Paris Portrait Shoot and Make-Over Give-Away

I love making women feel good about themselves… I love fashion and always have and photography for me is more than a job, it’s life itself.

I choose to concentrate on creating portraits of women because I know how it is to be a woman, a crazy mix of fragility, strength with a big dose of love thrown in. I want my photos to reflect the real you with lots of heart.

And I am giving away a portrait shoot and make-over for two with me in Paris so if you have a friend or someone coming to Paris who needs a treat check the details below. Add screams and tap dancing here……….

Last year’s winners see more images from the shoot

Yep, you read correctly. 

I have rolled my love of fashion and portraiture together with my love for working with women to create Paris Muse, the ultimate photo shoot in Paris and my give-away will include being photographed on location at the beautiful Hotel Saint James.

It was whilst photographing fashion that I first witnessed the incredible transformation of a woman. A model would arrive, looking just like the girl next door and within hours, with the help of an incredible hair and make-up artist she was transformed into a butterfly.

She would finish on the pages of a magazine with a beauty that seemed impossible. Women believe that these models are ‘extraordinary’ and I have learnt that they are just like us. 

Each of us has our own unique beauty. The real women that I have photographed throughout the years with the right light, poses, hair and make-up could grace the pages of a magazine.

So if you have a friend, a sister, a mum or someone you love who you would like to make feel special enter her or yourself in the competition below.

The portrait shoot will be on location at the exquisite Hotel Saint James at a date determined by your travel and redeemable between 12th March and 30th August 2013 and a date not already booked with me for a private portrait shoot.

What does it include? It includes a hair and make-up artist at your service for you and your friend/mother/sister/daughter, it includes a private shoot with me that lasts up to 4 hours in a beautiful room at the Hotel Saint James. And 3 fine art prints @ 20 x 30cm. And a promise from me, that you will look gorgeous!

To Enter the competition:

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Or leave me a message with your name or the person you would love to win below!

Competition closes Wednesday 27th February 2013 9am Paris Time..

“Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life.  And everyone deserves a little sunshine.”  Jeffrey Glassberg.

To see more images click here or before and afters click here.


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366 Responses to Paris Portrait Shoot and Make-Over Give-Away

  1. tahnee brown says:

    Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and special and what better way to do that than by being in the beautiful city of Paris surrounded by beauty, food, wine and adventure. My mum is beautiful and I would love to share this experience with someone that is not only my friend but also my inspiration.

  2. Deearne Rykee says:

    WOW WOW WOW! I got goosebumps when I read your Paris Portrait Shoot Giveaway. My mum and I have always joked about ‘when we go to Paris’……..She has been my rock while I’ve been struggling with infertility and Lymes Disease. She is my life. xx

  3. Catherine says:

    How generous you are! And what breathtaking images. How wonderful this would be. I’ll nominate myself and my soprano daughter, and wish well to all who dream of beautiful experiences such as this! Xxcat

  4. Anna says:

    What a fantastic opportunity :) I would be thrilled to experience this with my mother. She is my best friend and I love her dearly!

  5. Susan Roblin says:

    Your photographs are a treat I enjoy every day on Facebook.
    This would be a wonderful experience to share with my mother who is a most amazing and truly generous woman. She nursed me through cancer in 2010 and is now doing the same for my 91 year old father. They have been married for 61 years, still sleep in the same bed and are still very much in love.
    She is an inspiration not only to me but to my two beautiful daughters.

  6. I don’t wish to enter Carla but just want to say how awesome you are for doing this. Your “real women” portraits inspire me enormously and I am so grateful to them for sharing the before and after process!

  7. I LOVE your work and look forward to being photographed by you sometime in the future!


  8. Linda Reeb says:

    The world knew my mother as a strong, intelligent, confident, capable woman. She was all these things, but I knew that underneath it was a insecure little girl lost. She protected that scared child with strong, high walls over which I could not climb. We found out she was terminally ill only 10 days after my father died and the last of her strength abandoned her. I see much of her in my own daughter, who mourns for her grandmother whilst every day making me feel haunted by her ghost. In you young heart, she dreams of aParis she couldn’t possibly imagine. But I wonder if this couldn’t be my chance to nurture the child and plant the seeds of true strength and self- belief within her which I hope will grow into all the woman she can become.

  9. Larraine Blackburn says:

    Hello Carla, Thank-you for celebrating the beauty in all women. As an avid fan of you & your work, I would love to be part of this Special photo shoot with my daughter who has recovered after years of suffering a life threatening illness. The photo shoot alone would be an amazing honour, but to be in Paris where we have longed to visit our French exchange student would be doubly exciting. Thank-you for your constant inspiration. xx

  10. Cathy says:

    I love your blog and your facebook page Carla and I would love to come across the channel for this fabulous opportunity :-)

  11. olivia says:

    ps: I’m Australian too :)

  12. Lucy says:

    I would love to bring my sister! I love her so!
    Your blog is very nice!

  13. Maria Ghelakis says:

    We are coming all the way from South Africa…will be in Paris end march 2013. your photos are amazing!!!! would love to be part of it

  14. Jamie says:

    Your portraits are stunning and I am particularly impressed with your work with “real” women, understanding that every woman is beautiful and making them that way. This is so timely as I need a beautiful professional headshot and having one made with your style and vision would be spectaular!

  15. Margarita Sanchez says:

    Hola Carla… Just love this.. I think your photos are amazing.. I would love to be there with my mom…. We are from Mexico…. Saludos desde Mèxico….

  16. Amy Mullen says:

    I would love to be photographed looking pretty and feminine with my boy! He’ll be four in April and is my entire world. I’m in banking, working with mostly men and rarely does he get to see mommy dressed girly… I admire your courage, my heart longs for more beauty in my life. Many thanks for your daily posts and the opportunity to enter.

    My birthday is 2/27, the day your contest closes… It would be the gift of a lifetime!

  17. My daughter wants to go to Paris to study… I have promised to visit her often whilst she is there. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have a photoshoot together in Paris.

  18. Abby Taylor says:

    Hi Carla!

    What a wonderful opportunity! I would love to be able to take my mom for a trip of a lifetime. She is a 1st grade teacher and someone I have always wanted to be just like when I become a mother.. Your work is absolutely gorgeous and I would be so grateful to actually get the chance to shoot with you. I’ve been with the Matthew Agency in Grand Rapids for 3 years now and meeting talented photographers from all different places is one of my favorite parts! Thank you for your time to put such a unique competition together. I am totally crossing my fingers, especially being a college student at a private school : )

    Thank you again,

    Abby Taylor

  19. Oh Carla, very tempting. I would love to win and have the shoot with one of my best friends. And this time, I would visit Versailles once again.

  20. Erin says:

    Wow!I am in awe. You do amazing work! This would be a wonderful treat to do with my mother when she comes in June (between the 12th and the 26th) this year. I will not have seen her for about a year (July of last year) and will not be able to go to the States to visit her this year either (due to the work requirements of my husband here). I would love to surprise her with a photo shoot in Paris for the two of us! Please put us in for the giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  21. Debra Hunter says:

    I’d like to nominate my beautiful daughter Elizabeth who, at 17, has no idea how incredibly beautiful she is (on the inside and outside). We will be in Paris in July 2013 and I’d love to see Lizzie pose with my niece; we’re coming to Paris to celebrate the girls’ high school graduation and the beginning of their journeys into the brave new world of college.

  22. rosanna says:

    Grazie Carla !!
    Such a gorgeous chance :o)
    If I win I’d like to share it with my dearest friend Sab. She lost her twin sister last June and we begun calling each other sorelle and truly she is like a sister to me.
    I shall keep everything crossed :o)

  23. saretta says:

    What a lovely giveaway! I’m not sure who I would have take the pics with me, but I’m thinking about it. In the meantime, I liked you on Facebook (as Sara Donahue) and shared the giveaway, and I tweeted it (as sarettagd).

  24. I could so use this!!! I just had my fourth baby in November whom I adore, but fatigue and stress have left me feeling a little less than pretty! I love your photography Carla and would be head over heels in love to do a photo shoot like this in Paris!!!!! (I live just about 20 minutes away!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for this fun giveaway! I’ve shared on FB wall and Busy Bee page, will share on my blog and have repinned and am your newest Pinterest follower. Does that all count for several entries? ;)

  25. Danielle Clay says:

    Hello Carla!
    It has been a dream of mine to visit France since I was 15…I would love to share this experience with my daughter! I can only imagine the memories we would have to share.

  26. Livia says:

    I am on my way for a two week trip in Paris! I would love for myself and my Parisian friend, Sandy Aliani, to win this giveaway! We would have an absolute blast!! Thank you for such a wonderful contest!!

  27. Bonjour Carla,
    I always feel inspired when I see your fabulous work or read your interesting posts.
    I will be in Paris again this May and would love (make that need !)one of your gorgeous makeover portraits as a special treat to myself …
    My darling Mum died when I was young and unfortunately my beautiful daughter cannot be with me this trip – maybe if I was fortunate enough to win, I could bring a friend …
    Fingers crossed x

  28. Sidra says:

    Hi Carla,
    your portraits are exquisite!
    I would be in heaven being photographed by you in Paris!
    I’m a model also and your photographs just would add so much class & glamour to my budding portfolio.
    Also I love that it is for two.
    I have a good friend Karen- who loves Paris and lived there when she was younger. She is married with a child now and all her concern in on her family. A photo shoot in Paris would really revive her own glam and beauty and that would make the rest of her year one to remember forever.
    She actually sent me the link to your site recently- so she is a fan!

    Thank you!


  29. Sarah Pannone says:

    What a neat idea, Carla! I have been learning French since this past year and I would love to actually put it to use! If I win I would take my mom, Debbie, because between seven kids and a part time job she has never gotten the chance to go to Europe like she’s always wanted. Having a photo shoot would also just be the icing on the cake- she recently lost some weight and I think some beautiful pictures would really help commemorate my mom’s achievement!

  30. Hi Carla,
    I would love to win, but I know I won’t be traveling to Paris :( so I will simply say I LOVE your photographs and I enjoy following your posts as it reminds me of the inherent beauty in us all. I can’t wait to see the photos you take, I know they will be stunning, deep, and inspiring. Thank you for what you do! :)

    • Carla says:

      Shannon your kind words about my photography bring tears to my eyes, thank-you so much for taking the time to message me, makes my day xx Carla

  31. La Contessa says:

    This would BE THE BEST GIFT I could ever give my dear friend JANE from MELBOURNE!She turns 50 on March 16………..I’m late this year with her gift and mailing and all……….maybe this is why!She would love to do it with her MUM too!She has recently separated from her husband who is a TWIT i might add and is raising two teenage girls on her own.She has put herself through therapeutic massage school and is working a lot!She loves FRANCE and anything to do with it but the BEST part is she has just started ITALIAN classes as she works on 90 year old ITALIANS in AUSTRALIA and wants to be able to communicate better!CARLA,you could do the shoot in ITALIAN!THis would be a DREAM……………and of course, I would need to be in the wings to watch it all happen!YOU are a STAR!IHer name is Jane Davey……….but I call her AUDREY!She is the closest I have found to being just like the REAL AUDREY we all so adore and LOVE!

    • Carla says:

      Contessa so thrilled you have entered your friend Audrey I can feel your enthusiasm and excitment coming through my screen :) Good luck and thanks for entering xx

  32. How generous you are. I would love to put my hat in the ring but alass will not be in France during that time. Best of luck to everyone + I send my love to you, dear Carla.

