a wonderful exercise in minimal propping also. No elephants or rings of fire, just a blanket, a floral mattress, a book and of course the baby and the secateurs…

When thinking about putting a shoot together and searching for locations try the following:

1. Look close to home with new eyes and see if there is somewhere within walking distance from your home that would be suitable.

2. Shooting on location requires having a base so using your place to change models etc can be handy.

3. Think about the background colours and how they will work with the styling you have in mind. What story do they tell?

4. Ask yourself how many different backdrops you could photograph in the one location. Is there lots of variety?

5. Consider if the colours and feel in the backdrop changes work cohesively when you will put the images together at a later date.

6. Have fun!

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ” Pablo Picasso

Happy scouting

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4 Responses to Portrait Inspiration – A Neighbourhood House

  1. Sharlene says:

    This is wonderful! I have a few ideas for photoshoots with friends homes in mind now…Hope all is wonderful with you x

  2. Shauna says:

    I love this..After looking at your photo’s I see everything as a photo shoot…feeling inspired. Thank you

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