Monica Bellucci Inspired Private Portrait

carla coulson private portrait

All Photos Copyright Carla Coulson

You may remember back in April I had a little give-away of a portrait shoot with moi in Paris? Well, it ended up being a tied draw as Avedon picked two names out of the hat (they were stuck together with his ‘croquettes’ kitty biscuits) and one of them was the fab Gabriella Pirisi.

Carla Coulson private portrait

Gorgeous Gabriella packed up her life and headed to Paris a couple of years ago and dived head first in the sweet end. She has been studying to create those ridiculously gorgeous pastries that this city is reknowned for. You can find her on Facebook at Miss Pirisi – Patissiere

carla coulson private portrait

When I asked Gabriella did she have any fashion icons or inspiration for her shoot her response was ‘Monica Bellucci’.. Ahh… One of my favourites..the prop gods must have heard our whispers and sent us crates full of sour cherries, preserved lemon and gherkins that we found lying around our location.

Carla Coulson private portrait

So, gorgeous Gabriella channelled Monica Bellucci and I shot.

carla coulson private portrait

Her warm, sweet and loveable nature oozes from every pore.

Carla Coulson private portrait

Back to Monica…

carla coulson private portrait

and the camellia’s were in bloom

Carla Coulson private portrait

Giving Monica a run for her money..

Carla Coulson private portrait

A quiet moment in the gorgeous ‘Contessa’s‘ vintage kimono she so generously gave me..

Carla Coulson private portrait

I love this pic..

Carla Coulson private portrait

All Photos Copyright Carla Coulson

 And what would a photo shoot be without one barefoot dance pic!

A hugh round of applause to the stunning Gabriella for giving so much on the day and allowing me to share these photos with you..

Grazie ancora..

“Wherever I go, I am Italian. The way I talk, the way I eat, the way femininity is important to me. The way I love Italian food.” Monica Bellucci


PS: If you are interested in learning how to fuse portraiture with fashion and to create emotion packed portraits with an edge, you might enjoy the Picture This  Workshop this January 2015 in Sydney.. Last places available..

Picture This Workshop 2015 – Portraiture With A Fashion Twist


Would you like to bound out of bed everyday and do a job you love?

Would you like to take portraits of women of all ages that have an edge, are full of emotion and look like they come from the pages of a fashion magazine?

Picture This is a workshop that is perfect for photographers who are in love with fashion and portraiture and want to learn how to infuse this love of fashion into making your portrait photography more creative.

I want to show you the essential things I love and I have learnt working in fashion photography and how to incorporate them into your portraits to give you and your portrait photography an edge. You can see more of my images here.

I will teach you how to inject emotion, movement and love into your images. I will show you how  to have the courage to create the images that will make YOUR heart sing and how they will find you YOUR dream clients.

Learn about creating images for clients that speaks of their ‘brand’ for use on their social media and websites.

Check out the video from the Picture This Workshop in Sydney in 2013  and what the workshop participants had to say.

Date: 5,6,7,8 January 2015 SYDNEY

Workshop: Limited to 12 photographers


What’s in Store for you:

4  day workshop with 50 percent of the time on location shooting

2 styled sessions featuring 6 different fashion portrait looks in two exclusive locations in Sydney with top fashion make-up/hair stylists and using subjects across a variety of ages.

Workshop limited to 12 photographers so that each group will have a small number of photographers working at a time with each model. There will be plenty of time for each person to work with the models on their own to create images for their portfolio.

Learn Carla’s secrets to using beautiful natural light and her techniques for working with real people, posing and creating emotion.

During the shoots you will be mentored by Carla, photographer Loc Boyle and one of Australia’s leading make-up artists. All groups will be supervised during shooting.

Learn Carla’s workflow, Photoshop techniques and the behind the scenes of a portrait business.

Jump on the train of one of the world’s latest portrait trends.. See this article in the New York Times.

I promise you will fall in love with photography and leave with beautiful images, new skills, a photography community and oodles of enthusiasm!!

Morning and afternoon tea and lunch each day.


Investment $4600 AUD


To register please get in touch with Workshop Co-ordinator Athalee Brown at

Hope to see you in Sydney.

Carla x

Here’s what the previous participants said

Have a look at Carla Coulson’s work here

Have a look at Loc Boyle’s work

Have a look at last year’s video



You need to be comfortable with a manual SLR camera and know how F-Stops, ISO’s and shutter speeds work.

Have a basic understanding of Photoshop

Have access to a SLR digital camera, one lens, cards and a lap top computer.


For portrait/wedding photographers who currently have a business but who would like to create have an edge over the competition.

Photographers who would like to transition to a knew career as a portrait photographer and who would like the whole story before they jump in.

Anyone interested in portraiture who want to create unique beautiful natural lit portraits.


Full details here 

Investment $4600

 All enquiries please get in touch with Athalee Brown at

Hope to see you in Sydney

Carla x



Flower Girl

Carla Coulson portrait Paris

All photos copyright Carla Coulson

Gorgeous and clever Sara Dobson is not only sunshiney but a talent to boot.