  33. Jillian says:

    What a lovely offer to all the women out there who should have more photos of themselves but tend to shy away from the camera. A trip to France is always a pleasure but to add this to the mix would be divine!

  34. Georgette says:

    Bonjour Carla. WOW what a wonderful gift!!! The person that I would’ve loved to have you photograph, so I could have that beautiful lasting memory to look at and enjoy every day, is my mom, but sadly she is no longer with me. I am lucky enough to be able to spend several months each year in Paris. Every time I would plan a trip I would beg her to join me, vowing to make it as easy a trip as possible. She always declined, with excuses like she didn’t want to leave my dad home alone or she didn’t want to “slow me down”. When I returned home though she would spend hours going through all my pictures and asking me to tell and re-tell all my stories. Right before she died, as we were starting to say our goodbyes, she told me that my asking to take her to Paris was the nicest, sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her. It broke my heart that she never made it. I’m lucky enough to be back “home” in Paris the month of April and from April 20-April 25 my best friend is joining me. I would be so happy to be able to have her trip made even more special by having you take our photograph! WOW and merci for such a wonderful offer. Take good care, Georgette.

    • Carla says:

      Georgette even though your Mum never took up your generous offer how heart warming for you that she lived her dream through your photos and stories and that she got to tell you what it meant to her!
      Crying while typing this xx Carla
      Good luck

  35. Arianna says:

    I want to win this for me and my mother. We haven’t had professionally taken photos since she had cancer a long time ago. We haven’t really taken any photos together cause she doesn’t feel attractive any more. I believe with your skills in photography you could make my mom happy to look at a photo of her self and give her the confidence I wish she had. That’s all I would want for her. Plus it would be perfect just to finally have pictures again after not having pictures done for over 5 or so years. Please give me this amazing opportunity it would mean the world to me. Honestly I would just be happy if my mom Arlette Kent won this for her and her friend too. I just want her to be happy with how she looks for once :\

  36. Hi Carla!

    I would love to win this gift for myself because I think that I deserve it. I’m not at all selfish- (I promise!) but like most working moms, I feel like I spend my life giving to my children, husband and work. I’m a wedding planner here in Paris, and I spend 100% of my working time making peoples lives run smoothly and helping them to look and feel beautiful on one of the most important days of their lives. Unfortunately, that means I adopt the sleepless nights and dark circles of my clients- and rarely have time for more than a daub of concealer and a smear of gloss most days. I work with some of the best wedding photographers in Paris (mmmwah!) but always BEHIND the scenes, bustling the brides, pinning the corsages, hiding behind tables so as not to ruin the shot. I’ve been in some of the most beautiful hotels in Paris- but again, always running, fixing, styling, arranging, phoning, accommodating my clients. I would just LOVE to be the one who’s pampered and fawned over- just this once!


    • Carla says:

      Kim sounds like you are doing an amazing job lets hope your entry comes out am sure we can do something about those dark circles :) xxCarla

  37. Gail Spalding-Frost says:

    Carla Loves Photography!

    What a fabulous opportunity to not only meet, but also be photographed by the famous Carla Coulson.

    There are just too many reasons both happy & sad to mention, why I’d love to share this special moment with my sister!

    So I’ll keep it simple ‘To Celebrate Life’.

  38. Kathleen says:

    I’m coming to Paris in March and would love this opportunity!

    I’m 37 and unmarried so unlike all my friends, I don’t have any albums full of fancy photos of me dressed up and feeling marvelous.

    I think this is a great idea and I’m sure you’ll have so much fun. Even if I don’t win, I hope you get the most amazing experience from this!

  39. Stasha says:

    I would love some special time captured with my 14 year old daughter who is going through some tough stuff with mean kids at school. Life can be hard even in some of the most magical places in the world! xx

    • Carla says:

      Hi Stasha thanks for entering and lets hope your daughter gets through this and out the other side kids can be so cruel. Carla x

  40. Anya Jensen says:

    Dearest Carla, what a fantastic generous gift from you. I love your work, and I love photography. However I never manage to get any pictures of myself, I seem to have faded into the background somewhere, so it would be the most epic day of my life being photographed by you. How exciting! Oh yeah did I mention I have a big old birthday coming up soon, so this would be *la cerise sur le gateau* Happy day and fingers xxx
    A x

  41. Julie Allan says:

    Hi Carla,
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos and thoughts. I love following your blog.
    This would be the experience of a lifetime :)

  42. Kate Gumbley says:

    Dear Carla….it’s true you really do inspire us all with your generous heart. I would love to enter my beautiful daughter and myself into this wonderful competition. I realise there are so many deserving entries here but I will keep dreaming. X

  43. Patricia T. Gardner says:

    I would love to give this to my best friend, my sister, Linda Farmer, who has been a muse, mother, comrade, and sister all 56 years. I’m sure she’d love to bring her friend, Pam Busch, a warm, generous, loving, open-hearted kid of gal. My favorite type. :D

  44. Deborah says:

    My sister and I have been dreaming of a special opportunity to visit the “City of Light” together! Carla, you are a true inspiration ~ I love seeing through your eyes and would so love to be there with my camera to capture just a bit of the magic ~ I so look forward to all your beautiful posts. A bientot, vive Paris!

    • Carla says:

      What a dream for you and your sister so sweet thanks for your lovely words and happy you look forward to my blog posts means the world xx Carla

  45. Nicky says:

    I’ll never forget the first time i went to Paris and excitedly called my Mum from under the eiffel tower. She told me how happy she was that i was there and that i was seeing places that she would never see in her lifetime… oh how i’d love to prove her wrong and capture it all in photos.

  46. Nicola C says:

    hi Carla

    every early morning, sipping my coffee, before a full day of little eager faces (two of my own and over 150 ‘borrowed’ during the week in my teaching classes) I drift off into your photos. Love the black and white, but also the colour and most of all…….the inspriation, pleasure and exquisite images you post.

    I would love to bring my eldest daughter – just to have a real treat for us both and give her the ‘me’ time she deserves….xx

    • Carla says:

      Nicola I love that you start your day with me xx :) I am sure your daughter would be so surprised with your gift if you were to win xx Carla

  47. Thanks for offering this fabulous giveaway! I shared the information on my blog’s (Out and About in Paris) Facebook page.

    If I was fortunate enough to win, I would share the experience with my daughter. The Hotel St. James is a spectacular venue. It’s bound to be a very special day.

    Good luck to everyone!

    • Carla says:

      Hi Mary yes The St James is a fabulous location I love the suites makes you feel like a Princess just being in there!! Thank-you for entering xCarla

  48. May the best win !
    You are a delightful woman, Carla!

  49. Cheryl Buttner says:

    To win would be like chasing a dream, and then catching it! Yes please….. :-)

  50. Cheryl Buttner says:

    and I would bring my 2 beautiful daughters, who dream of Paris – a long way from Brisbane Australia….

  51. Kellie says:

    I’ll be in Paris in June this year. I love your work and I’m glad I have a chance to win this exciting prize. :D

  52. Hello Carla from Canada,

    Reading over the other posts, I feel somewhat selfish as I would like to be photographed just because I can smile again. A year ago, I fell hard from my bicycle and hit my mouth, teeth and chin on a curb. My front and side teeth were shoved up into my gums from the impact and I bit completely through my lower lip.I was on a solo biking/camping adventure and this was the very first day! The doctors in Emergency stitched me up but it was not until two weeks later that a dental surgeon said she could maybe save the teeth! It has been a year of stitches and braces and numbness as I waited for the nurves to regrow. And Miracles happen because I have my smile back and am so very grateful.
    My husband and I are celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary in Paris the week of Sept 9-13 so our visit does not fall within the perameters of your contest- but I just felt like writing. I, too, was a wedding and portrat photographer for 30 years before turning to watercolours and teaching. I am 66 and enjoying my two grandchildren and planning go back on my annual adventure biking and camping solo in two weeks. No fear!

    • Carla says:

      Barbara definitely no fear after what you have been through! How special to celebrate 42 wonderful years together in Paris :} sounds like you deserve some pampering xx Good Luck Carla

      • Dear Carla-
        How special that you have replied to each and every one of the entries to your contest! You have started a very special dialogue between women – daughters and Moms, sisters, friends- each one taking the time to appreciate each other and the bond they share- that is a unique gift and you are so generous to share it- long after the contest closes, hopefully these people will still be talking and feeling loved and loving towards each other- so the ripples will move ever outward.Congratulations!
        Ciao, Barb

  53. amanda swaney says:

    My sister is a beautiful woman and this year celebrates an important birthday. She has never travelled to Europe – I would love her to experience Paris and to have a special photo shoot in this magnificent city to mark the occasion.

  54. TracieKnits says:

    One of my dearest friends, Shirley, moved 1500 miles away last August, and we are meeting in Paris in July. This would be such a wonderful thing for us to do together!

    • Carla says:

      I know what it is like to be separated from good friends how special for you both to meet in Paris love it xx Good Luck Carla

  55. gabi says:

    Hi Carla…is that the gorgeous Jasmine Waters you have on your facebook page (main photo) ? I have known her since she was a little baby (gorgeous always).
    Karina (her wonderful Mum) is a dear friend and I would like to enter her to win your Paris shoot :) Karina is such a beautiful woman in every single way (inside and out) and I would dearly love to see the delight on her face when I told her…thankyou for giving us joy Carla <3 Gabi

    • Carla says:

      Yes Gabi that is the gorgeous Miss Jasmine so sweet you have entered her darling Mum who I met at this shoot! So happy I give you joy makes my day :)

  56. Temple says:

    What a lovely idea! I will be in Paris with my 83 year old mother 5-15 September. Is there anyway you can add a few days to your contest time?



  57. Heather Quenneville says:

    Oh my Gosh! How unbelievably wonderful that would be! I would so love to win this. I’ll keep my fingers and toes and everything crossed .xx

  58. Jacqui Walker says:

    Dear Carla

    Sometimes in life you met a kindred spirit – the kind of person who makes you wonder where they’ve been all your life. You laugh and cry at the same things, you exclaim ‘yes!’ when they cite their deepest inspiration and you forge bonds over secret hobbies and interests.

    Well, I met such a person in the hallways of a law firm and we have bonded over our love of beautiful imagery and scrapbooking and vision boards. Both lawyers who dream of careers in writing and photography respectively, we have ‘oohed’ and ‘aaahed’ at your picturesque images and moving vignettes of life. We have discussed in earnest about how we might explore our passions and actually implement steps to alter the course of our daily lives.

    My friend, Lauren, is going through a difficult personal time right now and more than ever needs magic and light to flow into her life. As an aspiring photographer, I would love for her to win this competition so she can chase her dreams, experience a creative awakening and feel truly beautiful for a day.

    Warm thanks for the joy and inspiration,

    Jacqui x

    • Carla says:

      Jacqui how lovely you have entered for your special friend sounds like you are both starting to plan for your creative lives xx Carla

  59. Rachel Murray says:

    Hi Carla,

    I am an illustrator and long time lover of your work – I often sketch from your books for inspiration. Your stunning images of far off places and all kinds of fascinating people are such a creative gift.

    To be photographed by you in Paris and become one of the people in your work would be phenomenal.

