Paris Personalities

Fabrice and his cat at La Petit Fer a Cheval 4th

Sailors at La Bal du Pompiers

Mariangelea at La Fete du Tuileries, Shop le Marais e Mr. Atlan in his atelier 4th
Anna Piaggi at the Haute Couture Chateau Rouge Market e on the Paris Metro
Ritz Hotel ParisParis Mosque Tea Salon
All Photos from Paris Tango Copyright Carla Coulson

Paris today is perfect! The sun is shining, the Parisians are back from their holidays all tanned and smiling, weddings are in full force at the local town hall as I do my shopping in my local market, the outdoor cafes are full with the young and the old soaking up the sun. Paris has never looked better.

Paris wasn’t an instant love affair for me, kind of like fallling in love with a guy who annoyed you at the beginning but over timed proved to be a gem.

My sixth anniversary of moving to Paris will be upon me shortly and oh how have things changed. I once wandered this city full of loneliness and longing to leave. Now the same streets fill me with happiness and love for the beautiful worlds tucked behind big wooden doors and for all the big personalities that inhabit the shops, bars and ateliers.

To celebrate such a fine day in Paris I dug out some of my old pics that were published in Paris Tango a couple of years ago of the personalities that I found on the streets of Paris.

What would Paris be without them?

Halloween Le Marais

Carla x

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50 Responses to Paris Personalities

  1. Fabulous Finds Gal says:

    What fun personalities indeed! It's like traveling back in time compared to Orange County. Enjoy every moment of your adventure in Paris. What inspiration.


  2. Callie Grayson says:

    I love this book of your!
    Full of inspiration and the Paris that I love and miss!!

  3. Unicorn says:

    love them all! but my favorites are :the one with the cat,baloons,the old lady and Ritz Hotel :) very nice photos :)

  4. Teuvo Vehkalahti says:

    fine photographs of biographical photo blog, I like very much for this blog images. Would you be so kind and kävisit watching Teuvo blgia pictures and leave your comments from there. Thank you Teuvo Vehkalahti Finland

  5. DolceDreams says:

    These photos are unbelievable (yes I am a huge fan :)…you have caprtured Paris, and I don't know why I don't have this book, but I am now off and running to get it!
    a paris…

  6. James says:

    Beautifully captured images Carla – I am determined to find this book in a shop in South Africa…

  7. Eki says:

    I just had a small tour of your blog and I enjoyed it very much!

    YOur photographs are inspirational.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog and letting me find your blog. It's an honor to put it on my blog list.

    Bandung Streets [Photography]

  8. Tracy says:

    Beautiful B&W photos. I am a horrible portrait photographer. I never was interested in seeing Paris, but as I get older I kind of think I'm running out of time and would love to see it.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Virginia says:

    Ahh Carla,
    I see you love street photography in Paris as much as I do. I call mine the 100 French Strangers Challenge and despite the language barrier, I find they are so easy to meet and photograph.

    Yours are all so grand I can't pick a favorite. I"m thrilled to learn that when Paris Tango arrives on my doorstep this week, I'll have the chance to pour over them all many many times.

  10. Celestial Charms says:

    Hi Carla,
    Thanks for showing us these photos today, they are delightful. I love to see the dazzle in everday life too. I'm glad you found that in Paris, after a rough beginning. Paris is better for it too! ;)

  11. Simply Mel says:

    I would have given anything to have met you and Vicki last night at Les Deux Magots ~ you both are HUGE inspirations to moi.

    One day, my husband and I truly hope this wish of ours comes true!

  12. Julie from ProvencePost says:

    Gorgeous pix, as usual. Thanks for sharing these!

  13. joanny says:

    Love your photo's in Paris Tango — and I have yet to get a copy of Italian Joy –however,it is on my to-do-list,.
    Love your photo's in Vicki's books, that is how I discovered you and the stunning artistic expression of your photography.

    Your work is genuine and not necessarily linked to anyone else in style. It is more pure, more about the picture itself.


  14. nerines says:

    They're beautiful photographs!And I love people with a whole lot of personality!
    You've won my giveaway! I tried to email you but someone told me my message wasn't getting to them either. So I thought I had better let you know here.
    I'm glad you're having some sun shiny weather. We are so not in my neck of the woods, still it can't be too far away. Nerine:) xo

  15. "All things French" says:

    Bonjour Carla ~I have your book and love the photos and the stories behind them ~ I never tire of seeing these wonderful everyday characters "Sailors at the Ball" and the lady in the butcher shop in the Marais are just gorgeous oh! and the room in the Ritz with the Dior bag ~ makes me smile! Great post.

  16. *Tasiaa says:

    Aren't they all a bit dacadent?!

    But loveable.


  17. Looking Glass says:

    These images are amazing! Oh how I love Paris!

    ~ Clare x

  18. J Bar says:

    Your people photos are superb.