Carla Coulson portrait paris  workshop

Former dancer at one of Paris’s most prestigious cabarets, Le Lido de Paris, Sara has turned her talent to creating beautiful blooms in silk and you can see some of her creations below and at her website Purdy in Bloom.

Sara Dobson0083

On a gorgeous sunny afternoon we roamed Paris with her blooms and her peels of laughter..

Sara Dobson0093

A quick trip to the beautiful Tuileries as the sun died..

Sara Dobson0086

Cate Blanchett kept springing to mind.

Carla Coulson portrait paris  workshop

and we couldn’t resist a pic in front of the Louvre with the last light of the day..

Carla Coulson portrait paris  workshop

Beautiful Sara and a perfect white rose she created..

Carla Coulson portrait paris  workshop

Adore her profile..

Sara Dobson0068

Heavenly balcony…

Carla Coulson portrait paris  workshop

She’s got a point, everything is better in French…

Carla Coulson portrait paris  workshop

On the streets..

Carla Coulson portrait paris  workshop

One for hubby..

Carla Coulson portrait paris  workshop

All photos Copyright Carla Coulson

One for Carla ..

A huge thanks to Sara for allowing me to share these pics with you and don’t forgot if you are in Australia check out her beautiful blooms at Purdy in Bloom and her Facebook page here

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” Luther Burbank




PS: We will be releasing details soon of the upcoming Sydney Picture This Workshop this Jan 2015. If you like to be first on the list please get in touch with workshop organiser Athalee Brown at


The Artist’s Muse(s) – A Private Portrait Shoot in Paris

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0012

All Photos Copyright Carla Coulson

Do you have a friend that you have known since childhood?

With whom you literally grew up with, shared your inner most hopes, fears and dreams with and together laughed your hearts out over the silliest things?

I have the great fortune to know this feeling, to have had a ‘bestie’ since childhood with whom I still talk to a couple of times a week and we still laugh about the things we did when we were twelve and trade secrets knowing they will remain in our childhood vault . Love ya Ath.

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0013

When the beautiful Emily (in the black dress below) arrived with her lifelong friend Oliva dragging enormous suitcases and laughing their heads off it reminded me what a gift it is in life to have a friend.

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0001

Sweet Emily, as a surprise for Olivia’s wedding, offered a fun shoot together and for me it was a photographer’s dream. Two gorgeous gals with  heavenly wardrobes, a shoe collection that would have any Christian Louboutin fan gasping for air and a dream Parisian artist’s atelier just the way you always imagined it would be.

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0003

The atelier loved the girls and the girls loved the atelier! It was a match made in heaven..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0004

Olivia in one of her to-die-for outfits, she picked up the lace collar in a flea market in St. Remy..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0005

Too cute.

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0017

For those who love vintage pieces, you will understand that there are some purchases that are totally impractical, you know you will probably never wear them but you just can’t walk out of the shop without them.  This antique wedding dress and the beautiful stool finally met again after all those years!

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0018


Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0015

There are days as a photographer when you feel things come too easily, this was one of them. It was as though the artist’s atelier and the flowering camellia tree just needed the gorgeous Em in a black dress with a perfect red lip and a high ponytail to complete the pic.

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0014

Liv Tyler move on over..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0006

Or should I say Demi Moore..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0007

Whilst it poured outside floor to ceiling glass windows saved the (photographers) day..

Carla Coulson portrait atelier

From the outside looking in…

Carla Coulson portrait

Heavenly Em..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0008

Ohhh and every girl needs at least one Helmut Newton inspired pic with their bestie for the archives..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0009

or two..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0010

love this..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0011

and this..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0020


Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0019

and that skirt!

Carla Coulson Portrait shoot

So lucky to have shared this day and the joy of these two great girls..

Carla Coulson Portrait Paris0021

All Photos Copyright Carla Coulson

Ohh and every gal when they are old and grey needs a photo like this (with bunny ears piggy backing their best friend) to remind them how it felt to be young and share the priceless gift of friendship.

Love you gals!!

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust




Share the joy. xx

Inspiration – Kate Moss + Marion Cottilard

Carla Coulson portrait shoot All Photos copyright Carla Coulson

I adored shooting this beautiful girl recently and there is nothing like a little Fashion/Movie star icon inspiration to get the creative forces flowing in a photo shoot.

carla coulson portrait paris black and white

She had a Kate Moss/rocker chick inspired wardrobe but when I looked through the lens  could only see Marion Cotillard!

Carla Coulson portrait shoot paris

Beautiful eyes and perfect lips..

Carla Coulson portrait shoot paris

A little London, a little Paris..

Carla Coulson portrait shoot paris

Ohh and we just needed her hanging off the back of a dragster motorbike as though she was the cool girlfriend of Peter Fonda in Easyrider.

Carla Coulson portrait shoot

Shhhhh don’t spoil it..

Carla Coulson portrait shoot paris

A dash of red..

Carla Coulson portrait shoot paris

And a twist of Catherine Deneuve..

Carla Coulson portrait paris

A sun shower..

Carla Coulson portrait shoot paris

The perfect Parisian store..

Carla Coulson portrait shoot paris

My fiat 500 obsession continues..

Carla Coulson portrait paris

All Photos copyright Carla Coulson

Homeward bound..

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

Light and love



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