    I would love to bring my best friend (and closest thing to a sister) Tess because she is always the one urging me on to try new adventures… and boy would this be a good one!

    x Rachel Murray

  60. Michelle Ramsay says:

    Hi Carla
    I have just been introduced to your book and they are amazing. I love your work and find it inspiring. I could think of nothing better than to have a portrait by you and in Paris – my head is spinning.

    Michelle xoxo

  61. Amanda says:


    I now what was my mid 40’s (truthfully?? now heading to late 40’s) I am starting life over again – ex left after almost 20 years together – I was traded in for the thinner, younger bottle Blonde (no offence to those who partake). The result was me feeling shattered and left to raise my gorgeous (now 11 year old daughter)solo …. my mission is to show her I am perfect just the way I am and so is she – already she questions if she is good enough despite her incredible beauty inside and out.

    I am still a work in progress but have taken all the money I have in the world to invest in myself and start up an online business – dedicated to fashion for REAL women. I have called it Goddess 2 Go – the feminine meets the busy woman, and the launching point is LBD’s as I think there is an LBD to flatter every woman no matter what age or body shape.

    My daughter is a budding fashion designer so I would take her to Paris with me, we would give ourselves up to your magic and undoubtedly both look (and more importantly feel) amazing – and allow you to bring out our innner goddess. It would truly be a memory to treasure forever with her.

    I will share as many of the links as possible to put it out to the universe… to find the most deserving winner – even if it isn’t me or my friends… someone will be in for a magical experience.

    • Carla says:

      How exciting your Goddess 2 Go label Brava to you Amanda xx You and your daughter sound like a creative and talented family xx Carla

  62. Krista says:

    I love this so much! :-) Especially the before and after shots. These women are stunning in both images, and you’ve done such a brilliant job in giving them a fairytale memory. :-) I would absolutely love to have a shot with either my hubby (who is my dearest treasure) or my beloved friend Mozzie. They have both suffered so much in this life but have never, ever let it keep them down or make them mean. Their love and courage inspires me every day. :-)

  63. Natasha Swan says:

    Dear Carla,

    My name is Natasha & it would be such a fantastic experience if I could win this competition giveaway for my Mum. My mum, Jacqui, is an incredible inspiration & metor in my life & she deserves to look & feel beautiful! She is always there for me & is my best friend. She ADORES Paris & it’s her dream to visit. She is going through tough times & it would be such an amazing gift to give her if I win this competition. She deserves to be cherished & admired through stunning photography that can hang on the wall forever.

    As an aspiring model it would also be an incredible & wonderful opportunity for me. Agencies have turned me away as they said I’m not tall enough so it’s a struggle to get noticed. I believe with this shoot it will help to give me the edge I need to fulfill my dream.

    I hope with all my heart I can win this competition and would be forever grateful.

    Love Natasha xx

    • Carla says:

      Hi Natasha thanks so much for entering the giveaway lets hope you are soon winging your way to Paris with your gorgeous Mum xx Carla

  64. Gayle de Bruyckere says:

    Hi Carla
    I would like to nominate my gorgeous cousin Jan Meadows and her beautiful daughter Amanda Martens who will be in Paris in early April. Take them, spoil them and make them over – not that they need a make over, they are beautiful, in fact perfect just the way they are…but every girl needs a little spoiling every now and then.
    Jan and I lost touch for 36 years until recently and I am thrilled to have her back in my life. Jan is making her first trip to Paris and she is bursting with excitement! I would love to be able to do something special for her and if it’s in Paris, the city of her dreams, all the better!
    I would love Jan and Amanda to be chosen for this special “Paris Portrait Shoot”. Thank you for considering them. Good luck to all!

    PS: I have shared your post and we are about to be great Pinterest friends…

    • Carla says:

      How special Gayle that you have reconnected after so so many years touching story and best of luck thanks for entering xx Carla

  65. Carla , I’ve been thinking about having a photo shoot with my little boy . I’ve been waiting because I think it will not be that easy , he is 2 years old .
    So if I win your giveaway it will be the purpose to come to Paris when one of my best friend who is a non professional photographer ( but really good)and she is a little bit depressed right now ( family’s problem). She is so beautiful and so photogenic .It will be a great moment together

  66. Jodie says:

    Carla, this is such an awesome competition, and whoever wins it will be incredibly blessed. I would have loved the chance to share this with my mum, as it wasn’t until after she passed that I realised how few photos I had of the two of us together.

    My hubby, son and I will be in Paris in June for a northern summer (we are from Melbourne), and this would be a dream come true. Not sure which man in my life I would choose, but would love a shoot with either one of them.

    Thanks again for the chance to dream Carla…

    I’m sure you

  67. Jil Blyth says:

    I would like to take my bestie, who like me, is a dedicated mum & hard worker – we are the salt of the earth. I have never been to Europe and Paris is just a dream. I turn 40 in July. – wouldn’t it be wild to be made beautiful beyond compare in place as reachable as the moon? That would be wild.

  68. christin says:

    Oh Carla, what a wonderful and generous idea!I would love to win a portrait shoot (who wouldn’t :-)
    Since the first time I got in contact with your work, I was thinking about having a shoot with you and how it would be to look like the a model. I think it is really special, and a day I’ll nver forget. I was really really impressed by your photos, when I saw them the first time. It’s not only your work it’s also the Carla-factor:-), why I would love to have and win this shoot! Keep on beingt such a great photographer and a person who loves life:-)
    xx, christin

    • Carla says:

      such sweet words Christin thank-you I appreciate your kindness makes me feel good inside that people like my work! Good luck x

  69. Carla, this would be a dream come true ~ getting to meet you AND being spoiled and photographed by you with someone I love… wheeeee! {And it would finally make me book those plane tickets!} I’ll share the links around and whoever the someone special is who wins will be very blessed. You’re such a sweetie.

  70. Marisa Raoul says:

    I have always admired you and your work so much and it has been a dream of mine for many years to collaborate with you in some way…now maybe my dream could come true.
    Ca sera sensationelle :)

    Thank you for the opportunity you have offered all of us dear Carla.

    Bisous xxx

  71. Kiah Wicks says:

    My daughter ‘Bella’ is beautiful as her name suggests. She is six years old. I would love and dream to share this moment with her <3

  72. Evelyn says:

    Dear Carla, this is such a great offer, thank you so much!

    I would like to nominate myself and my friend and coworker Carolin since we both use to talk about travelling to Paris together – winning a shoot with you would have us doing it for real, finally! :-)

    But I would not begrudge the shoot to anybody who will win it – seeing the own beauty is an experience every woman should make at least once in her life!


  73. Harriet says:

    What a lovely, generous offer Carla – I would nominate my friend Alison, who I met when we were student nurses doing our psychiatric secondment back in 1978. We always said we would go up the Nile at 60 [on a felucca] & can hardly believe it is not that far off now…!! But she is currently going through chemo for an aggressive breast cancer & has lost her hair but is being so amazing about it all. She has lived in France for 30 years so I don’t see her as often as I’d like, but it would be lovely for her to have a beautiful photo taken with her daughters, when she is over this stage of her treatment.

  74. Jane Davey says:

    Hello Carla,

    A post and comment from beautiful Melbourne Australia where I have been a fan of yours since seeing your work in French Essence 6 years ago. I shared this beautiful book with a darling and very special friend – the one and only Contessa Elizabeth Kirkpatrick with whom I believe you are now acquainted! How I would love to be share this photo shoot with her as a surprise as she once did for me – arriving in Australia from California on my birthday!
    Yours photos are exquisite as are your subjects – whether they be object or person- I loved your recent photos of your nieces – beautiful creatures.
    Perhaps we will see you one day in Paris
    Jane Audrey ( As the Contessa calls me) x

    • Carla says:

      Jane so sweet love a friends surprise and thank you for entering you and your the lovely Contessa xx Carla

      • La Contessa says:

        OMG!I entered her and she entered me!I spoke with her on the phone today and she said ,Did I see her comment I said, “NO”.
        Now thats friendship.I vote for her and she votes for me!Thats amour !!!

  75. Lauren H. says:

    What an amazing opportunity! I would invite my fiance, which would serve as a manner for us to celebrate our union together and record the memory, since otherwise there won’t be a service.

  76. Cherry Chu says:

    I love your work and I’d love to win. Will be in Paris beginning of April!
    Warm regards from Manille in the Philippines

  77. Maria Clara Furlan says:

    Dear Carla!
    Here I’m again to confirm my interest on winning this fantastic gift! I liked your facebook page and shared the link about it, but I’m not sure if only this would be enough. So, here I’m! :)

    I wanna ask you something, did you offer any kind of course?
    I’ll love to learn with you!


  78. I love Paris! I would love to win the Paris portrai shoot and makeover. Spicing things up in Paris sounds just like what the Dr. ordered!!

  79. Would be perfect… planning to spend a month in Paris & Cote d’azur end of June- July with my fiancee. I’m a francophile, and photographer, shoot others but not used to being on the other side, and could really use the pics… and learn to work it, both ways : )

  80. This is fantastic!

    I would invite my dear friend Olivia, the Aussie, because we both are transplants in Paris adapting to the new culture and making it our home. while keeping our anglo roots on the surface.

    We both love the simple things and appreciate the beauty of an ordinary day.

    It would be an amazing reminder of so many memories.

  81. Brandy Gates says:

    Wow!… What a fabulous opportunity and how extremely generous of you! I would love the opportunity to win your wonderful offer! I will be traveling to Paris in June on a “Girls Trip” that will span multiple generations of women and I cannot think of a better way to capture our time in Paris!

  82. Ellison Ward says:

    What a dream come true this would be! I would love to come over with one of my daughter’s for such an exciting event. I need a makeover! Just getting out of postpartum depression that I had after having my youngest daughter and need to shake the frumpy feeling that I have gotten into with it.

  83. Carla, your images are so beautiful. The mother-daughter portrais are really special. It would be a wonderful gift for my mom. As she gets older we grow so much closer, so having this memory will be a wonderful thing.

  84. Dearest Carla, you touched a raw nerve. I think I would have maybe two or three images of myself that I like. Never anything professional (I secretly think I would be disappointed so have never booked one). All through my teens and into my 20’s I had severe cystic acne and the thought of being in front of a camera rather than behind one is scarier than the thought of skydiving. I would love to win this, and I would bring our gorgeous daughter Carina….the camera loves her. Funnily the competition end date is the day we fly out of Qld headed for Italia so who knows. This would be a gift for my Mum who has always known I am beautiful xxx

    • Carla says:

      You are beautiful Lisa inside and out xxx Safe travels my dear friend am crying thinking about how far you have come and where your new journey is taking you Carla

  85. Ana says:

    I initially thought how wonderful to be photographed professionally, maybe I would be able to see myself differently and in my favourite city and then I thought about who I would take, and I thought ‘no one’, as I could not chose. So I enter for my daughter instead, as this would be a wonderful experience for her. My eldest daughter wants to live in Paris but has never been able to afford to even visit.
    this is an amazing giveaway. good luck to everyone.

  86. Debbie says:

    What a treat you are offering! I would nominate myself only because we are going to Paris this summer to celebrate our 40th. Fingers crossed.

  87. Cheri says:

    Wouldn’t this be great and I would like to bring my new friend Sharon (my french country home ) with me. Cheri

  88. Such a wonderful gift to be pampered and made to feel your outside beauty. I would take my daughter who has always and will be one of the prettiest girls (now a woman) that I know. Being a mother sometimes means you don’t pamper yourself. I would love us to have this opportunity to have fun, enjoy our bond and talk about many lifetime memories we have shared. I wish I could have brought my mom who never knew how beautiful she was in our eyes. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. Di

  89. Yvonne says:

    Such a very generous offer to a lucky pair. Of course, I would bring my beautiful daughter and we would certainly have a trip of a lifetime. Many thanks for the opportunity to win a session with you.

