Paris Through The Front Window

Did you ever see the photo of the watermelon that some genius had managed to grow into a square shape so it would fit in the fridge?

It’s an image that stayed in my mind for a couple of reasons, how we manipulate nature way too much and the strangeness of seeing a fruit so familiar transformed into a cube.

You are probably wondering what square watermelons have to do with pics of Paris at night but I can assure you they are related.

You see I have spent so many hours at the computer this past month preparing my workshops that my butt looks like that watermelon, a perfect square that I could stick in the fridge!!

Ok, so I am suffering from a large dose of cabin fever!!

To combat the square butt I leave the house around dark and make my way to my printer (walk and work).

After days (weeks) of concentrating on my own, what a joy it is to be a voyeur in Paris. I love the night and I love when the shops, cafes and bars are playing out little scenes like moments in a French film.

A lady buying a beautiful bunch of flowers, a girl sitting in a quiet cafe reading the paper, a man buying bread warm out of the oven and having a joke with the shop assistant and me gazing into a vintage window shop mentally noting all the things I would love for a shoot.

It’s moments like these that I love Paris! I love her worlds, all of them, the glam ones and the grungy ones and I want to hug myself that I live in ‘this film’.

So if any of you out there are suffering from too many hours in front of a computer I can highly recommend a winter stroll around Paris or you local town and check out your  ‘local cinema’.

If you are in Paris you will probably love Paris Vu Par Hollywood, a wonderful exhibition of Hollywood’s obsession with making films in Paris throughout the years.

Have a wonderful weekend.

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world”. Jean-Luc Godard

Stay Warm



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22 Responses to Paris Through The Front Window

  1. Georgianna says:

    Love this, Carla! Would love to be strolling the streets right now. And I love the film reference – perfect! xo

  2. Marie says:

    really love the idea, thank you for sharing. I want to see the exhibitions “Paris vu par Hollywood”, it’s a nice one.
    I think that saturday night I’ll walk in Paris :-)

  3. Susan says:

    Your pix plus your fab words make Paris twice as nice. So evocative.

  4. Anya Adores says:

    Love the mood in these pictures Carla – I have a Paris visit pending, perhaps I’ll call on you for idea (and coffee :))
    Happy Weekend

  5. Linda says:

    Simply beautiful photos Carla

  6. Anita Rivera says:

    teeheeee…..I know exactly what you are talking about from sitting to long!!!!!!

    We combat that by taking 40-60 minute walks daily and as a result, I have shed off 10 lbs and I am loving IT! But the best part of sitting for long hours is the composition of words, ideas and planning that come from our determined minds. Your photos here dear Carla are like film clips and show what I believe photos are supposed to reveal: snippets of life and moments for which we can create the story or wonder WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Beautifully done, and my favorite has to be the boulangerie scene with the two people chatting. Does he frequent this boulangerie to see the woman, or to buy his daily bread? Hmmmmmm


  7. Joan says:

    wonderful memories of living in Paris, working late in the winter when it got dark early. but my window looking began w a window seat on the #52 bus home and was topped off by the walk from the bus stop home. sigh

  8. rosanna says:

    Such beautiful images of daily life.
    I do love black and white pics and yours are wonderful.
    Please, try to come to Genoa one day, you’d love its historical center, it is highly photogenic.
    Wish you a lovely afternoon, Rosanna

  9. nichole says:

    Gorgeous! And I suffering from sitting as well these days. Must move!

  10. Virginia says:

    Oh C, mine’s been square for years!! :)

    LOVE these vignettes. I just put night walks on my list for Jan. BTW, où est le fleuriste? It looks like a place I need to find.

    Bon weekend, don’t work too much.

  11. Bonjour Clara. Excellent suggestion, but how do I get to Paris tonight to take some night shots with my trusted Lumix LX5 ? :-) Something tells me that the shots I will be getting around my corner of American suburbia won’t be quite as exciting… I suppose I could head to the giant supermarket that “anchors” the big parking lot that passes as the local town center and ask the meat guy or the lonely cashier if I can take their pictures at 10:00pm tonight? Hmmm…. — Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  12. What a gorgeous walk and how lovely to be invited along Carla! I would be happy to walk along in the Paris streets too, it has always been my best weight loss method……..I always lose weight in Paris! I think that city just agrees with me (ha, ha)) Much love Carla xx

  13. These are truly some of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen of Paris. Intimate and serene and simply gorgeous.

  14. such beautiful photos you take, Carla!

  15. sarah says:

    Love black and white!

  16. Jane says:

    Carla your lovely stories continue to inspire! Friend and I are making our 4th trip to this beautiful city of yours next year and looking forward to now immersing ourselves in street culture beyond the typical touristy gigs. Perhaps we’ll see you on a street corner at dusk, capturing the essence as only you can do. X

  17. La Contessa says:

    Charming……….you are soooo lucky!You do that right?!!

  18. La Contessa says:

    Opps was suppose to be a know in there!

  19. Thank you sharing your film – makes me yearn for a touch for Paris/Europe. One of these days…. F x

  20. Margo says:

    Ha! I have square watermelon rear too! Love love the mood of these photos – but here is the problem. You bring me so close to the emotion of a Paris night stroll that I just keep sitting at the computer and staring! *Must remedy* Hopefully going to be in Paris in May!

  21. oh yes I suffer from square buttitiss….

  22. I managed to avoid the square butt by living in Buenos Aires but I do worry it might happen if we move back to NY :)

    I always noticed that Paris smells different after dark. The scents of firewood and rain and coffee and whatever drifts out of various restaurants .. I don’t think there is any aspect of Paris that I don’t love, even the smells :)

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