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There is nothing in life like a fresh start. The excitement of learning something new and having new knowledge is always empowering. I know this wonderful feeling well  learning Italian, learning photography and learning French. And not to mention learning how two countries work!! I am exhausted..

If you are in Australia and feel like a fresh  start or at least an introduction to photography the Australian Centre of Photography’s new courses start on the 23rd July. The list is long and wonderful and I wish I was in Sydney to do one..If you are tempted here is the full list of courses.

And inspiration for all of you!!

Photographers  Julia and Yuriy Manchik aka Mr & Mrs Globetrot are originally from the Ukraine but now live in Seattle and have a wedding and people photography business. They married in late 2010 and took 6 months to travel  the world, this blog is their “honeymoon” journey and beautifully captures the culture of each country they visited. Even though they have been home for a while they have meticulously put together an informative photo journal that gives an insight into all of the  countries they travelled with many useful travel tips.

This one is for the boys……Necessary Cool says it all!! It is one beautifully designed and functioning site. Everything from the latest gadgets to fast cars, fashion to food, art to architecture this is testosterone fueled and as they say on the header “this site is full of the newest stuff you crave, guy’s stuff!” Mind you I was madly clicking around for quite a time.. great gift ideas for the men in your life girls or just one to forward to your man/brother/son/friend!!

Veronique is a French Girl Living inSeattle having just returned  home from a European trip I just loved this post  Enjoying Paris like a Parisian her Parisienne Mother-in-Law Mutti is the star attraction (so elegant) and I am sure gave helpful incites to Veronique for this post.

Letizia the cook and Ruurd the  photographer live in Umbria in a medieval town in the hills near Assisi (swoon) and write La Madonna del Piatto.  Together they run a B&B, produce their own Olive Oil and dish up fresh and simple recipes on their lovely blog. As Letizia describes it “ fresh seasonal food that can be made in a short time at the end of a busy day” Hallelujah and Thank-you…  We all need those simple and quick recipes in our kitchen repertoire.

The Bottom of the Ironing Basket Hmmm I have never seen it !! English girl Simone’s blog I know I can always find  some inspiration here… I am slightly obsessed at the moment with functional/practical/funky workspaces and this post In Search of The Perfect Workspace  has some fabulous ideas could not pick which one I loved the most. This is not her only blog this busy girl has at least 3 others I am aware of, makes me tired thinking of it she must be super organized!

Buon voyage


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8 Responses to Photography Courses and Lovely Links

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    I wish I was in Sydney for the course. I would love to do more than point and shoot.

  2. tinajo says:

    Thanks for the links!

  3. […] Photography Courses and Lovely Links […]

  4. Janine says:

    Hey Carla! Have you been mind-reading again??? I have been thinking of fresh starts and photography since Italy. Please add super powers to your list of talents. Jx

  5. Bonjour Carla. I am so happy you enjoyed my story about Paris and Parisians. Thank you for mentioning it here! You are correct in assuming that my wonderful mother in law, Mutti, has always provided inspiration! I will make sure to share this post with her! Have a wonderful summer Carla. Au revoir!

  6. Oh those single days when the only thing to consider was which exhibition I would see, the amazing conversations after…now I have the joy of seeing them with our young children and hearing their take on things…priceless!

    I still feel in a whirl hearing about all the things you have been learning. I have been talking to the kids in Italian when I can and hope to get good news Monday! Then I will have to put my skates on as my Mum says!

    ciao lisa x
    off to check out all these links expect me back some time tomorrow LOL!

  7. simone says:

    Hi Carla

    Thank you so very much for mentioning me here, that’s absolutely lovely of you!!

    I am such a fun of yours :) I’ve been fortunate to meet up with Vicki Archer in London twice recently for lunch and we talked about you and your work – all good stuff of course!!

    I have to tell you that I only have one blog and that is just about all I can manage!! I realised that I was listed as a guest writer on the other 3 blogs so I have now amended that :)

    I am so glad to have discovered your blog XX

  8. Yuriy says:

    Hey Carla, thank you for the kind words and for writing about us. We really appreciate it.

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