  90. Oh Carla, I pinned, liked on facebook and post on
    I nominated me and my daughter above this reply Di

  91. SuzyMcQ says:

    This would be an absolute dream come true for my daughter and me. It’s been a bit of a difficult time for our family and, if we won, it would be such an incredible omen of good things to come!

  92. Jennifer says:

    Serendipity? I’m headed to Paris the first week in April in celebration of my 40th birthday! A celebration and a week of reflection…thankful for my 40 years and my family. My two little girls…..the reason I could use a bit of a makeover. Forever in spandex, newly found wrinkles and rather than six-pack abs….a diminishing two-pack and party ball.

    I have a photo of my late Grandmother she had taken around the age of 30. When I inquired why she had it made….she said just because she was happy…she wanted to capture it in a photo. I can relate…a time to celebrate happiness.

    I may not be muse worthy….but I promise it would be amusing

    Off to like, pin, and post your link as quickly as possible!

  93. Wouldn’t it be wonderful… don’t know if it would be possible but I think I would bring my daughter (who is 11)- what a memory it would be…

  94. Mar Deckard says:

    What lovely portraits! We will be in Paris this March celebrating my husband’s 50th birthday–he would adore a portrait of his wife and daughter. Thank you for offering the lovely give away, Mar

  95. Donna Dalton says:

    Although I dream of this opportunity for myself, I would like to nominate my gorgeous friend Nadine and her delightful 16yo daughter as candidates. Nadine is always giving of herself to others with her work in womens social services – she is truly beautiful inside and out and deserves a treat such as this! It helps that they have a trip to Paris already planned this year :)

  96. My mom and I will be in Paris in May and this would be so fun!! I tweeted and posted on pinterest!thx!


  97. Jolie says:

    What a wonderful idea to feature raw female beauty. I would like to nominate my mom. She has long been an art historian and desperately seeking a trip to Paris. This would be an amazing excuse to see the besutiful city and the masters she has always loved. Plus, when you near your senior ages, everyone needs a little reminder about how special they are on the inside and out.

  98. i have never had a photo shoot with just me and my mom, my very first friend and lifelong confidante. it would be a dreamy privilege to receive such a gift. thanks for this grand giveaway in a city i love.


  99. Andie says:

    In a totally selfish move i would like to nominate myself and my beautiful 9 year old daughter, Grace! I never had a mother or a family. Her love is beyond what words can measure. All else is secondary.
    I have never liked to see my image in mirrors or on film. I have not allowed my family or anyone else to take any photos of me since Gracie was born. It is not fair to her. I know. It’s time to face my fears, whether it be through your lens or another!
    We homeschool and are in the midst of learning French. I promised her we could go when she was ready to converse fluently. That time has not come yet but I am sure we could muddle through!
    What a beautiful thing you are doing. In this day and age we are constantly bombarded with images of “perfect” women whose beauty is contrived and unrealistic. These images affect us all, even if we don’t realize it.

    I am grateful that I was directed to your site. I have read all the posts and your gracious responses. It’s heartwarming to know that people like you exist in this world! I am writing this through tears.

    Frankly, I am not concerned with winning because we have been blessed with the gifts of time and opportunity ahead of us. However, I look forward to meeting the winner through your lens and your magic…


  100. Sonja says:

    A beautiful prize from a beautiful woman, for beautiful women. I would take Sharon from My French Country Home, because she told me about it, and I dream of meeting you both :))

  101. Catherine Tucker says:

    What a generous and amazing giveaway! I would love to share this experience with my Mom. She was born in Paris and this would be a fabulous chance to take her back to where it all started!

  102. Kimberley Castle says:

    Hi Carla

    I would love to nominate my daughter, Melinda and I for this giveaway . She has been away from home working in Perth and has been through many disappointments and stress in this her first time away from home. She is coming back soon and I know a portrait makeover would do her the world of good. x Kimberley

  103. I have liked you on FB now and am looking forward to lots more beautiful images coming my way! What a wonderful ‘discovery’ today.

    I would love to enter this so much! My best friend and I have not lived in the same city for more than 17 years, and our last photo together that I can think of is probably from her wedding about 15 years ago! We caught up together often for a few years, then husbands, children and life in general came along, and it gets longer and longer between visits. At present we don’t even live on the same side of the globe!

    We are planning on reconnecting in person in Paris this year, and how wonderful to have your gorgeous photography to capture the memory!


  104. Krystyna says:

    What a fantastic offer.
    I would love it for my daughter and myself.
    Me – because getting older is not what is was supposed to be, I am feeling that I am losing the battle with trying to look good!
    And my daughter? She is a really wonderful girl, who moved away from home 2 years ago and we grab any opportunity to spend some time together. Which isn’t often enough as far as I am concerned! We’ve always got on and time spent together is always an amazing pleasure for me. When she was quite small, I used to say that if I travel, I want her as companion and if I am sick I want her as a nurse! I think she was 10 then!

  105. Claire says:

    Would love to take my sister to Paris, we don’t spend enough time together, we have needed each other during a horrific year last year, she’s gorgeous and she really needs to get a bit of sparkle in her life at the moment, even for a few hours.

  106. yili zhu says:

    I found out about your wonderful competition through The French Essence Blog, and have since then browsed through your entire blog and portfolio haha absolutely stunning !!

    I would love to take part of this amazing giveaway with my cheri, it would complete my journey in this magical city (finally had the courage to move here last summer to be with the boyfriend).

    xx Yili

  107. Daniela says:

    What a lovely idea! And what a surprise would it be for my daughter, my beautiful little woman Emma.I would love to share this amazing experience with her.Fingers crossed

  108. Michelle Hayes says:

    Hi Carla,
    Please put my name in your hat and if fate draws it out again, it will be a very hard choice, indeed, to choose only one to accompany me. But I will. Mother, sister, daughter, best friend, true love…all deserving.
    Xoxo, Michelle

  109. Sharon says:

    I would love to win this and share it with my best friend of 40yrs. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was my rock during this time…then five years ago she lost her son in a dreadful accident and I was able to be there for her…there is nothing that we don’t know about each other we very rarely have to speak and we know what the other is thinking….anyway would so love to win and share this with her. I am 45 years old and she is 46 years old…so I will be wishing and praying very hard…

  110. tamar says:

    Thank you, it’s an amazing opportunity.Would love to come with my sister to Paris, it can be a wonderful time together. she’s gorgeous (inside and out) and she’s always there for me.

  111. Gail says:

    What wonderful transformations and beautiful photographs. Please enter me in competition.
    I will be in Paris with 2 best friends this year. The hardest part if I win…will be who to choose! xxoo

  112. What a memory maker you are offering! My daughter and I will be in Paris in November so guess it’s not the right time for the giveaway but what fun that would be. Paris is magical for us. We’ve been once and swear we’ll travel there each year as long as I’m able. Thank you!

  113. Betelgeze says:

    This is so amazing!!!
    There are so many beautiful stories in the comments and I can’t wait to see the photos!!!!
    God luck for all entrants ;-)

    Ps. I would love to nominate Carla Coulson for photo shoot with me someday :-);-)

  114. ellen cleveland says:

    It is one of my dreams to take my daughters to Paris!!

  115. ellen cleveland says:

    It is one of my dreams to take my daughters to Paris!!

  116. Katie Peters says:

    Love your work and would love to participate! My mother or sister would love it too!

  117. Bonjour, Carla–I would love to win this! I’m a huge fan of your work and have been following you for-ever! I’m the author of French Women Don’t Sleep Alone, Bonjour, Happiness! and the upcoming “Ooh La La! French Women’s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day.” I’m coming to Paris in late August and I would love a portrait. Your work is absolutely divine! Love, Jamie

  118. Molly Black says:

    Yes, I know what you mean about models are everyday women. I spent some time with Ines de la Fressange in San Francisco and joined her with her parents in Monterrey, Ca when we were both in our 20s. She is fabulous, always has been, but her sparkle and humor are the heart of her attractiveness. I first fell in love with Paris in 1978, when I was an aspiring language learner attending Le Cordon Bleu Ecole du Cuisine. If I won this shoot, I would bring my sister, who is scientist developing new drugs for cancer treatment.

  119. Phillis says:

    It’s been a dream to go to Paris forever it seems. Being a single mom of twin 11 year old boys…priories like groceries, a house payment, and boys football cleats always seem to come first.

    To have Paris, time to beautiful and girly, and an amazing portrait by you would beso amazing!

    Please consider me entered in the competition!

    thank you,


  120. Nadia says:

    Wahouh such a great opportunity !! I would love to nominate my best friend cause we don’t see each other very often. I live in the South West of France and she live in Paris. We used to see each other all the time when I came back from Australia with my husband and my kids. And if I can t make it I would like to nominate her mum with her cause a Mun/Daughter photo shoot will be such good memories for them. I would of love to do that with my mum.
    Thks as always Carla for such a nice giveaway.

  121. Sally says:

    Wow! What beautiful women in beautiful photography.Being able to do this would be a life highlight for anyone. Thanks for the chance to do something so fun.

  122. Kathryn says:

    I would like to nominate myself and my friend Eva.
    We are two medical students about to embark on an international exchange program for global health. We’ll start our journey in the hospitals of Paris this July.
    As third-year medical students, we work closest with the patients, collecting every detail of their story to share with the medical team. The hours we spend in the hospital may not be glamorous, but they require that balance of fragility and strength, and of course a big dose of love. It’s easy for us to neglect ourselves for the needs of our patients, and sometimes I feel more like an exhausted pair of scrubs underneath a white coat than a woman. It would be an absolute treat for us to be *transformed* and experience this portrait shoot with you. And I hope we are lucky enough to do so.

  123. I have a trip planned for the end of March. This would be an opportunity of a lifetime. Your work is absolutely exquisite.

  124. This wonderful opportunity was announced to all my blog followers on Google+

  125. This wonderful opportunity was announced to all my blog followers on my facebook page.

  126. Debbie says:

    Hi Carla,

    Your photos are incredible. What an amazing opportunity you are offering to someone. I currently live in Paris and would love to enter your contest. The makeover and photo shoot would be just what I need!
    Thank you so much,


  127. This wonderful opportunity was announced to all my tweet followers on twitter. my

  128. Hello,dear Carla!

    It’s almost not to believe….
    Your Give Away should be one of the greatest experience to my:-)))*
    I can only dream about this jorney!!!
    I do admire your wonderful talent as a photograph!

    Wow,Wow,and WOW….I have NO more woords to describe my feelings here by! Really stunning to be able being chosen via destiny….:-)))*

    And PARIS…….OMG!

    Thankyou so much for this chance and for Vicki Archer!(I road about you by her…)


  129. Helena Battisti says:

    Dear Carla,

    My husband and I planned our trip to Paris for years. And finally the thickets are booked. We will be there in the end of April and the beginning of May.
    I couldn’t be more excited. My dream is coming true. I am such a Francophile.
    Found out about your wonderful giveaway from French Essence blog by Vicki Archer. Which I adore and all your photos in her books.
    If we win this giveaway it would be truly a very very special thing for us. We are celebrating our 10 fabulous years of marriage this year.
    Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing for all of us. I want to wish you the best in your professional career and personal life. Helena.

