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Collezioni Copyright Carla Coulson

This photo was taken many moons ago whilst I still lived in Florence. I was working with a woman I adore, a fashion director with such incredible vision and style and water tight conviction when it came to photo editing. She was the one that told me  to always shoot from the heart.

On the day of the above shoot it was pouring outside and I mean non-stop torrential rain and there I was with my tri-x film pushed to 1600 balanced on a ladder holding my breath so my Leica wouldn’t shake for most of the shots.

I had just one window as my light source and we shot 10 different looks using this frescoed wall. This photo was the last photo of the day and I had saved ten shots at the end of the roll to mess around with, so that I could play with the model moving. What a crazy thought to think I once gave myself ONLY ten shots ‘to mess around’ with. Now with digital you would just re-load another card and keep snapping. But one of the great differences between shooting digital and film was the amount of frames you would take in a day.  During fashion shoots I would shoot one ‘look’ with just one roll of film (36 frames) Yikes!!!

But the upside was you never hit the shutter if you weren’t liking what you saw in the viewfinder. It was a test of nerves of steel to chose the right moment with lots of heart thrown in. So much has happened and changed in photography in the past ten years and the learning curve has been vertical! But what a learning curve and the only way forward is to keep moving and shaking along with the changes.

Knowledge is king. Digital has it’s upsides but sometimes I feel it can make youa teensy weensy bit lazy?

How do you feel about shooting with digital versus film?

I can’t wait to hear your response but in the meantime to inspire you I have some wonderful links to share over a glass of ‘chardie’ (the aussies will know what I mean) or a cuppa!

Fabulous photographer Sivan Askayo’s travel images our beautiful stories told in vibrant colours. You could spend hours looking through her divine images and I adored her latest photos from Buenos Aires. Makes you want to jump on a plane and get the tango shoes out.. check out her beautiful work here

Carol at Paris Breakfasts has us constantly drooling over her posts filled with Parisian offerings, not to mention her beautiful illustrations – too chic. If you feel like vicariously travelling and eating in Paris check out her post on the beautiful Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur, this place is as pretty as a picture and the hundreds of cakes will have drooling on your screen.

The fab Claudia at Paris Apartment takes you on a trip not only to the French riviera but she generously hands out her favourite maps with addresses of brocantes in the region. If you love the two you will love Claudia’s post

A woman after my own heart, Ms Adventures in Italy visits the Trulli area of Puglia for a friends wedding. Francesco and I are off to Puglia this summer and we can’t wait to sleep in our very own trullo (not actually ours but the one we are renting) and I loved seeing her take on the area.. Check out her post here.

Join Sarah Klassen at Haute Design on a beautiful June afternoon in romantic white dresses, a heavenly garden and light that us photographers dream of! Exquisite..

And don’t forget I am giving away a fine art print of Paris if you would like to join the competition.

Happy Snapping


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10 Responses to Wonderful Links and Musings on Photography

  1. It’s so dreamy and beautiful Carla. It looks like a movie on pause. I would love to meet you on my next trip to Paris :)

  2. Jean Sacque says:

    I still shoot more film than digital. I think it makes my images more alive. I shoot Fuji Velvia 50 (small and medium format) and I can say that you can’t find these colours in any digital camera. And of course there’s Tri-X. The most sentimental b/w film ever. Carla knows… Anyway, digital is good (and practical) for your work, but if you want to express yourself use film.

  3. Will Trot on over to the sites you suggested now. Thank you, Carla! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. hey
    I think your film balancing ladder shot in torrential rain looks like the best frescoed fashion shot I have ever seen !
    have checked your blog suggestion numero uno Askayo’s and am so happy you talked about her bc find it gorgeous
    by the way Corbijn is indeed Dutch and not Belgian, but still .. (ha ha) I have to admit that I love his shots.. what an example!
    the Belgian guy with the big long beard is Walter van Beirendonck

  5. Rachel says:

    I still prefer to shoot film that digital, I agree that I could experiment and learn a lot about lighting and exposure with digital but the emotional and texture quality of film is just out of this world! It is something I would miss too much, if I would only shoot digital only. Have a look at http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/wedding.html and you will fall with film again after seeing his images.

  6. Thank you thank you Carla for the shoutout!

    Your photo has such a Florentine feel to it-something warm, fluid that’s particularly Italian.
    Paris seems far cooler by comparison…

    what I like about digital cameras is they catch things your eye may not – the surprises happen over and over.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! I am loving discovering your photography – so many subjects in common! :)

  8. alice says:

    Carla, your work is stunning! If I had an unlimited budget, I’d shoot film ALL the time. It’s the cost that really holds me back.

  9. Thank you so so much for the link, Carla! Your blog is a delight to visit :) xx

  10. Yavidan says:

    I really love this picture :) Dreamlike!

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