  19. हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar says:

    Very nice and attractive photographs—with nice post.

  20. हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar says:

    Very nice and attractive photographs—with nice post.

  21. Petrea says:

    Hello Carla, I see I'm going to fall in love with your blog. I was going to send the link to Virginia but she's way ahead of me!

  22. nicoline :) says:

    Nice post and blog :)


  23. sharon says:

    Hi Carla

    What beautiful pictures these are, you're obviously very good at being in the right place at the right moment.

    I was at the apero on Sunday but down the other end of the table! – very sorry not to have had a chance to meet with you.
    My French Country Home

  24. Ingrid Mida says:

    You have captured the essence of the city in your photos. They are stunning!

  25. Al says:

    Those people, and the photos, really show so much personality. I've just found your blog (thanks for leaving a comment on mine) and love it!


    What a great post Carla! You truly have captured a cast of characters in these photos. I have only been once, too long ago, and stayed in the Marais. I have to confess it was love at first sight but then it was just a short visit. I wasn't forced to establish a life there which I can imagine would be a challenge. Your pictures are fantastic as always.
    Lisa & Alfie

  27. Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY says:

    What an adventure, Carla!
    Great inspiration, and stunning photos!
    You're truly gifted!

    B x

  28. Ms. K @ Write On Thyme says:

    Great shots! And how I love that you have fallen for the place and its many surprises. I hope you'll pull out (and share) more of these old photos!
    ciao, Kirsten

  29. Lady Bird says:

    The most amazing pictures I have seen in a while. Great blog! I really love it x

  30. T. Becque says:

    What fantastic moments of life you've captured. I enjoyed looking at them; they give a real sense of the location.

    I am almost done with your book. I am enjoying it with pure pleasure and extreme longing :)

  31. Virginia says:

    Oh Carla,
    Un grand cadeau arrived today. Paris Tango is a true gift from the moment you open the delightful cover! I am finding it hard to put down. And you are so right, Paris will change your photography forever. It is the reason I've chosen photography as a new career of sorts. I live from one visit to the next and fear I'll run out of photos for my Paris blog before I can go back for more!

  32. Pearl says:

    Oh, I loved all of this!


  33. oiasantorini says:

    the dream has become a reality … time to dream bigger Carla…you have everything it takes.
    Love from Oia x

  34. ParisBreakfasts says:

    I featured your terrific book Friday on Parisbreakfast Carla.
    Do you have any other posts on the book to link to?

  35. ParisBreakfasts says:

    Are those adorable girls yours on your banner?

  36. Angela Calgam - Fotógrafa says:

    Adoro suas fotos, venho sempre ver as novidades. Gosto muito das suas exposições em preto e branco. Sucesso!

    Angela Calgam (Brazil)

  37. Francine Gardner says:

    So thrilled to have found your blog! love your photograhs and Paris…will be sure to visit often

  38. Nayila says:

    Love your Blog and your photo's,and your words are inspiring. I am definitely following!


  39. Carla says:


  40. joanny says:


    Love your new header, showcases your work.


    I love Tim Walker's work too, his book is worth it but pricey.

  41. annawithlove says:

    I just found your blog/website through pia jane bijkerk…you are incredibly talented and your photos are so inspiring!

    I just got back from Paris, one of my fav' cities, I would love to live there one day!

    happy I found your blog!

  42. Louisa May says:

    just look at those sailors! so cheeky!thanks for following me – your pictures are so inspiring I'm having trouble concentrating on my work!x

  43. Edmea says:

    I Carla, your blog is wonderful and I found lots of things in common with mine. In your last post, the photo of sailros remembered me a piece of "Holy Skirts" about the life od Elsa Von Freytag-Loringdhoven. A day she found a sailor in a pub and loved her in a corner of a street ;-D

  44. A Thousand Clapping Hands says:

    What a joy to have this post show up in my mailbox! Great subjects, great photos.

  45. Stéphane Malingue says:


  46. cornel says:

    impressive and spontaneous…in the spirit of the great photography masters
    I'm your fan forever !

  47. Lise says:

    Oh how I love Paris Tango! Paris sounds just perfect. I guess all cities can be annoying when they are new or rather when you are new to them! I've had my share of moves (like yourself, but none in foreign speaking countries) and there is always an adjustment. I am loving my newest destination, but it has taken 2 years to do so!

  48. Kristina says:

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!! wonderful!
    Paris is one of the most inspiring cities for me, always happy to come back and visit once in a while!! Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  49. Tatieva artiste says:

    Fantastiques photos et quels beaux portraits de notre si jolie ville de Paris !
    J'aime particulièrement le portrait de Fabrice et de son chat au troquet du coin… et les deux matelots au Bal des Pompiers… Elles sont incroyables de poésie, j'adore !

  50. Dina Shah says:

    wanted to seek your permission for online usage of an image.Kindly give me your e-mail address on


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