  130. Mardi Shepard says:


    If and only if I could grab my Mother back to take her to Paris with me to meet you! Your world and your life sound so amazing. She would have loved the thoughtful idea and exciting prospect of realizing Paris through your eyes. It would so lovely to share this with someone so deserving……….full of love and grace and charm…………….Hummmmmmm…. my best friend indeed!! Thank you so much for all kindness and thoughtfulness.
    Gratefully, Mardi S.

  131. Bethany says:

    I would love to take my mom. She has made so many sacrifices for me and she deserves to be celebrated for the strong, beautiful woman she is.

  132. Elizabeth Jaeger says:

    Love Paris …and your blog!!! Definitely have my fingers crossed :)
    And I would bring my best friend who takes care of everyone in her family and hardly ever takes time for herself !

  133. Laura says:

    Oooooo, nothing can drain a woman’s sexy vibe faster than being a Mom. I would love to get a little sexy back.

  134. Brunie Feliciano says:

    Dear Carla,
    I’ve been following you and Vicki Archer, for a while,…I think you are both very inspirational and I would love to meet you in Paris. I am traveling there June 7-12, 2013.
    with my two daughters, it would be perfect to win this opportunity. I took a peak at the St. James, OMG, what an amazing venue…backdrop for a photography session. Sincerely, Brunie.

  135. Sandra says:


    Your inner kindness shows as well as your intuitive talent and skill as a photographer. I have never felt comfortable seeing myself in photos…..but maybe that could change with your exceptional ability to capture the inner and outer beauty of your subjects. Would love to enter your give-away, thank you so much for the opportunity.


  136. Ilze says:

    Carla, so nice of you to make such a giveaway! It literally brightened my day though the competition will be extremely tough. If I am the lucky one, I’m completely sure that I would love to share this wonderful experience with my mum. She’s the most amazing person I know. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and has gone through a lot since that, but I have never heard her complaining about anything. As she always has dreamed to go to Paris, this would be an excellent encouragement to do it.

  137. Diane Torrisi says:

    My daughter, Elizabeth, and I will be in Europe sometime this summer (date TBD) to acquire our dual citizenship (American/Luxembourg) and have already planned a weekend in Paris!! Elizabeth will be 17 this summer and has just signed up with a local modeling agency to become their first ‘petite’ model! I would love to give her the opportunity to start her career with your photo shoot in Paris!!
    Thank you for considering her!

  138. margot spitsnaugle says:

    one of my best friends kathy leach would love this opportunity. she has faced numerous adversities in her life, yet each day she makes others laugh and feel good about themselves.
    she loves paris and spends time there taking great and obscure photo’s. amateur, yet captivating.
    i would love to add this thrill of a lifetime to have her portrait taken by such a professional.

  139. Tara says:

    What a lovely and generous offer Carla! Your work really captures the spirit of these beautiful women! If it is to be, I would choose my sister. What a trip that would be!! Thank you for the opportunity and happy wishes to the winner!

  140. Meredith says:

    There is no gift more precious than beautifully created photographs. They tell stories, trigger memories, and spark imagination. My sister and I lost our amazing mother when we were young. I wish we had more pictures of her as a young woman–being silly, sultry, or sassy–before us, before life became overwhelming. She would have adored Paris and embraced the chance to be photographed as a brighter verison of her everyday self. I would love to bring my sister to Paris and spend time together creating tangible memories that our children and grandchildren can use to remember us and dream of what adventures we had as young women. Thank you.

  141. Taryn Skalbania_Taylor says:

    I have a love/ loathe relationship to contests, I love dreaming about winning them, I ‘loath ‘seeing the winners photos the following year!!! Make-over and portraits aside, you had me at….PARIS!! I visit France each morning as I read your blog *and a few others hers to happy dreaming and winning, merci!! Taryn

  142. Rachael says:

    Hi Carla,

    I would be so honoured to win this giveaway. My husband and I are taking a trip to France this summer to celebrate his first year in the state legislature and our 4th wedding anniversary. We didn’t have professional pictures taken of us at our wedding so this would mean the world.

    Your work is exquisite.

    Thank you again.


  143. Sandra Busby says:

    What a wonderful idea. I’ll take my daughter, Lane.

  144. Deborah McReynolds says:

    I am traveling to Paris in April with my beautiful daughter to celebrate my 60th birthday. This opportunity would truly be the icing on the cake! Thank you for giving of your time and talent for such a wonderful giveaway.

  145. Cindy says:

    I would choose to give this session to my daughter (and myself). We are both francophiles, and my daughter has print of the Eiffel Tower in her room. I find that as the mom I end up taking most of the pictures and rarely get to be in them. This would be a special experience for any mother and daughter.

  146. LaComtesseLola says:

    If I could, I would come to Paris with my beautiful 14 year old daughter…a first visit for her, almost at the beginning of her “grown up” life (and I thrill to see the city through her eyes), and a return visit for me, to a city that embraced tall exotics (thank you YSL) back when my own country did not, and that has never ceased to open it’s arms, and welcome me “home”. (Although now, not dancing on the tables at Regine’s!)

  147. Elizabeth Wagner says:

    Carla, Your images are nothing short of inspired and they bring out the best of your subject and the venue. My mother, also Elizabeth, brings out the very best in me and I would love a chance for us to share this opportunity in our fantasy city! Merci!!!

  148. I just won a week staying with Corey in St Remy de Provence. In a perfect world I would begin my trip to France by being photographed by Carla Coulson, famous photographer of women, in Paris!
    Yes, in a perfect world. :) Pick me!!
    I would bring my girlfriend of a life time. We are both in our 60’s so I think this will be a wonderful challenge for you, and a wonderful opportunity for other women to see a woman of a certain age, shown as beautiful.
    Yes, perfect world…pick me!!
    Marilyn :)

  149. Carla says:

    what a generous offer! i would love to nominate my daughter, Lindsey, for your photo shoot. Thank you for the opportunity to experience Paris in this unique way…..:)

  150. Sarah says:

    Everyone’s mom in the comments sounds pretty special, because, indeed, everyone’s mom IS pretty special, and mine is no exception!

    She has always encouraged me to be myself and go after my dreams, even if they were far from the beaten path. She is an incredible artist and an amazing soul.

    I have 5 children who were all born within 6 years, and there is no way I could have survived those early years when my middle child was 17 months old and my twins were born with out my mom.

    I would so much love to do this for her!!!

  151. Jann Pollard says:

    I experienced 6 weeks of Paris in the sixties. I fell in love with the city then and have returned since. I am a professional fine artist and have always wanted to spend some time painting on the streets of Paris. After recently successfully surviving an aggressive leukemia and stem cell transplant, it is on my bucket list to be able to do this – and a good artist friend and I will be doing it in September. A make-over would be an added delight.

  152. Jenny says:

    Thank you this is very special givaway.Your work is beautifu.L would give this wonderful prize to my daughter who lives in Paris.

    Unfortunatly I’m unable to go to Paris for the shoot as I live in Australia and cannot afford to visit her. Its been for 4 years now.I miss her a lot.

    Amy has had to deal with a lot of health issues over the past few years and has no female friends due to language barriers,so, I think,she would love, a girlie day out, indulging in makeup and luxury things ending with some beautiful photographs, to boost her confidence and make her feel special again.

  153. Lisa Morales says:

    Alors, approaching 50. My Parisian-American bff and I are in great need of renewal and encouragement. Neither of us have mothers to bring, our daughters are already beautiful and photogenic! Let them see how their mothers once were, as well. Gros bisous for such a chance. Have done all that was asked…

  154. TS says:

    My daughter and I will be in Paris the end of May and this would be a very special treat for us! Hope we win…absolutely beautiful photography!

  155. Susan McNelis says:

    I am introducing my 17 yrs old daughter Sophie, to Paris this year.
    What a wonderful way to create beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

  156. Kimberly says:

    I know you said this is for “making women feel good about themselves” Does that mean it couldn’t be a couple? My husband is the one who is my reminder of my beauty – despite the gray hair, not-as-tight skin and smile lines on the face. He sees what i have forgotten in the bustle of work and home and life. This would be a wonderful experience!

  157. Lindsey in Dallas says:

    This would be a perfect gift for my mom and me. I lived in Lyon for a year in college, and my mom came to visit me for a week. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her, and we always talk about how great it would be to go back because we have such fond memories of that week together. To have this photography experience on top of spending time in Paris would be unbelievable!

  158. Nina Sgriccia says:

    I don’t know how you will choose from all of the wonderful nominations. I have a special girl in my life whose name is Nicole. She is a 21 year old college student. Her mother and I were best friends, and in fact I was with her for Nicole’s birth. Nicole’s mom passed away after a battling pancreatic cancer for seven years. It was the middle of Nicole’s senior year in high school, and yet she still managed to graduate with honors. She has been on the Dean’s list consistently in college. Her mother wished that I would always remain close to Nicole, and I have. It would be a wonderful gift for her to experience Paris and your prize of a makeover and photo shoot. It would be an honor for me to win this for her.
    Thank you,

  159. Leslie says:

    Will be in Paris mid June with my lovely teen daughters. Would love to enter!

  160. Astrid says:

    This is amazing! My husband and I are headed to Paris in May and would love to win this! As a side note – I’ve recently lost 50lbs and this would be an awesome momento of our trip. Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity.

  161. Nina b says:

    I just had a photo shoot, my first one ever, at the beginning of the year with my daughter and, well, I was dissapointed. Not how I had imagined a professional photoshoot to be. I would so love ‘another chance’! I’d like to, at least once in my life, look fabulous…Looking at your photos I can only dream.
    It would be for me and my sister who lives in Spain.
    With great hopes and keeping all my fingers crossed…
    Nina B

  162. Shelley Kushner says:

    What an amazing inspiration you and your work are. I liked your facebook page (love it actually) and retweeted. I would love to win and plan a trip with my daughter but I am just as excited to be able to see your photos everyday! Thank you!

  163. Cathie says:

    I would love to win this and take my elderly Mom to Paris. We have both always wanted to go!

  164. Nina b says:

    So liked and shared you on Facebook, Following you on Pinterest, and posted on my blog here

  165. Marisol Pineda says:

    Years ago and I mean years ago, I got a “retroactive” check from my job. It was a lot of money for me. I was young. I gave myself a choice. Do I try and get Francesco Scavullo to photograph me or do I buy a house? I bought a house. Winning this photo shoot will be an honor. You are certainly very gifted.

  166. Bonnie Crawford McGowan says:

    I’d love a makeover at the age of almost 62…it’s about time for one!!!!;)

  167. Jane Nash says:

    I fell in love with Paris last summer and am trying to arrange some time this summer to visit again. I loved its charm, elegance, prettiness, romance, just everything. To have a chance to look and feel a little bit of that would be wonderful. I have two beautiful daughters, I would have to nominate them both. Only just found your blog so am off to have a good browse x

  168. nancy kennedy says:

    a dream come true….Paris w/my daughter…oh my!!

  169. Pour ma maman et moi.
    For my mother and I.


  170. Barbara says:

    Wow- stunning photos! What a great opportunity to be photographed by you at the St. James. It’s our favorite hotel. Last trip there was a photographer in the lobby with a group -perhaps it was you. What fun!

  171. a dream come true…Paris w/my beautiful daughter…oh my…pictures to capture the fantasies of our love & being.

  172. The photographs capture the essence of the beauty of women both inside & out. A dream come true…paris w/my beautiful daughter…oh my…pictures to capture our love & being!

  173. Joan LaFrance Kazanowski says:

    Dear Carla,

    Being retired its now my time to do! I need to take chances, make changes, and discover the inner beauty within and out. I would love this opportunity!

    With great anticipation,

  174. Hi Carla
    What a dream!! I have stayed in that beautiful hotel and think of it often while down here in NZ. I’m travelling to Europe in July so had to enter just in case and I have shared your wonderful offer with our website of midlife women. My friend, who I would also nominate, and I spent time in Paris last year simply being…..

  175. Dawn Fleming says:

    Dear Carla,
    What a wonderful giveaway. I would love for myself and my dear English friend who loves Paris to win. Pauline holds Paris close to her heart since this is where she spent her honeymoon in 1964 and has only been once since then.

  176. Susan Maiers says:

    Showing my wonderful daughter the beauty of Paris in June will be nothing but joyous. Were we to share this fabulous photographic experience … HEAVENLY!

  177. Whitney says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. I’d either choose my mom or my best friend…tough choice!

  178. Maddie says:

    I love how you understand women are and make it personal and genuine…

    Usually, I shy away from having my pictures taken (ie: the fat ugly duckling)but this time round I decide to give it a long shot, after all I will be celebrating my 35th in Paris coming March, and truth be told…excited about it :)

    The other person will have to be the one I am partially making the trip for and as much as I know we will not end up together, some nicely taken pictures will make up for the memories that is going to last me for a lifetime…

    So… good luck to myself and everyone! :)

  179. Tricia says:

    Beautiful photos. I love your before and afters too. All the people you shoot look attractive before but the after photos have found more than beauty – they have brought out the inner loveliness, grace and joy in your subjects.
    I would like to win this and bring my beautiful Paris-born daughter with me back to her roots. She is already beautiful and joyful. I want to see that fabulous relaxed femininity highlighted through your lens.

  180. Lorie Fangio says:

    Bonjour Carla
    I will be celebrating my 50th birthday in my favorite city. All of my favorite things are all rolled up there, food, fashion, champagne, wide boulevards gorgeous gardens…
    Your images are so incredible, they bring tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you for the glimpse of Paris! Hoping that my sweet mother will be joining me there on this trip!
    Au revoir!

  181. Dear Carla , how will you ever pick who wins this amazing give away. You have a hit a cord within so many women s heart. We all want to come and have this amazing experience. How kind of you to offer this. We may need a giant group shot with all of us who are dying to fly to Paris with our Moms. How fun would that be? Best of luck on this great adventure.
    With Love ,Michele

  182. Vera says:

    Hello Carla, i would love to enter my mom and I into the chance to win the photo shoot with you.
    we will be in Paris from March 20-23.
    thank you!

  183. kasey says:

    What i wouldn’t give to win something like this. I’ve been dreaming of going back to Paris….and if i win {i would prob bring my hubby} we would be over the moon thrilled.

  184. kasey says:

    liked you on FB and on Pinterest!

  185. Susana de Lucena says:

    What a fantastic iniciative… what a fabulous opportunity to visit my favorite city in the world, where I really feel like at home!
    And what a great chance to be photographed with my eldest son, who lives in France, by the amazing Carla!!
    So, put me in the draw, whish me luck and I’ll cross my fingers!!!
    Thanks a lot Carla for your generous offer.

  186. Niki Weippert says:

    I would love to do this with my daughter. Amy is a hospice nurse and is privileged to take care of people that are dying. She is a very special person who also has 5 children. I would love to be able to give this special gift to her. We are best friends.

  187. Rachel says:

    Your work is simply stunning and I am so happy to have discovered your website (as well as pinterest!). I would love to come back to Paris (just took my first real trip last year) and bring my mother who has never been out of the U.S. I’ve always wanted to show her the world and this opportunity just might be the trick!
    Thank you for featuring real women and their real beauty! This is a lovely opportunity that you’re offering. You are clearly a very generous soul.
    Best Wishes!

  188. Steph says:

    Hi Carla,
    I am entering, after your comment on the link I put in my FB page.
    I should be in Paris in August to celebrate Dayl’s 50th birthday and so a portrait shoot of us by you would be wonderful.
    Having followed you for years, and having the joy of meeting you at Get Published in Sydney recently, to have a photo shoot would be fantastic.
    Alex (my partner) has terminal cancer and this will determine if we can be in Paris as planned. “IF” I am fortunate enough to win, and I can’t be there, then I would absolutely adore you to photograph DAYL for her 50th. She’s an amazing lady and wonderful friend.
    I know I will be back in Paris whatever happens!
    Keep on flying Carla – “life is like a camera, what you focus on will develop” is a saying of mine and you are living proof it is true.

    • Denise says:

      Hi Carla, wow! How are you going to chose, there is some beautiful stories, and we all have our own to tell. My daughter is mine of course I love her to pieces she took me to Paris in Febuary 2010 her then fiancee came from London and I had the best week of my life, they really did spoil me, Moulin Rouge was amazing the best lamb I had ever eaten ( they say Australia exports the best of our meat) the shopping, cafes,people watching! The memories from Paris make me feel good still today and then there are the people like one of your friends the lovely Vicki Archer with her everything French blog French Essense if I don’t get back to Paris I will always have these beautiful memories and stories BUT if I was lucky enough to return what a treat to have professional photos taken with my beautiful daughter to keep forever. Thank you for the opportunity Carla it is thing for so many people. Hope keeps the world going around.
      Denise x

  189. Pat says:

    Will be in Paris in May-June with girlfriends (my first trip) would be a fun gift for my hubby, who isn’t going.

  190. Lois says:

    I would cherish this opportunity and would love to bring my love, my husband of 40 years!

  191. Deborah says:

    As a fellow Francophile, Australian and devotee of your work, which I often access through French Essence, we love Paris and travel there every year. My husband’s work means he’s away at least half of the year so we always plan an extended holiday together. The year before last I was in Paris, missing and concerned for my newly widowed mother when my husband suggested we take her with us the next year. Knowing she’d love to go to Cornwall to hunt ancestors, we were well into planning that when she rang to say,”You know, I’ve never been to Paris” Travel plans were extended and what a ball we had! Being tourists all over again on boats and buses and the Metro with my 81 year old mother who was interested in everything was exhilarating! We did galleries and shops ( Le Bonne Marche was celebrating….fabulous window displays) and restaurants and had so much fun.
    This year she’s off to South Autralia to visit a cousin and we are going Paris/Brttany/Paris.
    Aren’t mothers absolutely precious? Reading your comments has been so inspiring and a little sad, too, so loving thoughts to everyone, despite your circumstances.

  192. Barb Vanderspek says:

    Hello Carla
    Wow I am booking a week in Paris with my dear daughter who is 27yrs old. She is getting married this fall so we are having a very special little holiday this April. just read about the photo shoot. We have never had a photo shoot and this would be amazing in the city of light. I have seen your work in the beautiful books of Vickie from French Essence blog. I feel like I know her just from loving her blog. What a joy it would be to have this experience. Thank you.

    Barb Hugs

  193. Denise says:

    Hi Carla,
    Thank you for your beautiful photos- they really brighten my day! I appreciate your ability to highlight the beauty within us all. I would love to win the contest, of course, but look forward to seing the lucky winner’s portrait shoot. Not sure who I would bring- probably my sister or best friend Wendy.
    Cheers, Denise

  194. Julie says:

    Hi Carla,
    My mother and I are planning a dream trip to France for our 65th and 40th birthdays. I don’t know anyone more beautiful on the inside than her, so I’m going to take the plunge and enter for her! Thanks for the opportunity and the daily inspiration,

  195. Marni Heiter-McDuff says:

    Hi Carla,

    My name is Marni. Thank you so much for your creative spirit and the stories you tell through your beautiful photography.
    I am getting married March 16th to the man of my dreams, my soulmate. My dream has been to go on my honeymoon to Paris and photograph your amazing city. It’s happening!! My soon to be husband, Ken and I will be traveling to your amazing city mid March. It just so happens to fall during your contest dates. It would be amazing to win your contest during this most amazing time in my life. I would love to share with the world your work and our story! I look forward to seeing the winner and I do hope that winner is me. If not, congrats to the winner and of course I will continue to be inspired by your work.
    Take Care,

  196. Helen Paige says:

    Hi Carla
    I’m writing from Australia. Congratulations on your generosity. I’m coming to Paris in April this year, and I would love to have a shoot with my 27 year old daughter who has just given up a career in speech pathology to follow her dream to be a fashion stylist! THat is courage….

  197. Laurie says:

    I just stumbled onto your site – what a “once in a lifetime” giveaway. I would love to do this with my fun & fabulous 13 year old daughter, Collette. xxoo

    ps. twitted this & now following you on Pinterest – great stuff

  198. Liz Thomas says:

    Liked, loved, and shared them all. Love your work. As a woman of 52 yrs old I appreciate it when someone likes to bring out the inner beauty of all women. I would love for someone to do it for me! Yes selfish I know but it would be nice to get out from behind the camera for a change! :)

  199. Bobbie Meredith says:

    I would very much love to be able to come to Paris with either one of my beautiful daughters, who are 26 and 29, or to have them go together. What an experience ! It would be a truly wonderful opportunity for any one of us. Your work is simply lovely…
    Thank you for providing this opportunity.


  200. Annie Curtin says:

    EEK! Competition is so tough…haven’t got cancer or twins but do love your passion and have all your books and Vicki’s too ! What a fun thing to do for those who follow you….hope it goes into the hat and maybe Catey and I will randomly come out. We are not as deserving as many other entrants ….but we can be there and would LOVE… it as much as all the more deserving entrants.
    Good work Carla for sharing the fun !
    Best wishes,

  201. Dear Carla,
    I would love to enter myself and best friend Christiane.
    She is practically a sister to me. What better way to say thank you for standing by me and helping in her way through my years of struggles to regain health. She is a marvelous generous person and I would love to share with her such an opportunity to have a makeover and feel glamorous and beautiful for a while!
    You are right, women all deserve to have their beauty recognized. You do such an exquisite job of bringing that out in your subjects!
    Everyone’s stories are so moving… Warm hugs and best to all.

  202. Terra says:

    Hi there! I would love to do this with my soon to be mother in law! Thanks for offering the contest Carla, adore the blog!!!!!

  203. Terra says:

    Autofilled the wrong email previously, apologies!

  204. Cathleen says:

    Bonjour Carla, I was in Paris two winters ago and was to have a portrait session -outside around Paris- with Sophie Pasquet. This never happened as the weather didn’t cooperate – she got sick – I got sick – and then I had to return to the states. I would love another opportunity to have a portrait session with you – my dream realized! I know who I would ask to come with me – let’s surprise her also!
    Bonne Chance to me!

  205. Hi,

    I liked you on FB and shared your post. I’d love to win, your photos are truely wonderful!

  206. Debra says:

    Hi Carla, Your photography is truly creative and simply amazing. I can’t even imagine myself in such a dream location looking sooo stunning. I would bring my best friend (since high school) who has always been there for me and my children through many ups and downs. She is an angel, not just to me but to many in our community.
    Can’t wait to hear who wins and see the results of the contest!

  207. Thank you, Carla, for this wonderful opportunity! My friend and I are giving ourselves a trip to Paris as an expression of our steadfast resolve to endure and thrive as she survives breast cancer and numerous other personal challenges. My friend inspires me with her ‘joie de vivre’ in the face of so many hardships. She has saved and saved for this trip and I send her daily images from Pinterest, including yours (!), to encourage her tenacity of spirit in anticipation of the trip of a lifetime!
    xo, Christine

  208. Carole says:

    This is very generous of you, Carla. Thank you.

  209. What a wonderful opportunity! I would love to win this contest. Thank you so much for offering it!

  210. Pamela Terry says:

    This sounds divine.
    I have a friend who was born in Paris and who doesn’t know how beautiful she is. I would take her.

  211. Sue Sheridan says:

    Dear Carla,
    You are an inspiration and your photos are incredibly special.
    I would love to share this fairy tale experience with my beautiful 16 year old daughter, Bella. This would be a dream come true!
    Sue xx
    Sydney, Australia

  212. Mary Beth Limbert-Dominello says:

    Hello Carla
    What a magical experience to be photographed by you! I would bring my sister! <3 Mary Beth

  213. Tamara says:

    My Twin sister and I are just planning our visit to Paris as we are about to have our 54th Birthday! We need cheering up, both empty nesters now and wondering what the next phase of our life holds? We both were commenting that our photograph days may be over. We just can’t take a decent photo anymore! Have to be honest, you would definitely be challenged. I’m so impressed by your work that I do think you could be the one to change our mind. We are about to join each other for our Birthday, she lives in Florida and I in Boston. We will be making Paris plans then, sure would love the motivation to get in great shape!

  214. Hannah Doyle says:

    Hello, I’d like to enter! Thank you so much.

  215. Rebecca says:

    I don’t have Instagram, but I did the others. I can’t think of anyone to nominate, but were I to win, I’m sure I could find one of my family to come with me.

  216. Debra says:

    Thank you, I would like to enter. Your photographs are awesome! I live close to Versailles, and had surgery this past Oct that has left me with a neck scar. Perhaps a few shots by an excellent photographer would help put me in a better frame of mind. Thanks again!

  217. Norrene Heine says:

    I would love to win this and bring my 28 year old niece Nikki. She has been wanting to get over to Europe and this would be a great opportunity. Plus the added benefit of us doing it together would be awesome. We have both been working on bettering ourselves and our outlook on live. This would another step toward that. Your photos are beautiful. Thank you Carla for this wonderful opportunity!

    With great anticipation,

  218. Florence Livingston says:

    Thank you Carla for making us all dream a little. My family and I will be in Paris in August. I would love to win and share this special moment with my mom, whom I don’t get to see often enough.

  219. I have a beautiful 23 year old daughter and it would be wonderful to live this experience with you that has never been in Paris ….

  220. Cynthia Watson says:

    I’m a writer of Young Adult books,and I would love to have a glamorous, professional photo taken for the back cover of books (especially in Paris). I’d bring my 19 year old daughter, Anne Marie (a French name!) – she was the inspiration of my YA Paranormal Romance, Wind. I’d think a mother/daughter photo shoot would be “sweet,” as Anne Marie would say!

    Thank you for holding this contest!

  221. Jan Nash says:

    Just thinking about the day gives me goose bumps. Arriving at the elegant Hotel St. James looking very average and then to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly before being photographed by Carla. It is what dreams are made of.

  222. Katharina says:

    What a wonderful idea.
    I’m currently living in Paris for a year and in May, my best friend from back home in Austria is finally coming to visit for a weekend. She is supersweet and as “francophone” as me. I know here since we were 11. I guess a little photoshoot together would be the cherry on the top of our girls’ weekend.

  223. Stina says:

    Hi Carla, I just found your blog via paris in 4 months and I’m already hooked. I’m moving to Paris in May with my husband and my cute dog to really enjoy life. I’d love to be photographed with my dog because really, she’s my child and we really understand each other. I don’t have many great photos of myself because I’m the one always taking the shots.

  224. Catherine says:

    I love your work and inspiration for all women. It’s truely universal. Even all the way over here in a tiny town in Canada.

  225. I saw this once in a lifetime chance on Sharon’s blog, My French Country Home……how could I not enter?
    We will be in Paris early September, and I would LOVE to win this! I will use the photo on my blog! Thank you Carla for the opportunity.

  226. Avril Leigh says:

    What a wonderful idea. I would love to visit Paris with my daughter Anna who is the greatest mum to her three young children but who would have such a fun time to have some pampering all for her…and for me too of course!
    Thanks for a generous gift and I hope whoever wins has a fine time.

  227. Dear Carla,

    What a wonderful and generous prize! Your work is so beautiful and any woman would be very fortunate to have this amazing opportunity to be photographed by you.

    Paris is very special to me, as it is where my lovely husband of 25 years proposed to me on the steps of Sacre Coeur when we were very young! I would love to enter, with our beautiful daughter Georgie, who has been working hard in France all ski season as a Private Chef. It would be a wonderful celebration of her homecoming after 6 months……

    Thank you so much.


  228. Andrée says:

    I just love love love your photography — and your business advice is head on — I hope to apply it soon! thanks for a great contest. Would so much enjoy meeting you.

    A bientôt peut être?!

  229. Pamela says:

    Hi Carla, I love Paris, I love photography, and I love this giveaway! I haven’t been back to Paris in years and would LOOOVE to return for a shoot with you! I would certainly make the trip across the Atlantic for this experience. I find you inspiring — thank you for this opportunity! <3

  230. Patti Girardin says:

    Hello Carla! Please enter my name in your contest. My husband and I will be in Paris in the spring and I would be thrilled to be your winner! Your photography is exquisite and I would love to see you bring out the best in this aging face of mine. Thank you for sharing your amazing photography!

  231. Patti Nixon says:

    My friend, Julie, is a star on All I would love to surprise her with a photo shoot. We live in Las Vegas and Paris would be a great contrast!

  232. I am taking my daughter (who turns 18) to Paris during April and this would certainly be a lovely, momentous prize, if we were to win. I know I will do the same for my younger two daughters also.
    Thank you for your generosity Carla!

  233. Karen says:

    I have been pondering the question, “If I won this generous gift, who would share it with me?” We are in the south of France, all my family and dearest friends are in Canada so far away and busy with their own lives and children….

    And I came to this touching quote at the bottom of your post and knew that Jeffrey Glassberg was perfectly describing exactly who I would want to share this with. My (almost) three year old daughter, Diaz. She is all of these things that described… even more so if he had “cheeky” in there :)

    “Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine.” Jeffrey Glassberg.

    C’est sa.


  234. What a lovely giveaway …. I would love to win and have such a talented, exquisite photographer take photographs of me and my my 2 children.
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  235. Kim W says:

    What a generous offer and giveaway! I would love to win it and take a very deserving friend! A little girl-time and glamour would be a welcome escape for us. Fingers crossed!

  236. Anne Eddie says:

    Dear Carla,
    I would love to take my daughter, Jennifer, to Paris for this special give-away. And I would love to feel “good about myself” – I turned 60 last year.
    Merci beaucoup, Anne

  237. Kelly Konrad says:

    Salut Carla,

    I am a twenty-year-old Museum Studies student from the States, and am enrolled at the Sorbonne until June. Paris is and was my dream, and I have pinched myself everyday that I have been here…the lights, the language, the cuisine, the people! It is strange, perfect, and heavenly all at once! I immediately invested in a camera upon arrival. Thus far, experimenting behind the lens has been one my greatest joys.

    My family – mother, father, and brother – are planning to visit me in May. Like Paris, they are strangely perfect and perfectly strange! My Mom and I are especially close. She is the quirkier, the more hysterical, the wiser. As we navigate this transition from her holding me safely under her wings to her allowing/encouraging me to spread my own, I can think of no better way to savor this moment and savor one another than this amazing gift that you have chosen to offer.


    p.s. I stumbled upon your work via French Essence at Anthropologie. Since then, I have purchased the rest of the books, thumbed them with care, and devotedly followed both you and Vicki. I thank you both for the sense beauty and calm – never far from hand- that your work has offered to me.

  238. Rim says:

    Dear Carla,

    I have turned in my head all possible words I could use to make this post the winning one. Unable to do so, too excited about this opportunity, I’ll go for simplicity.

    I am from Paris, but I am currently living in Australia. The last time, I have seen my mom was over a year ago. Missing her a lot, I have just booked a flight ticket and I’ll be visiting in May for 2 two weeks, for her 60th birthday.

    It would just be amazing for the both of us to have captured on a glossy paper this short but happy time together, and will help us to wait patiently until the next time.

    These pictures would also catch on paper many other things, as we are both at a turning point in our lives: in few weeks she will retire…this visit will also possibly (hopefully) be the last one as a “one on one daughter mother” as my partner and I really hope to welcome a baby within the next 12 months…on a lighter note, I have found my first white hair few weeks ago and I’d really welcome few hours during which you would help me to get back some precious self-confidence…

    Thank you in advance for offering to us, my mom and I or any other contestants (many beautiful contestant posts up there)this beautiful gift.

    Kindest regards from the other side of the world.

  239. Maggi K says:

    Bonjour Carla, reading all these wonderful entries, mine is very simple. I would love to win! my husband of 39 years would be my companion. We honeymooned in Paris in 1974.
    Love from South Africa,

  240. Carla! So thrilled to see you’re doing this again.
    I tried my chance last year… I am trying again this year!!!!!! I follow your FB, Intragram, twitter, blog, etc… I would love to do this with one of my best girlfriends as a token of thanks for everything she has done for me for the past ten years, and for all her love and support during the year of wedding planning for my big day.
    Here is my reblog :
    Here is my tweet :
    Here is my pin :
    Did I get everything?!?

  241. Karla Swan says:

    Carla, having read a number of the comments, I’m nearly reluctant to enter, as clearly there are so many very worthy candidates. That said, you got to be in it to win it! She here goes. I’m an Australian mother of three little boys living here in France. My husband proposed to me in Paris and he is going to take me to Paris to celebrate my 40th birthday this coming June. I adore your Paris Muse series. Fingers crossed. Karla x

  242. Bonjour Carla,

    I’ve never felt beautiful. I was told I was “pretty”. I spent 25 years raising children no time to put makeup on. Now I look at my daughters, 22 and 23 and see how beautiful they are. Not so much outer beauty, but the women they have become. working, studying, being good friends and trying to find time for themselves. No marriages or children yet. This would be a wonderful opportunity to pamper one of them or both and have a lasting memory.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Robin Wilding

  243. margot spitsnaugle says:

    dear carla,
    earlier i entered my good friend to win the photo shoot. i would like to also enter myself. i have been a flight attendant for 36 years. yesterday, feb. 23rd, was the last flight of my career. paris to dallas, it has been my route since 1995, therefore an emotional day for me. what a way to remember my exciting career and love of paris than to be able to have a photo shoot with you! i am hoping real hard that this dream can come true.
    merci, margot

  244. I love what you say about real women and the beauty in all of us. I’d love to enter along with my friend Edna, who has been so incredibly kind to me while I’ve been in Paris.

  245. Kaersten says:

    I would love to nominate myself and my mother – one of the most beautiful women I have and will ever know. She deserves to visit her dream City and be showered with pampering and fashion! Looking forward to it!

  246. Alison Boan says:

    This sounds absolutely amazing. I’m studying abroad in Rome and my best friend since middle school and I will be meeting up in Paris. I can’t think of anything better than winning your portrait shoot!!! -Alison

  247. Loretta Joyce says:

    Dear Carla,

    Bonjour from Vancouver, Canada.

    Did you ever imagine the responses you would receive? Congratulations. I would enter my Prairie girlfriend and myself but we won’t be in Paris until Sept 30-Oct.6. Bonne Chance, Loretta.

  248. Loretta Joyce says:

    Bonjour Carla,

    Greetings from Vancouver, Canada.

    Did you ever imagine the responses you would receive? Congratulations! I would enter but my Prairie friend and I won’t be in Paris until Sept 30-Oct 6.
    Bonne chance. Loretta

  249. Elizabeth says:

    I’d love to win! I’m based in Australia and would love to be photographed with my best friend who is based in London. Life is too short to be away from your best mate for years on end.
    I’ll tweet this and blog about it too.

  250. Judith Ainge says:

    Hello Carla,

    What a fabulous opportunity to be photographed by you. I have loved your photography since first reading Vicki’s book, then followed with all your other work.
    I will be travelling to Paris from Sydney form the 22nd May just to spend a few nights with my darling husband in that wonderful city.
    I realise that the photo shoot is to focus on women, but you may consider including a women as a relfection of her lover’s eyes.
    Kind regards

  251. Yayasista says:

    This would be such a magical experience for my sister
    And myself! I love her dearly and we don’t get to spend
    nearly enough time together! She has had a very rough
    couple of years and this would be such an amazing gift
    for her! Thank you for offering this!
    Hoping all your days are lovely!

  252. Lisa says:

    Last month I was sitting in my doctor’s surgery, reading an old 2011 Australian Women’s Weekly magazine they had in their waiting room, and I stumbled across a feature article on Carla Coulson under the title ‘Women We Admire’. Having an interest in photography myself, I have since been following your blog and enjoying your images. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize, I would be very grateful if you could enter my name. Congratulations on your success. Kind Regards, Lisa

  253. najwa says:

    it would be lovely if my cousin “Farisa” will win this photo shoot as she is celebrating her 30th birthday in Paris this coming March, where we came all the way from Malaysia just to celebrate her entering 3 series.. she is my best friend, my confidante and my cousin all in one.. it will be the best birthday present for her if she will win this.. :)

  254. Johanna says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. If I am the lucky one, I will share this fantastic experience with my beloved mother, Lysiane. She lives in South of France with my dad, brother and my unhealthy grandma. She is helping my father who has an asbestos cancer since 3 years and now she is now also taking care of her mother. She is so brave but I know she needs to take breath in order to be able to continue. Even if me and my brother are doing the best we can, we cannot imagine her everyday fight. So I would like to invite her for a little break in Paris, to take care of her and to share beautiful moments like the photoshoot you offer. I would like her to feel special, unique, loved, beautiful and graceful. Everyone deserves this chance so good luck to everyone and enjoy ! Thanks a lot for your good spirit and all your lovely words about woman.

  255. Sami says:

    Thank you for such a splendid opportunity .. I am flitting to Paris in May and would love to experience your magic. Good luck to everyone. Sami

  256. Starr Turner says:

    I’m taking my 10 year old daughter on a me-&-mommy adventure to France sometime before August. A photo shoot with you would be an irreplaceable experience for us.


    P.S. The 27th is my birthday — that would be an amazing surprise.

  257. Hi Carla,

    Thank you for such a wonderful comp & opportunity. I would lovw to have taken my soul mate husband who proposed in Paris but after discovering it’s women only it would be hard choice! I am blessed to have a wonderful Mum & Sis as well as a best-friend. I am planning on visiting my besty after she came back to Oz to be by myside at my wedding. We have both had a rough start to the year health wise but no matter what life throws at us, ups & downs as well as curve balls, we are there for each other. Despite living on opposites sidw of the globe.

    Renae is my friend forever, my confident. My angel who looks out for me.
    Our friendship is like a sisterhood. We have each other’s backa no matter what & we are there for each other no matter what.
    We have always wanted to celebrate life in paris together after my husband proposed there it has always been a special place. It would mean the world to me & more if I could surprise Renae like she surprised me for my wedding.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter. I hope my Eiffel Tower pendant brings us luck – wishing everyone the best of luck too. :-) Everyone when is a winner though when Paris, loved ones & life have your heart.

    Much love & yours in French Martinis & Pink Macaroons,

    Rachael xoxo

  258. Carla,

    My mum is simply the most divine woman in my life.
    Paris is simply one of the most stunning cities in the world.
    Photography is simply a wonderful passion of mine.
    And your images are simply an inspiration.

    What a wonderful opportunity to be a part of….
    To share this with my mum would simply be a dream.

    Thanks again Carla,

    Annika x

  259. Natalie says:

    Carla, I stumbled upon your blog and breathtaking portfolio during some late-night fervid research/daydreaming regarding my upcoming (first!) trip to Paris from the US.

    When I looked at the gorgeous images of the spirited, regal, lovely women you photograph, I felt so inspired! You really bring out the best in every woman, let her real, vibrant self shine through, and although your shots are wonderfully glamorous, your work (as well as your life-changing story!) made me feel all the more comfortable and excited about visiting this awesome city. :)

    I will be visiting Paris for a week in June with my husband to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. Although my husband will be the only person traveling with me, I would love to enter for an opportunity to win your generous prize. I know it would be such a wonderful memento of this special experience!

    Looks like there are many, many women here who would be honored, delighted, and deserving to win this prize, and I am looking forward to seeing the winning photo shoot on your site!

    I also really just wanted to say how much I truly enjoyed your work, and was moved by your story, and I look forward to seeing more!

  260. Hi,hello,dear Carla!

    That’s no surprise….SO much beautiful ladies want to be a very happy winner of your Give Away…!!!:-)*

    I want to say,I have done also retweet about your give away and via Pinterest.

    And here is my post in Blog:

    Wish you absolutely fantatstic week,


  261. Heather Tilley-Thomazo says:

    Hello Carla,
    Yet another admirer of your beautiful photos – it seems amazing that such a change can be achieved in just a few hours…magic! I wish to enter my best friend, Michelle, and myself. This is a big year for me – I’ll be turning 40 shortly, and it’s been nearly 13 years now since I moved to France from Canada. Michelle lives in London (how amazing that we still live quite close by), and we’ve been the best of friends for 32 years now. Between the both of us we’ve both seen it all (or lots anyway). A glamourous photo shoot would be such a treat – my 5 year old daughter dreams of seeing me in a beautiful gown (she hardly gets a glimpse of a high heel these days)! In any case, great work Carla, and looking forward to discovering the future lucky winners!! All the best.

  262. Anne says:

    Hello! My beautiful oldest daughter, Hannah, is going off to college this fall and I would love to be able to share this portrait shoot with her. It would be a touching expression of the past 18 years that we have shared as well as an emblem of the transformation that will take place in both of us as she steps out into her own limitless womanhood! Thank you for offering this exciting opportunity!


  263. Wanda says:

    No overly unique story to share–a 50 something year old woman managing relationships and losses; raising children ages 9-24; caring for Mothers through cancer and dementia; and maintaining a career, while finding ways to keep dreaming; embrace my aging and changing body; and feed my soul when time just seems to be flying by too fast–found your blog about a year ago and embrace it as a space to slow down and have gained much inspiration from the images and words since. I’m quite insecure about having photos taken, but I wonder what it would be like to gain confidence in this and share the experience with a dear friend, also living with all the above, who isn’t shy in front of the camera–I’d love to have evidence of our strength, joy, love and naturally aging bodies and to spend some hours with a person who equally wants to achieve this would be a wonderful gift. Thank you for your generosity of heart and spirit!

  264. Cheryl Kornhaus says:

    My mom turns 75 on July 1, 2013. What a wonderful gift that would be to bring her to Paris for a photo shoot of her and I. Your portraits are so beautiful. I can only hope that we are the lucky ones chosen to be pampered in the city of light. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your gift of making women beautiful through the art of photography.

  265. Katie says:

    This is seriously giveaway perfection Carla! It’s beautiful to see such generosity… inspiring as always.

    If I won I’d choose my gorgeous sister Laura to join me. Last year we both met our lovely boys during our round the world travels and this month we are both emigrating from Brisbane to Europe (Rotterdam for her, Paris for me) to be with them and each other. We may not be ‘just up the road’ from each other anymore, but we are so excited to continue our sisterly adventures together when we are reunited again across the world in a few weeks time! Xx

  266. Mariko says:

    It’s been almost 28 years ago that my husband and I fell in love with Paris on our honeymoon. Your photos certainly are inspirational and
    lovely – we hope to be back in Paris soon for one of our anniversaries.
    Just imagining being in Paris makes us all feel so uplifted…and reading all the heartwarming posts….Thank you for for doing this.

  267. Patrice Jenkins says:

    It sounds like a shot in the dark with all the beautiful entries, but I would like to put my name and that of my neighbor and friend, Christine. It so happens we have a trip scheduled to Paris in late August into early September. We are so excited for our “girls getaway”, and it would be icing on the cake to get to have a photo shoot with you in the gorgeous city of Paris!! Your photography is so beautiful. Thank you for considering this entry!

  268. Cherry says:

    Came across your generous opportunity on “My French Country Home.” Ten years ago my husband and I had the opportunity to go to France. We saved Paris for last and were we ever surprised. As my husband put it, “there is something about this city.” Once you have tasted it you just want another return. In the meantime we have a Grand Daughter. Her name is Bijou and I’ve told her since she was three that Grandma Cherry some day will take you to Paris. I know this to be true as does she. How and when are the questions and then I read this wonderful opportunity. Bijou is now almost eight in May. So I nominate Bijou,who truly is a jewel. Every one who meets her falls in love with her. To be photographed with her. . .well in Paris what more can one say.

  269. Tcp says:

    I am a photographer and therefore never the subject. My son was conceived in Paris and his photo history looks as though he may only have a father. We would love to meet you in Paris for a shoot of a lifetime.

    Love your work and thanks for your consideration.

  270. KATE Raftery says:

    Hi Carla

    I will be in Paris with my 80 year old Mum on the 2nd May for three nights. I would love to enter your competition for the photography session.


  271. Felicity Benbrook says:

    My sister and I were introduced to the magic of photography when we were small enough to be wearing ‘matching floral cardigans’ without complaining! Our father is a keen photographer and sometimes he would let us take charge of the tongs and dip the photographic paper into three separate trays and watch as the black and white image took form – pure magic!

    As my sister lives in Perth and I live in Sydney we often arrange to meet somewhere other than our hometowns – and this year it’s France! To be photographed by you in Paris with my gorgeous sister would bring photography to a new level of magic …!

    Bisous, Felicity

  272. sara bertoni says:

    Hi Carla, I hope we are still on time.
    I m a single mum living in Amsterdam m(I used to live in Paris) with a beautiful boy of 5 years old with a severe speech impairment. My life is very hard, I m a survivor, but I m optimistic a because life is beautiful and it can give you so many happiness. I hope we can win :) you are beautiful. thanks

  273. Abigail Butler says:

    I am so happy to read all about this trip and what you do! My dream is to model in Paris. I have pursued my modeling career for a while now and would just absolutely be blessed with this opportunity for me and my beautiful mom to go on. Please consider me as you will not be disappointed!! I want this SO bad!!!

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